Holiday Schedule and Sort of Comments Holiday

Dear patient readers,

Starting today and through next Monday, we will have three regular posts a day. I believe Lambert will do a Water Cooler on Friday but that’s up to him.

To give our diligent moderation staff a break, moderation will be leisurely. Please be patient. Because we will be rolling out new posts at a slower pace than usual, posts will stay up in Recent Items longer, so there will be more time to have discussions on any post.

And for those of you in the US, have a happy turkey, or whatever suits your feasting preferences!

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  1. griffen

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Lots of food and maybe some good US professional football (okay, we really need a reprieve on a future holiday from the Lions and the Cowboys every single time). And tomorrow, we shop until we drop ( or we choose not to do so ).

    1. Bsn

      Yes Happy Thanksgiving. Just read about the “undefeated” Miami Dolphins in the 70s. I’ll find a highlight film or full game of theirs to watch. Let’s all defeat black Friday – what a horrible concept.

  2. Tom Pfotzer

    The U.S. Thanksgiving tradition is a time to be grateful.

    Thanks to all NC – to all the people that make it possible, and so very good. And to the commentariat for all your good will and brilliance.

    Peace be with you, all you people. You’re highly valued.

    1. Jams O'Donnell

      I don’t think many Native Americans will be grateful. (Sorry to rain on your parade).

      You may think this is mean spirited, but if no-one mentions it, no-one will remember this original act of Genocide by US settlers (read ‘invaders’). And it needs to be remembered – the original people are still with you, and still being badly treated and betrayed. And they are still fighting back, over pipelines, schooling etc, and they still need help.

  3. FreeMarketApologist

    Happy Thanksgiving, with gratitude to the Naked Capitalism crew for all of their hard work, news gathering, analysis, humor, and good grace.

  4. Tom Stone

    A reminder that if you can’t be grateful for what you have or where you are, you can always be grateful for what you don’t have and where you are not.
    My thanks to Yves, Lambert and the incredible moderators behind the scenes.

  5. Appleseed

    Best wishes for a relaxing weekend to the entire NC Krewe who give us something to be thankful for every day of the year. Similar wishes to the commentariat who keep things lively, entertaining, and informative.

  6. anahuna

    Every day thanksgiving day for all and for this space where we are able to gather every day.

    Peace & Creative Conflict & Love

  7. Laughingsong

    Happy thanksgiving to all at NC and the commentariat! I hope everyone gets a chance to unwind, slow down, and chill somewhat. Appreciate this little oasis more each year!

  8. juno mas

    Yes, please slow down, take a break. I’m having trouble keeping up!

    Since it is 74F. and sunny here on the California Riviera, I’ll take a long walk on the beach. Then give thanks for my good health and good fortune.

    Best fortune to ALL at the Best discussion group in the World!

  9. caucus99percenter

    Warmest wishes for a comforting and spirit-rejuvenating Thanksgiving, to our gracious NC hosts, and all around!

    And for those who had wondered, yes, the “” site and community is back online, none the worse for wear. Thank heaven!

  10. Paula

    I want to make a comment about how much I appreciate this site for my thanksgiving. I’m reading Micheal Hudson’s latest: The Destiny of Civilization and even though my understanding of economics is limited, I’m thankful this day that NC has been mentioned many times in his book. I’m just a person who goes by intuition and gut. Micheal’s book verified that those I’ve been creating poetry against is not off the mark, and his book helps me see more clearly why, for instance, Libya was attacked by NATO and the motorcade that held a leader who wanted his country free from USA hegemony. Gaddifi’s plans for his country went against US imperialism and the fact he turned not to the world bank that impoverishes nations, but to China to build the factories and infrastructure he wanted to build for his nation and its oil production. It made him a target for the sickness of US and NATO.
    I knew I was not wrong, even without any real economic understanding of the wars our nation waged, when I opposed the Gulf War while my sons were still quite young because as ignorant as I may be, I did not want my sons and daughters to die for the oil appropriation from other countries, when US had not even begun to explore the alternatives, much less invest in them. Thank god draft is gone, but in its place are those, much worse than our true sons and daughters of this nation, but those whose blood lust for and need of money use drills on the skins of six years olds as torture: Black Rock employees them. I think it was Isis who shoved a bayonet up Gaddifi’s rectum for wanting to keep his country free of the biggest terrorist in the world: The USA and USA run NATO. “God help us all to see what we’ve become. God help us all to fix what we have done.” From Five Times August.

  11. Paula

    Sorry my post was not more holiday spirited. I have thanksgiving for all the independent news providing entities we have remaining and their bravery to report truth against a nation that can apparently disappear anyone or in prison them or the like.
    Support unions who are not only the frontal assault against globalist takeover by the corporate state, but are the beginning of the process for a more just and equitable world. And yes, god bless our indigenous, first because they said NO to slavery. We’d be well to follow suit, and to the black people brought here and without connections that indigenous had, to a strange land they were brought to, and may they find a common spirit with indigenous and the rest of us, and may it be a power to change our constant war world. Thanksgiving to indigenous in this, their day of mourning for all their losses. And a prayer that their wisdom about soil and land gain some respect as our world continually disappears.


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