Links 10/10/2023

Dear patient readers,

The conflict in Gaza ate the news but I did the best I could to compensate with some extra links.

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Octopuses Could Soon Get Same Legal Protections As Monkeys In US Research IFLScience (furzy)

Giant Solar Storm 14,000 Years Ago Leaves The Carrington Event in The Dust ScienceAlert (Chuck L)

Becoming James Bond Literary Review (Chuck L)

Navigating the Labyrinth with Psychedelics Graham Hancock. Chuck L: “So it’s a book pitch. Fascinating none the less.”

Low Cholesterol Levels in Younger Heart Failure Patients May Predict Unfavorable Outcomes MDPI (IM Doc).”Cholesterol lowering drugs in younger patients with heart failure may increase mortality.”


How incarcerated people are helping to restore a fragile ecosystem Yale Climate Connections

Climate crisis is ‘not gender neutral’: UN calls for more policy focus on women Guardian. Brian C: “‘Only a third of countries include sexual and reproductive health in their national plans to tackle the climate crisis, the UN has warned.’ Seriously?”

The Superbug That Devours Ocean Plastic Nautilus (David L)

Microplastics detected in clouds hanging atop two Japanese mountains Ground

We Knew This Was Coming’: Deadly Himalayan Dam Burst Was Predicted by Scientists Common Dreams (furzy)

At least 1,000 birds died from colliding with one Chicago building in one day Guardian (Brian C)


Schumer Confronts Xi on Israel-Hamas Statement in Rare Meeting Bloomberg. Lordie, we are such amateurs.

Sen. Schumer Lectures Xi on China’s Response to Israel-Hamas Fighting (Kevin W). I gather Schumer is trying to depict Xi’s restatement of his formula as a concession.

China Says It Drove Away Philippine Navy Ship in Disputed Sea Bloomberg

Evergrande Investors Warn of ‘Uncontrollable Collapse’ Wall Street Journal

Has China’s economy hit the wall? Asia Times

South Korea Firms Get Indefinite Waiver On US Chip Gear Supplies To China Reuters

China Plans Big AI and Computing Buildup Bloomberg

Canada-India Row

After UAE Prez, Canada PM Trudeau Now Speaks to Jordan King About India & ‘Respecting Rule of Law’ News18 (BC)

European Disunion

Germany: Scholz coalition battered in Bavaria, Hesse polls DW

Luxembourg election delivers likely return to power for conservative CSV party Guardian (cactus99percenter)

BRICS Financial and Monetary Initiatives – the New Development Bank, the Contingent Reserve Arrangement, and a Possible New Currency Valdai Club


No Street in Gaza Remains in Tact’: Israel Launches Massive Strikes, Pledges to ‘Obliterate’ Hamas ‘Savages’ Military Watch

Israel-Hamas war live: Appeals for ‘safe corridor’; Gaza toll goes past 700 Aljazeera

Gaza: Over 1,000 buildings destroyed, 123,000 displaced by Israeli bombing New Arab

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Hamas threatens to kill hostage every time Israel hits Gaza civilians NBC and Hamas threatens to broadcast executions as Australia defends Israel Sydney Morning Herald (furzy)

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‘Planes have already taken off’: U.S. sends Israel air defense, munitions after Hamas attack Politico

The war has started The Cradle (furnace)

A reader suggested Jacob Dreizin was insane to contend that Israel might use tactical nukes against Hezbollah if it launched a full-on attack on Israel. Dreizin was not recommending that but using it as an indicator of 1. his view that Israeli’s military is not terribly strong and is markedly behind on the way war has changed and 2. They won’t have any perceived better recourse if they look to be losing. Look how quickly an official has escalated on the cray-cray ladder:

Egypt intelligence official says Israel ignored repeated warnings of ‘something big’ Times of Israel (Li)

Hacktivism Erupts In Response To Hamas-Israel War TechCrunch

WSJ Joins Neocons To Instigate War On Iran Moon of Alabama

Beware of the WSJ’s Irresponsible Reporting Daniel Larison

Financial Times is piling on: What links Hamas to the Axis of Resistance and its patron Iran?

US has no information to corroborate claims that Iran helped plot Hamas attack Anadolu Agency

Hubris Meets Nemesis in Israel Project Syndicate (David )

The Israeli war on Hamas from a geopolitical perspective Gilbert Doctorow. Contains tidbit that Netanyahu said in July that Palestinians had gotten anti-tank weapons from Ukraine.

President Joe Biden’s foreign policy upended by Hamas attack BBC

New Not-So-Cold War

White House hopes to include Ukraine in Israeli aid package – media RT

Not mentioned is that this is one of the sites from which Ukraine has been shelling (entirely) civilian targets in Donetsk City, with much consternation as to why Russia hasn’t captured it already:


Afghanistan earthquake: More than 1,000 dead as villagers dig for survivors BBC

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

23andMe Confirms Stolen Genetic Data Is For Sale Online ExtremeTech (David L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

The U.S. Government Is Preparing for a Fentanyl WMD Attack Intercept

Russia & China Sanctions: EU’s Desperate Measures Richard D. Wolff, YouTube

Algeria’s Tebboune not interested in joining BRICS in current format Almayadeen. furnace: “Further complexities for BRICS.”

