Announcing the Tremendous Trio “Double Your Donations” Challenge!

Three generous readers are eager to turbocharge this fundraiser. So if you haven’t have the chance to donate yet, please take advantage of this “double your donations” challenge!

This donor trio teamed up to issue a challenge for this fundraiser. They will match the next 30 donations of $100 (and multiples of $100 like $200 )up to their match total. Make their magnimous offer a rousing success by going to our donation page now!

Readers have penned notes of appreciation, and we thought we’d share some of them: From furnace:

There really is no other place like here. I’m both a new reader and a new commenter, and I will say I was looking for a long time for a place with high standards for discussion as well as no tolerance for bullshit. It’s remarkably difficult to find places like that.

And Chris:

You certainly are doing your part in shining light upon the injustices around us and connecting, via the commentariat, a whole host of people who do care. You provide such a valuable gift to us. If your head is swelling a bit over my praise, that’s okay. You, Lambert, and the others who contribute to NC deserve it!

You are much needed in these crazy times. Thank you again for all you do.

And Fiery Hunt:

I hope Yves understands how invaluable her thought-provoking articles are for those us still trying to understand the world’s governments…

And yeah, the best commentariat….Yves’ single greatest achievement is to attract brilliant people to suppliment her own brillant biting insight.

[Yves blushes modestly]

And Lori:

$100 on its way, with appreciation and wishing it could be more. You guys make my morning!

You can make your contribution here, via check, debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you give by check (we like checks!), be sure to let us know by e-mailing us at with “Dynamic Duo Challenge” in the subject line.

Thanks to these three benefactors for their generosity, and I hope readers will respond in kind.

And if $100 is a stretch for you, don’t let that stop you from making a donation if you’ve been planning to but haven’t had time yet. Every contribution helps us meet our goals. And the other important way to help is by telling others about our work, whether in person to friends, family, and colleagues, or in social media like Facebook and Twitter. So I hope you’ll take him up on his fundraiser challenge in whatever way you can!

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  1. The Rev Kev

    Just now made a donation via PayPal with thanks to those generous readers. But as always, PayPal proves to be a pain with their obsession with wanting people to use mobiles with their account, even when you click to just use a password. Still, many thanks to NC and its readers to being an island of sanity in a world of propaganda and just plain old bs. The only truthful things published in newspapers these days are the crossword and the weather report – and sometimes I look leery eyed at those weather reports. :)

  2. sporble

    A good deal of you already know that NC is a frigate of clarity in an ocean of obfuscation (and even worse stuff).
    Some of you might not know it yet, but if you’re here right now, it seems you’re on your way:

    to being (even) better informed
    to interacting with a unique, intelligent online community
    to rewarding yourself with an alternate to the “mainstream matrix”.

    I just gave $100 (via CC/Paypal).
    Give what you can!

    1. cousinAdam

      Back in the dark ages (70’s) I was a dues paying member of Mensa – they had a bumper sticker available that said “Eschew Obfuscation “ – my first encounter with the word. This commentariat uses it frequently and not just to be vocabulary snobs! Hats off to Yves, Lambert (and his notorious ‘obfuscation waders’!) and the ‘new crü’ (made possible by these donations!) for keeping obfuscation at bay! Glad to take advantage of a matching grant – $125 via PP on the way! Rock on!

  3. Michael


    I subscribe to Seymour Hersh and Matt Taibbi on Substack and TrueAnon on Patreon.

    I contribute to fundraising for Scott Noble at Metanoia Films (his Counter-Intelligence series is great).

    And I am now in my fifth year of contributing to Naked Capitalism.

    I have been reading Naked Capitalism since 2007.

    The Great Financial Clustersf*ck decimated Ireland and on a forum I contributed to, The Property Pin, Yves was the source of all things illuminating as to the “How” and the “Why” of how we got where we got.

    For a decade I left others do the heavy lifting – both in comments and in contributing – but I still read the site almost every day.

    Now it’s my turn to do my bit – and I do so from a place of greater knowledge and insight because of this site.

    People paid it forward for me with their generosity of knowledge and donations. I’m probably going to continue to be less confident of contributing on the knowledge end – but am more than happy to pay it forward on the donation end for those to come.

    I spread the “gospel” as much as possible to the next generation. Naked Capitalism is the one site I recommend to one-and-all to read and reflect on. More often than not the information here will challenge the mainstream narrative in an informed way, both in the articles and the comments.

    This is the task I set people – read it and reflect on the information being presented – you don’t have to agree with it, but treasure the opportunity of having your ideas challenged.

    Thank you Yves and all who contribute – I am a better citizen of the world because of you!

  4. bobwat

    Don’t know what I would do without NC. It’s my window on the world. I’ve added a hundred to my monthly contribution. Now, on to reading reading the links – and even better – the comments.

  5. cinta

    Thank you to the NC team (and the three generous readers). I’ve been a daily reader since early on, but have only recently been able to contribute. The efforts and insights of Yves, Lambert, Conor, all the contributors, and the entire NC community are inspiring. Thank you again!

  6. Joe Renter

    I owe a lot to Yves and the crew. I bought into the common narrative, having read the NY Times, listening to NPR and the neoliberal script. Honestly, I should be giving more than I have but being on SS and living in CA, well you get the point. My big regret is not doing one of the meetups in Seattle several years back to thanked Yves in person. Thanks for the critical thinking opportunities past, present and hopefully future.

  7. Art Vandalay

    $200 sent via PayPal. Thank you to the generous matching donors. I don’t know what I would do without NC, and encourage everyone who visits to give what they can.

  8. LaRuse

    I could not pull triple digits together unfortunately, but I sent half of that your way. I appreciate the Matching Donors and their generosity and I am sorry I am not able to dig so deep.
    I look forward to and appreciate NC every day but honestly, it is the Commentariat that keeps me coming back. TheRevKev, Wuk, Amfortas, Samuel Connor, Petal, Flora, Carolinian, Griffin, IM Doc, Ignacio – these are just a handful of people whose insights I look forward to every day. Thanks to every contributor to this site, especially our hardworking Hosts.

  9. Victor Sciamarelli

    Though unsure if a hypothetical example is welcomed, I’d like to use one to express why NC is so valuable.
    If we went back to the recent past and asked a reasonable person from India to briefly describe Britain, they’d likely say the obvious. Britain was a Christian nation, a democracy with liberal values, and a capitalist economy. And surely add that Britain subjugated India for centuries.
    If you asked a reasonable Brit to describe Britain, they’d likely describe it similarly, except adding, Christian/democracy/capitalism made Britain a great nation.
    No doubt, persuading an Indian of the merit of alternatives to the British system would be far easier than convincing the Brit who benefited from the existing system. Likewise, it’s no small task convincing most Americans, especially those who benefit most from the status quo, that fundamental changes are needed. Yet, NC is up to the task.
    It’s one thing to reject the ‘make America great again’ or ‘Bidenomics’ conversation as irrelevant. It’s quite another to challenge the government directly, suggest the capitalist economy is predatory, question the consensus of the ruling class, make compelling arguments is favor of specific change, all of which, and more, NC does consistently and which makes it an exceptional resource.
    My humble contribution landed early this morning. I hope it was after the ‘tremendous trio’ announced their matching funds.

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