1. Ignacio

      That was funny reverend though when I first read “honest government” I thought that I was not looking for fantasies and my first reaction was to skip it.

  1. marieann

    I’ll pass Rev, I don’t think I can take that much depressing news this early in the morning…..even though I know it it satire,it’s based on the real stuff:(

  2. Omicron

    Absolutely and hysterically funny. A prime example of why I came to love Oz and the Ozzies so much after my business trips there 30-odd years ago. But what message are they trying to send by spelling “Australian” “Australien”? Whatever it is, it’s too subtle for me….

    1. The Rev Kev

      I think that it is a play on how ‘our betters’ have a viewpoint that is ‘alien’ to traditional Aussie values.

      1. Omicron

        Aha, thanks, Rev. OK, it *was* too subtle for me.

        Irreverence is an Oz national trait, seems to me. Also, though I may get in trouble with the commentariat for saying this, it seemed to me during my visits there that Oz is the only [largely] English-speaking country where an American accent is a social advantage. I’m married to a Brit, so that may be why I have that eccentric view….

    2. Wukchumni

      I first flew to NZ & Australia (the first of maybe 11 trips to NZ and 6 to Aussie) for a 3 week stay-a 3 week stay, in 1981, and the lingua franca was familiar but took a little getting used to, with Kiwi slang more nuanced while across the Tasman, it was a slang free for all, my gawd the learning curve-everything had a unique descriptor.

      What fun!

    3. Hank Linderman

      My guess is the intentional misspelling is to protect them from libel or other laws.

      Why is there no US or UK version of this? Jonathan Pie qualifies I guess.


  3. JEHR

    I love these “ads.” I’ve seen quite a few of them. We need a Canadian gal to talk about our wonderful country full of homeless people, high rent without a cap (in NB), young people who will never own their own home due to extremely high prices, etc. Something the CBC should get into!!!

  4. Scramjett

    I love Juice Media! Glad to see their honest government ads getting more widespread exposure. I don’t recall the video, but there is one from a couple years ago that calls out Australia, Canada, and Britain as “America’s b!tches.” You know, it’s the modern term for vassal state.

    PS – apologies if this post is a duplicate. I had issues with a content blocker on my phone.

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