Vermont Utility Plans To End Outages By Giving Customers Batteries New York Times


The Biden Family Tree: How Investigations are Exposing the Bidens’ Influence-Peddling Dynasty Jonathan Turley

Biden Interviewed by Special Counsel Regarding Classified Documents Wall Street Journal


EXCLUSIVE: Number of migrants hospitalized after falling from the border wall has skyrocketed 1,000 PERCENT under Joe Biden with over 400 climbers injured in San Diego alone Daily Mail

Our No Longer Free Press

How US gov’t prosecution of Uhuru activists threatens a ‘First Amendment exception’ The Grayzone (Kevin W)

International Monetary Fund raises U.S. growth forecast for 2023, leaves global outlook unchanged CNBC

The Bottomless Swamp of Regulatory Capture Charles Hughes Smith (Brian C)

Worst Bond Collapse in 150 Years Caused by Unintended Consequences Bloomberg (David L)

The Bezzle

Crypto Venture Funding Drops 63% Bloomberg

Antidote du jour (furnace via Havana Times):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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  1. Lexx

    ‘No Street in Gaza Remains in Tact’: Israel Launches Massive Strikes, Pledges to ‘Obliterate’ Hamas ‘Savages’

    At 25 x 7.5, what are the odds they’d miss? Wouldn’t that just add to their alleged embarrassment?* Wasn’t there some speculation that playing the martyr on the world stage is part of Hamas’ strategy? There’s no possibility of winning without drawing in the militant factions of other countries in the Middle East, elevating the conflict into a bigger arena.

    I appreciate the symbolic timing of their attack, but wonder what took them so long. It seems overdue.

    *I maintain that Netanyahu can’t be embarrassed or any world leader. Not personally or their administrations… sounds human in the press though.

    1. The Rev Kev

      Say, does anybody remember that speech that Netanyahu made a few short years ago and when he said-

      ‘The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.’

      This is not social Darwinism but out and out Darwinism on display in his beliefs. No reflection that without American support, weapons and several billion dollars a year that Israel would be the weak ones. He believes in absurdities so is ready to commit atrocities.

        1. The Rev Kev

          I have read accounts of Israeli officers getting very uncomfortable when they realize that the tactics that they are using with the Palestinians are a lot like the tactics the Wehrmacht used in WW2.

          1. Jabura Basaidai

            geez, ya think? it’s like they are using the same playbook – an ongoing ‘Night of the Long Knives’ – zero self-reflection by the right wing folks in Israel

          2. bob

            So it is okay to shoot women and children point-blank; burn people in their homes; and Carrie hostage is back across the border but its not okay to defend yourself against terrorists. The double standard from some of these posts is amazing.

            1. ambrit

              The point you miss is that both sides here use terrorist methods.
              There are no “Good Guys” in the Middle East.

              1. skippy

                Time is a big factor here … on one hand you have the drip feed death/maiming/relocation of Palestinians over a long period and is not splashy news eyeball fodder and then on the other Israelis are attacked by lone or a few “terrorists” and some dumb ballistic missiles, here and there, which then gets the full Bernays treatment to grab as many eyeball possible for those watching at home … see first gulf war …

                Killing by ***economic means*** seems to be fine and those that resist it are fair game until its targets have nothing else too lose …

            2. Don

              Bob: None of the things you describe are “okay”. What you appear to be missing is that all of these things are routinely done by the Israeli state.

              The kill ratio throughout the 75-year history of the State of Israel is approximately 40:1. As in, for every Israeli woman or child shot point-blank by a Palestinian, ~40 Palestinian women and children are shot point blank by an Israeli; as in, for every Israeli hostage carried across a border, ~40 Palestinian hostages are carried across a border; as in, for every Israeli burned in their home, ~40 Palestinians are burned in their homes.

              As you say, “the double standard… is amazing”.

            3. Young

              I have heard the retired U.S. four-star general Jack Keane(?) on Fox News, saying that between 2007 and 2022 IDF killed 6,000 in Gaza, while Hamas killed 300 Israelis.

              There is no difference between retail and wholesale killing of civilians.

              I wish I had an absolute authority to punish anybody who had hurt ANY child anywhere in the world.

            4. shleep

              Even when it’s your friend/side/team/country doing it, it’s still a war crime.

              That includes the ones you don’t (want to) see or hear about.

            5. Snailslime

              I have zero problem with Israeli citizens/soldiers killing Hamas fighters in selfdefense or defense of their fellow citizens.

              Of course Hamas also has every right to kill every Israeli soldiers, cop, politician.

              Adult settlers who are knowing, willing and very often enthusiastic accomplices in ethnic cleansing and horrific oppression, indeed a driving, organized, politically influential force behind those crimes as well in many cases personally guilty of atrocities including murder that the state of Israel never punished them for are not innocent or ever really civilians.

              Morally speaking they deserve death at least as much, if not more than the soldiers and police executing those genocidal policies.

              That does not mean they should all be killed, but there is also not really a reason to shed any tears for them if they end up dead.

              Israeli citizens who are Not settlers or in any way complicit in the crimes of the Israeli state beyond tolerating them the way almost all citizens of every country tolerate the crimes of their government are civilians who definitely should not be targeted for killing.

              Kids too young to have served or serve in the Army absolutely should be taboo.

              Israeli society is totally built on monstrous oppression, many societies are so at least partially, but Israel more so then a great many other countries.

              There are a great many ways to become personally guilty, with compulsory, formerly Universal Military Service and in other ways.

              The fact that Israel is at least formally a democracy (and perversely perhaps a still better working one than for example the US) makes the responsibility of the citizens for the crimes of the authorities weigh heavier than it would in a dictatorship.

              Still, those are cases that could legitimately be decided only individually.

              It is not legitimate to kill a population just because there are murderers, even a great man murderers and sympathizers of murderers amongst them.

        2. Lexx

          Victims to the point of global celebrity; virtue comes with the role no matter badly how they behave. I stopped feeling sorry for them a long time ago. The Palestinians will be out gunned here, with little of the same historic sympathy afforded them and their dead. Very quietly, just under the radar, little by little, Israel is trying to push them out or kill them all. I don’t think they care one way or another as long as they get to claim every inch of ‘holy land’… the Chosen People, favored by God. It’s genocide they’re committing against the Palestinians and pathology being support with billions of our tax dollars, when we have plenty of home grown pathology right here in the good old USA we could be spending that money on. (snort!)

          1. Jabura Basaidai

            our home-grown pathology would be the genocide and ongoing subjugation of the indigenous nations that lived on this continent before 1492 – hmmmmm….some similarity in application in the early years of this country –

    2. Old Sovietologist

      Hamas leadership group members in the Gaza Strip, Zakaria Abu Muammar and Jawad Abu Shamala, were killed in the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

      Hamas promises to depopulate Ashkelon in response.

      In other news: France and the European Union have recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization.

      1. JBird4049

        >>>In other news: France and the European Union have recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization.

        So, when the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) bombs, shoots, detains, and kidnaps for the crime of being Palestinians in Palestine, as they have been doing for decades, it is all good. In other words, it is not what you do, but who you are that determines what you are. Got it.

        It is like when American soldiers went into My Lai or at the “Battle” of Wounded Knee, despite the mass murder and rape of the unarmed, the young, the old, and the defenseless, the soldiers were heroes because they were Americans fighting godless communists, the barbarians or people less than human, something like that.

        Hamas is a terrorist organization, but so is the IDF, and if people say that the IDF is always justified because reasons, then so is Hamas although the leadership of both should be facing charges of warcrimes in the Hague. Meanwhile, the average Palestinian and average Israeli are the ones going to do the suffering and the dying.

  2. griffen

    Blue Horseshoe loves “insert favored defense contractor”. Raytheon, Lockheed, any sort of logistics and delivery of said weaponry. Invest with the best, Congresscritters know the score !!

    yeah, the Congresscritters investing in oil or energy companies is also pretty easy. The Biden administration has no conceivable policy on energy absent returning to the kingdom of SA and saying pretty please yet again. Best to prepare for the coming winter with one’s very own Strategic Reserve, be it heating oil / fuels or money in the mattress.

  3. The Rev Kev

    “Biden Interviewed by Special Counsel Regarding Classified Documents”

    Is that like the time that George Bush was being interviewed by the FBI? And Dick Cheney was there to hold his hand and to make sure that he never said anything stupid or incriminating. And that this session was never recorded and there were no transcripts of that interview because that was one of the conditions for allowing Bush to be interviewed. So was Biden’s interview like that?

  4. mascotca

    Does anyone have trouble going to anadolou agency links (either Naked Cap’s) or via Google or anywhere else?

    Yves and co have been linking to several items over recent weeks and I’ve never tried to get there before so I don’t know if this is an old or new issue.

    I get an error message about not being able to find the servers. It looks like the domain is very close to American Airlines, if that offers a clue…

    1. caucus99percenter

      Anadolu Agency =     (since it’s a Turkish delight)


      American Airlines =

  5. Wukchumni

    Gooooooooood Mooooooooorning Fiatnam!

    Torah Torah Torah!

    Was the battle cry in a surprise attack that practically begged for retaliation, 3 eyes for 1 eye-that kind of thing.

    Get up in the morning, looking for the dead, sir
    So that every revenge factor can be fed
    Poor me Israelites, ah

    Get up in the morning, looking for the dead, sir
    So that every revenge factor can be fed
    Poor me Israelite

    My wife and my kids, they packed up and left the commotion
    Darling, she said, all we have left is to swim in the ocean
    Poor me Israelites

    Buildings them a-tear up, home is gone
    I don’t want to end up pushing daisies on the other side
    Poor me Israelites

    After a storm of missiles there must be a calm
    They catch many who bought the farm
    You sound your alarm
    Poor me Israelites

    Get up in the morning, looking for the dead, sir
    So that every revenge factor can be fed
    Poor me Israelites

    Buildings them a-tear up, home is gone
    I don’t want to end up pushing daisies on the other side
    Poor me Israelites

    After a storm of missiles there must be a calm
    They catch many who bought the farm
    You sound your alarm
    Poor me Israelites
    Poor me Israelites, poor me Israelites, poor me Israelites

    Israelites, by Desmond Dekker & the Aces

    1. Jabura Basaidai

      so W how about one using “Me and Bobby McGee” – i ain’t anywhere near as creative as you – that line in it “…Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose, Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free..” kinda reminds of the wall the Palestinians have been backed up against with nothing left to lose – and been wondering considering the the snippet that Egypt supposedly warned, if this was allowed to happen unabated to give justification for an overwhelming assault response – given Bubby’s turmoil in country for the supreme court thingy nothing like a little ultra-violence to change the discourse – just wondering……

      1. Jabura Basaidai

        or keeping with the reggae/ska sound one that almost needs no lyric enhancement is
        “The Harder They Come”

        “But I’d rather be a free man in my grave
        Than living as a puppet or a slave”

        song still moves me – there are so many emotions that tumult through my inner self seeking respite through ways better not expressed – that tall tower always waits –

  6. Jabura Basaidai

    “Octopuses Could Soon Get Same Legal Protections As Monkeys In US Research” – and what, pray tell, protections do monkeys get trapped in cages waiting to be used as guinea pigs – oh right….now it’s “humane” testing….give me a freaking break – back in the late 60’s i had a summer job as a nighttime janitor at UM medical research building – the things i saw still haunt my dreams and made me forever against using animals as testing subjects – gross, gruesome and ghoulish – no amount of justification will convince me otherwise – i’ve also been against zoos since the one and only time i was taken to one as a grade-schooler – our arrogance, the benefits outweigh the consequences to the animal nonsense is used to justify these actions – puhleeze spare me –

    1. John Zelnicker

      After I graduated from college in 1972, I worked for a psychology professor in his lab doing pigeon experiments a la B. F. Skinner.

      Another professor down the hall was researching learned helplessness with dogs. I will never forget the sound of dogs screaming in pain. It’s a bone-chilling sound, almost human.

      1. mago

        Descartes, the father of western philosophy according to Wikipedia, dissected dogs alive to audiences claiming that lacking a soul they lacked feelings.
        That howling and whimpering you hear? It don’t mean nothing.
        And those grieving shattered Palestinians? Please. They’re just animals, right?
        Doesn’t mean a thing.
        Pass the bombs and ammunition, we got scores to settle, and damn the consequences.

        1. Brian Beijer

          Thanks for this tidbit. I have always instinctively despised Descartes, but I never had a logical explanation as to why. My philosophy professor would tease me about how reactionary I became when he mentioned his name. Now, I know why.

          1. Pat

            I know that the other day I was arguing against cancellation culture, but people who torture animals might get an exception from me.
            Okay not really. Better that we know such things so we can put them in a bigger context. All the better to learn to take them and their positions with an Alp size boulder of salt.

    2. B24S

      I once had the opportunity to work at a UC campus as a medical machinist, making equipment for research.

      It sounded like a dream job for me, new horizons each assignment while helping science delve into the mysteries of the body. I really wanted, even needed, the job.

      My first project would have been designing and fabricating frames to hold Macaque heads still for brain surgery and implants…

      We stopped eating octopus some years back, after I’d worked at a natural history museum with a major aquarium attached. The octopus was a massive escape artist, really quite brilliant at it.

      1. Jabura Basaidai

        B24S -you would appreciate Sy Montgomery’s book, “the Soul of an Octopus” – she has a wonderfully compelling and engaging story to tell and there is a great documentary on Netflix, “My Octopus Teacher” – i saw what you described on dog heads when i was a janitor at UM – an image that never departs – unfortunately – sad and helpless –

  7. The Rev Kev

    “Germany: Scholz coalition battered in Bavaria, Hesse polls”

    If the governing parties think it is bad now, just wait until the weather gets cold and this winter there will be no financial support for the people in trying to heat their homes. Telling people to wear another jumper at home at night or to take less showers to defeat Putin will not cut it. I expect the mood to get ugly by the time winter official begins.

      1. caucus99percenter

        Quite probably. The other parties are already colluding in so many other ways to deny the AfD a level playing field.

        Example: each party in the Bundestag has an associated non-profit foundation which is entitled to receive government money. But the other parties, acting as a cartel, have systematically denied the AfD’s non-profit such funds, while themselves pocketing, in the current fiscal year, a total of € 697 million.

        The AfD took this discriminatory situation to court and got a ruling saying the existing setup was unconstitutional. Because there was no law regulating the process, it was clear monies were being awarded arbitrarily. The court told the Bundestag to pass a law defining who qualifies for the funds using objective criteria.

        So now the cartel in the Bundestag is working on passing a law, tailor-made to continue to exclude the AfD and further stuffed with virtuous-sounding but vague language whose applicability in practice is to be subject to interpretation by the (anti-AfD) interior ministry itself — in other words, turning what is supposed to be even-handed rule-making into a weaponized farce, a mere legal fig-leaf designed to permit a legitimate political opposition party to continue to be treated unfairly.!5965950/

        1. Feral Finster

          Worth pointing out that the AfD performs as well as it does in spite of the blatant discrimination.

  8. Paul J-H

    It has been reported that the Baltic Connector pipeline between Estonia and Finland is leaking. The Finnish Seismological Institute has no data on explosions/seismic activity. Yellow press in Finland suspects Russia did it. Finnish gov organizes a press conference at 18 EET, where it is expected that the PM will say it is not an accident.,if%20a%20leak%20is%20confirmed.

    1. Skip Intro

      Finland’s president stated that the pipeline suffered damage due to an “external influence”.
      Apparently sabotage is suspected.

      1. The Rev Kev

        You think that if they find the mate to that US diving boot that they found at the site of the NS2 explosion, that the Finns would report it?

    2. Allourproblemsstemfrom2008

      Gosh, if only Sanna Marin was still Prime Minister, she’d show those Russians what for! After she drank and raved at the club the night before of course #clownworld

      Could this be an attempt to say it was an attack on Nato?

    3. Dulce et decorum est

      Funny, I was convinced that Russia was going to hit the transatlantic communications cables instead.

      It’ll be fun to watch how muted the criticism is, though, given the inability to draw attention away from the Israeli situation and the very clear understanding that the US will abandon all of Europe now.

      The links on this page are a decent proxy for overall media coverage–15-20 on Middle East and 1 on Ukraine. Translation: Russia can get away with pretty well anything at this point. If I were Zelinsky, I would fold immediately.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        As I said, Gaza ate the news. It’s true across the board. I would have had to link mainly to RT, Sputnik, Interfax, Tass, and the Kyiv Independent to have much about Ukraine

        1. Dulce est decorum est

          Sorry, Yves–this was not a dig at you. I just meant that Russia can now demonstrate its capabilities and resolve and show that it will take vengeance of some sort without causing escalation because the attention is focused elsewhere. Citing the ratio regarding the number of links you posted is just meant as a lazy proxy (I could have equally cited the number of front page headlines on the NY Times, but I refuse to visit that site out of principle).

          Given this reality, the barking chihuahuas in the Baltics and Nordic countries will likely stop barking for a while.

          All this bodes very, very poorly for Zelinsky (“NS Analysis). He should give in immediately–if the writing wasn’t on the wall before last week, it definitely is now.

          Having said all the above, though, I am surprised that Russia didn’t decide to just cut some of the transatlantic communications cables. That would have likely sent a far stronger message and cause much more havoc. I am personally happy they didn’t–it was just my guess as to the inevitable retaliatory response.

          1. Polar Socialist

            The Balticconnector pipeline is connected to Russia trough the Finnish grid, so it would make about as much sense for Russia to cut it as it made sense in the case of the NS1 and 2. Of which one pipeline is still intact. As Putin said in the Valdai meeting, all the EU has to do is ask, and the spice gas will flow again.

            As for Russian capabilities, today they did indeed break trough the Ukrainian defenses north of Avdeevka and pushing about 4 to west. Avdeevka is now about 10 km deep and 7 km wide sack, and there are indication that Ukrainians may be leaving it soon.

            Russians also made minor advances in 5 other directions today. Perhaps to get into better positions for the rasputitsa, perhaps preparing for something bigger. Hard to say.

        2. Glen

          This news “shutout” of Ukraine does not bode well for Ukraine especially if it continues for any length of time. American public support needs to be constantly fueled and stoked by the MSM to be maintained.

          But we’re also starting to see something beyond that – a level of interconnected dysfunctionality which reminds one of how we all discovered that the web of finance was all interconnected in the GFC and could all come crashing down. But unlike the GFC which could be “resolved” by having the Fed press a button and hand out trillions, this crisis cannot be “resolved” by (as many everywhere pointed out) more “kicking the can down the road”.

          In this case, be it industrial capacity to make munitions, or an MIC which focuses on something other than maximal profit, or a citizenry which is too close to completely beat down, we are discovering that we cannot even make a can to kick down the road. And that the skills we do require abroad to resolve crisis – diplomacy, global engagement in a more “positive” fashion, have been subsumed at the State department by neocons intent on implementing obsolete and unattainable goals. We also have a dysfunctional federal government which is somewhat astonishing given how it is completely within the grip of the uniparty. Perhaps it is the bare starkness in the contrast between the frenzy that hundreds of billions must be spent to maintain empire (actually trillions when the cost of the GoW and endless war are totaled up) while average Americans watch as their country crumbles apart that causes this.

  9. Eclair

    One immediate result of Israeli-Palestinian eruption: Ukraine conflict? What? Oh … that …. Where’s my Israeli flag?

    Brilliant tactic. Couldn’t have planned it better.

    And …. all those congress critters buying up defense and oil stocks, per Unusual Whales. How prescient.

    1. The Rev Kev

      Rats! And here I was saying that people would go straight from having Ukrainian flags on their social media accounts to the flag of Taiwan instead. I didn’t have the Israeli flag on my bingo card.

    2. Randall Flagg

      Getting the “we stand with Israel” signs printed up for distribution as I write this.
      Sarc off. What a complete disaster

      1. Joe Renter

        I have been proudly wearing a Palestine flag lapel pin on my baseball hats for the last 10 years. The forgotten people by so many in the west.

    3. Katniss Everdeen

      In his latest installment on X, Tucker plays a clip of nikki haley spewing this: (begins around 2:07)

      “This is not just an attack on israel, this is an attack on america. Because they hate us just as much…This is the reason we have to unite around making sure our enemies do not hurt our friends…That’s why isreal needs us when Hamas and Iran are doing this. And I’ll say this to prime minister netanyahu, “Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this, you know Iran’s behind it, finish them. Iran should have hell to pay for what they’ve just done.”

      The 2024 “election” either cannot be allowed to happen, or it must be held under a state of “emergency” as in 2020. biden can’t win on his own, and the two most prominent challengers are not with the program.

      Since the “appetite” for another “pandemic” has waned, it would seem that the “emergency” will be war.

      ukraine, whose troops are either draft dodging or surrendering in droves, cannot go the distance, and China is refusing to bite on taiwan, so the enemy will, apparently, have to be Iran. Better late than never, I guess.

      But how to make the “threat” palpable to the voters? Considering what it has taken to waken the public to the invasion at the border, I don’t really want to know the answer to that question–shit gets a little too real when strong arming and coercion become “necessary.”

      1. Dulce et decorum est

        prime minister netanyahu, “Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this, you know Iran’s behind it, finish them. Iran should have hell to pay for what they’ve just done.”

        Ummm…It has become extremely difficult to differentiate between people being demagogues or uninformed idiots, but doesn’t Nikki understand that Israel would have “finished” Iran a long time ago if it could?

        It can’t. And resorting to Mortal Kombat slogans isn’t going to change that reality.

        FVkk the grandstanding and virtue signaling this upcoming Remembrance Day is going to be particularly grating.

      2. pjay

        This statement by Haley is irresponsible and insane, as are the statements by the rest of the neocon scum. Unfortunately I’m afraid “the two most prominent challengers” do not much differ in their programs when it comes to Israel (and Iran). Thanks to the Hamas attack, reasonable comments on Ukraine will be replaced by mindless warmongering for Israel, with Trump assuring us that this “never would have happened if I had been President.”

        Raytheon: “Whew! I was starting to worry a little there for a minute.”

      3. Feral Finster

        I dunno, The Blob, The Borg, The Deep State (still my preferred term) whatever you want to call it, are perfectly fine with a Madam President Haley or even a Eunuch President Pence.

        Biden has done what he was put in position to do and can be sloughed off into the sunset.

      4. ThirtyOne

        I found an interesting Telegram account spitballing on the “who backed Hamas” issue:

        “Ideologically, Hamas is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was born in Egypt but was expelled from there. In many Islamic countries, incl. In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, this organization is prohibited, but in others it is completely legal, and they have political parties that are in one way or another connected with it. In particular, they include the Turkish Justice and Development Party, which has ruled in Turkey since 2003.

        Hamas’s largest financial support comes from Qatar, where some prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood have settled. When relations between Saudi Arabia and its allies and Qatar worsened in 2017, the Saudis demanded an end to Qatar’s military ties with Turkey. The result, on the contrary, was the opening of a Turkish base in Qatar. Qatar survived, and in 2021 the blockade of Qatar by the Saudis was ended.

        Given these circumstances, military coordination between Hamas and the Turkish armed forces cannot be ruled out.”

  10. Jabura Basaidai

    “Navigating the Labyrinth with Psychedelics” – another good book on the subject is “Food of the Gods -The Search For The Original Tree of Knowledge” by Terrence McKenna – fugettbout ketamine, MDMA and the rest of the chemical stuff – back in the day i’ve tried peyote, nasty hairy little buttons but a kick-ass high, my fave was easily psilocybin – acid was just plugging in to a 220v when only used to 110v – would journey the psilly road again but would have to be actual shrooms that bruise a purple-black not some cap of who knows what – not looking but if……..

    1. Wukchumni

      Fun is the root word of fungi… and almost legalized in Cali, but vetoed by Newsom, who probably indulged once and blew the trip hanging out in his apartment watching reruns on the telly.

      1. caucus99percenter

        I had college classmates who told me of being astonished to find that, if high or tripping, one could neutralize and quickly become unstoned merely by spending a few minutes contemplating the articles in Time magazine.

        1. Jabura Basaidai

          that is a good one to remember, ever give it a try? -inquiring minds wish to know – sounds suspect – back in acid daze it was Thorazine –

          1. caucus99percenter

            Time isn’t what it was, back when publisher Henry Luce was alive. Nowadays you’d need the harder stuff, like the Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs.

            1. Jabura Basaidai

              you’re scaring me now – c99% – letting trilateralists camel nose under the tent flap will scare anyone straight – shivering at the thought –

      2. Jessica

        Newsom exercised an entire set of vicious vetoes this week. I assume (pure speculation) that he is making sure there is nothing that could be used against him in a campaign for higher office.
        His veto of protection against caste discrimination is a friendly reminder that people of color too can be on the side of the devil.

        1. Jabura Basaidai

          ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……….you’re sensing what i ‘m sensing aren’t you? – the Husk is doomed –

        2. John Wright

          But Newsom can’t veto that picture of himself and his ex-wife lounging on a rug in a Getty home.

          In my view, he looked “bought and paid for” in the picture..

          This is the ex-wife who is Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend now (Kimberly Guilfoyle)

          Quite possibly Newsom will more harm with vetoes in CA as he tries forge a wider national appeal.

          He’s burning his bridges in CA, so the national stage must be his new (imagined) home.,

          1. Feral Finster

            I dunno, as long as Newsom retains control of the Team D political machinery, he need not fear a primary challenger, and California is a safe Team D state, so as long as another Swarzenegger doesn’t run, he can basically stay Governor For Life.

          2. Jabura Basaidai

            damn it – Kimberly Guilfoyle at the Repukelican convention, was a disturbing ending of her speech there – finding out that she was Noosesom’s wife was Twilight Zone material – kinda forgot about that twist JW – will try to forget quickly –

        3. GF

          Below is a summary of the climate related bills signed and vetoed by Newsom this week. I don’t know how to link to LA Times Boiling Point newsletter by Sammy Roth, so I will cut and paste the Newsom signed and vetoed bills:

          “Corporate carbon disclosure

          In the most high-profile climate story out of Sacramento, Newsom signed two bills that will require big companies to disclose how much planet-warming carbon they’re spewing into the atmosphere — and the financial risks they face from climate change. But he also wants lawmakers to make the measures more business-friendly next year, per my L.A. Times colleagues Tony Briscoe and Dorany Pineda.

          Additionally, Newsom signed a bill that will strengthen requirements for oil companies to plug old wells, Tony and Dorany report — although he again suggested that a legislative cleanup might be needed to ensure there are no unintended consequences. Climate and environmental justice activists had worried that the governor would veto the bill, with some in his administration arguing it could make the problem of orphan wells worse, as Tony reported previously.

          Another carbon-related measure, Assembly Bill 1305, also earned Newsom’s signature. The office of Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D-Encino), the bill’s author, issued a statement saying it would “require new transparency and disclosure requirements for buyers and sellers of carbon offsets,” thus making it harder for companies to exaggerate the climate benefits of their investments in protecting forests and keeping carbon out of the atmosphere — a rampant problem in California and around the world.

          But Senate Bill 390 — which would have further cracked down on sketchy climate claims by making it illegal to sell offsets that don’t actually keep carbon out of the atmosphere — did not win the governor’s signature. Newsom wrote that although he supports the bill’s goal, he didn’t like the strategy of “imposing civil liability for even unintentional mistakes about offset quality,” which he said could inadvertently penalize well-meaning people and create “significant turmoil in the market for carbon offsets.”

          Building more renewable energy

          Newsom held true to the deal he struck with legislative leaders last month, signing a bill designed to get the state’s first offshore wind farms built — and maybe some geothermal power plants too — by allowing a state agency to sign long-term contracts to buy electricity from those facilities on behalf of all Californians. Clean energy advocates were thrilled.

          The governor also signed a bill requiring state officials to prepare our ports for offshore wind power, as well as legislation from incoming Senate leader Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg) that’s meant to get offshore wind farms through the environmental review and approval process faster. And speaking of ocean energy, Newsom also signed Senate Bill 605, which will require state officials to study the possibility of generating electricity from our waves and tides — hence my “making waves” joke earlier.

          On the solar front, Newsom signed one bill that would extend existing caps on permitting fees for rooftop solar systems, and another that would ensure continued funding for solar panels on low-income housing — two small wins for an industry facing serious political challenges elsewhere, as I’ve written recently.

          Newsom also gave the OK to legislation directing state officials to study the potential for solar panels along highways, where it could be easier and faster to build them than in the desert. Canary Media’s Jeff St. John wrote about the possible benefits.
          Electric transmission lines
          Electric transmission lines along a power corridor connecting to Southern California Edison’s Vincent Substation in Palmdale. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

          Tough luck for transmission lines:

          In perhaps his most surprising veto, Newsom rejected Senate Bill 619 from Sen. Steve Padilla (D-Chula Vista), which would have sped up the permitting process for power lines — crucial tools for getting renewable energy from where it’s generated to where it’s needed. The bill would have allowed power-line developers to request environmental reviews from the California Energy Commission rather than the notoriously slow California Public Utilities Commission. Not a single lawmaker voted against it.

          But the Public Utilities Commission urged Newsom to reject the bill, and he assented. In his veto message, the governor cited the risk of bureaucratic overlap, writing that putting a single agency in charge of all aspects of new energy projects “can lead to better results for Californians,” including lower costs.

          Newsom also vetoed Senate Bill 420 — another proposal designed to get power lines approved faster, as I wrote in a piece earlier this year on the need for a lot more electric transmission, ASAP. Newsom wrote that the bill “compounds existing permitting complexity for these projects by devolving permitting authority of mid-sized electric transmission projects from a single state agency to local agencies.”

          Protecting our lands and waters

          In a major win for conservationists, Newsom signed Senate Bill 337 from Sen. Dave Min (D-Irvine). The bill commits to state law the goal of protecting 30% of California’s lands and waters by 2030 — the “30 by 30” target endorsed by scientists and biodiversity advocates around the world, who say it’s key not only to protecting animals but to ensuring a livable world for humans.

          Newsom and President Biden have both embraced 30 by 30. But now it’s the law in the nation’s most populous state.


          More to come on California bill signings next week”

          1. juno mas

            So, 50% of the state of California is owned by the Feds (USFS, BLM. etc). I believe the California control of the Pacifc coast waters is only 2 miles offshore. Which 30% of “lands and waters” of the state are they protecting? State Parks/Beaches?

  11. The Rev Kev

    ‘Antidote du jour (furnace via Havana Times)’

    Don’t let that text fool you. That cat is not in Cuba but the image was taken in Caracas, Venezuela instead. You can tell by the species of plants growing in the background which are not native to Cuba and the style of window framing and bars which is common in Venezuela plus that type of cat with its distinct colouring is a breed well-know in the city of Caracas. Also, if you click the link it will tell you that that photo was taken in Caracas, Venezuela.

    1. Judith

      The text encouraging people to send photos was really sweet (and a nice antidote by itself):

      Our Photo of the Day section is interested not only in photos taken in Havana, Matanzas, Pinar del Río, Granma or Santiago de Cuba. We are not looking only for Cuban portraits or landscapes. We want to publish your photos of the cities and countryside’s of Nicaragua, Venezuela, the United States, Japan, France, Turkey, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Cyprus or Viet Nam. We like diversity.

      We also know that there are Cubans in every city on this planet, and we would like you to tell us, with images, your day to day outside of Cuba. It doesn’t matter if you have not studied photography, we all carry an artist inside. Don’t you think?

  12. Wukchumni

    We Knew This Was Coming’: Deadly Himalayan Dam Burst Was Predicted by Scientists Common Dreams

    Success Dam is on the Tule River south of us, and scientists predicted some bad ju ju there too, but thankfully My Kevin (since ’07) came through a few years ago in another renaming effort to go with the 3 post offices in Bakersfield given new names under his watch, and the dam is no longer saddled with the burden of success and instead some guy you never heard of gets the rap if push>meets>shove, thanks to Kev.

    The USACE found in 1999 that the alluvial deposits that form the foundations of the dam were unstable and that the dam would be at a high risk of failure in the event of an earthquake. In 2006, new regulations were passed that limited long-term water storage in the reservoir to 28,800 acre-feet (0.0355 km3), 35% of capacity. A proposed $500 million project would increase the thickness of the dam by 350 feet (110 m) so that it could better withstand a quake in the region.

    In August 2019, the 116th Congress of the United States enacted PL-116-41 which said (in part) that the Success Dam in Tulare County, California, shall hereafter be known and designated as the ‘‘Richard L. Schafer Dam’’ (Wiki)

    Lake Kaweah was chock-a-block full @ 185,000 acre feet after the mid March atmospheric river storm and had another XXXXXL deluge been lurking behind it, the dam would’ve been topped and probably breached as the emergency spillway is made of dirt and rocks, doesn’t look like all that to me.

    Plus the dam is kind of ancient like yours truly and who knows how much weight it has put on in the lower belly in silting up since first opened in 1962?

    There’s about 185,000 people just downstream as luck would have it, nearly an acre foot worth of flooding for everybody if it ever went.

    1. The Rev Kev

      Maybe people could convince Kevin McCarthy to have that dam named after himself in his honour. The idea would probably please his ego. And when it was officially done, point out to the guy that unless that dam is fixed and upgraded, that any future disaster would go down in the history books as the ‘Kevin McCarthy dam catastrophe’ and that is the only thing that people will ever associate his name with. It might get him motivated to free up money to have that work done.

        1. Jabura Basaidai

          been seeing some virtue signaling by AOC & Bernie for freeing Leonard Peltier – actually hope it works for Mr Peltier – even a repukelican on board – his imprisonment a travesty from the start and read that his health is failing – hope he gets out –

  13. timbers

    Schumer Confronts Xi on Israel-Hamas Statement in Rare Meeting Bloomberg. Lordie, we are such amateurs.

    Schumer sharing his list of insider trading recommendations on stocks with Xi, would have been a much more diplomatic and friendlier gesture. After they’re fellow bros. Anyways there is buzz an aid package for Israel with include Ukraine as well.

  14. Henry Moon Pie

    Nuking Hezbollah–

    So I caught the first few minutes of Morning Joe to see what the Blob had to say. Ignatius was there, but they doubled up with Jeremy Bash, MSDNC commentator and former CIA Chief of Staff and Obama DoD appointee. Bash said Israel must use “conventional and whatever else means” to defend itself. It’s clearly a threat they’re making, and Lindsey is busy making outrageous threats against Iran.

    It’s one of those times I feel like the American Empire is like an armed and delusional lunatic that the rest of the world must somehow disarm.

    1. Randall Flagg

      Pretty much all you see on talking head tv are the usual pant loads that have no problem sending others in to die. Wish they would walk the walk and head over to Ukraine and Israel themselves.
      We need a clockwork orange type of program to force them to watch all the death and destruction on a continuous loop.
      Not that it’ll help matters, they’re beyond any type of redemption.

      1. Jabura Basaidai

        i’ll volunteer as a lab assistant on that one and put the eye-drops in so they can’t blink –

  15. The Rev Kev

    “EXCLUSIVE: Number of migrants hospitalized after falling from the border wall has skyrocketed 1,000 PERCENT under Joe Biden with over 400 climbers injured in San Diego alone”

    I’ve got a idea. Biden is building Trump’s wall but does not want to admit it. But there is the problem of all those people hurting themselves climbing these fences. So what they could do is to build a metal see-saw with the pivot welded to the top of the fence. It would be more like a metal ladder than a plank so on the Mexican side of the wall, the refugee climbs it and at the top it swings down so that they can then climb down it into the US of A. There would be a heavy metal counterweight at the end in Mexico so when the refugee got off, the see-saw would swing back down into the Mexican side of the wall ready for the next refugee. Sounds like a plan to me.

  16. Alice X

    Julia Conley at Common Dreams – Of course it is not the entire story since 1947 when the colonialist dominated UN deigned to give away more than half of Palestinian land to the Zionists (who were a third of the population & had legal title to 7% of the land) and who then used the resolution as a template to grab at first 71% by military force (but more and more later). It is not the whole story but it is some daylight between that and the hasbara inflicted usual from US media.

    ‘Genuinely Shocked They Aired It’: CNN Interview Cuts Through Pro-Israel Propaganda on Gaza

    Palestinian human rights advocates and historians called an interview broadcast on CNN late Sunday a “must-watch” for anyone seeking the broader context for the violence that erupted over the weekend, as Palestinian politician and advocate Dr. Mustafa Barghouti told anchor Fareed Zakaria that the surprise attack by Hamas followed decades of occupation and apartheid as well as the killings of thousands of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in recent years.

    1. Jabura Basaidai

      my goodness, go back to 1914 when the Brits were carving up the Ottoman empire and the subsequent Balfour Agreement in 1917 that started the initial embers of what is now a full force conflagration – but have to agree it is rare to see an honest discussion of the theft of Palestinian land that created Israel justified by the complicit UN and the apartheid that has been in place for decades – just a huge clusterf#$k – the actions in May 1948 creating Israel is colonialism at its arrogant apex – it ain’t going back to the way it was and Bubby’s refusal to consider the 2002 offer is gasoline on the fire as is the US sending weapons and the inflammatory rhetoric of our swamp creatures and MSM rather than trying to defuse the situation – the world-wide unrest and war is more than just unsettling –

      1. Alice X

        Ah yes, those pesky Brits. They promised Hussein bin Ali Pasha, the Shariff of Mecca, support if he led a revolt against the Turks, which he did (remembering Lawrence of Arabia). But they were also in secret negotiations with the French (Sykes-Picot) to divide up the the Ottoman’s territories. They then doubled back on both with Balfour. Never trust a Brit (or a …, or a …, or a …) .

          1. Alice X

            To borrow a maxim from Chris Hedges: WWI was the crucible upon which the modern world was forged.

            To that I would add: we’re still fighting it.

    2. pjay

      Color me “genuinely shocked” as well. CNN yet. And Fareed Zakaria! I’ll wait for the calls to can him for abetting “anti-Semitism.”

    3. Anon

      I sensed a sea change in the Overton window, from social media, to CNN… I just heard a correspondent on the ground refer to the Golan Heights as “Syrian land, annexed by Israel”. Another, yesterday described Israel’s intentions as to “cleanse” the area of Palestinian fighters… all in all I am hearing perspectives that seem, well, balanced, if not highly critical of Israel, that were not previously permitted. There is far more to all this than meets the eye.

      1. Victor Moses

        You must be living in an alternative reality. AOC has referred to pro- Palestinian crowds in NYC waving flags as displaying antisemitism and hatred. The atmosphere is as bad when they started banning Russian cats and Tolstoy in early 2022.

        1. Anon

          Must just be my silo, but that the experience is not uniform is something. Even so, I see political ignoramuses spouting off facts and misinformation about foreign policy everywhere I look, it’s beautiful 🥲

  17. Wukchumni

    I would have never guessed that the resurrection of Lazarus of Bakersfield was upon us, but the way I see it is a chance to test me, torment me a bit further, see if I will break.

    How else is Congress gonna kick into action and deliver the goods to Israel if they don’t have an electable Speaker other than My Kevin (since ’07)?

    Sequels usually suck, and Kev-while in no way has Gav looks, he comes off well to the lady folks, beats Scalise for the role in calling an audible.

    1. ChrisFromGA

      Wuk, are you getting a bit anxious about the prospect of Zombie-Kev coming back from the dead, just in time for Halloween?

      It would complete the zombification of the entire GOP Congressional leadership – addled Mitch, Zombie-Kev, what a dynamic duo!
      On the other hand, think of all the new material it will inspire.

  18. Jessica

    Seeing the Israeli government’s stated intention to starve Gaza to death, I am hoping that this is at least a bit theater, not all intended.
    In the Ukraine war too, it has been difficult to tell when Europe, in particular, is really willing to shoot itself in the face and when it is posturing in order to avoid admitting its impotence. Yes, they sanctioned Russia fossil fuels, then imported them via India anyway.
    So I am hoping that more humane voices in Israel have some impact.

    1. The Rev Kev

      They also cut off water to the 600,00 people in Gaza so things will get bad pretty quick. Cholera perhaps too.

    2. Feral Finster

      The difference is that, unlike Russia, Israel intends to commit genocide, and unlike Ukraine, has more means to do so.

    3. noonespecial

      Comment on “Seeing the Israeli government’s stated intention to starve Gaza to death…”

      Published at Electronic Intifada:

      Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant announced on Monday that “we are imposing a complete siege on [Gaza]. No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel – everything is closed.”“We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly,” he said of Gaza’s population…Human rights groups continued to report on Palestinian families being obliterated in Israeli strikes on their homes during the day…The Israeli military’s aerial footage showed that it had wiped out an entire neighborhood in Gaza.”

  19. .Tom

    Norman Finkelstein (the preeminent American scholar of the Israel-Palestine conflict) appeared in a long interview on the Jimmy Dore Show live stream yesterday. Craig Jardula did a good job interviewing and they covered history, international law, geopolitics, Israel’s response (to cut off food, water, fuel, electricity and start demolition), and the range of responses from Western politicians and leaders as well as the official statements from Russia and China. The live stream appears to be available broken into chunks available now on Rumble. Idk if it will appear on YouTube also. If you know someone persuadable; might be worth a share.

    1. Alice X

      Thank you for this. I like Finkelstein, I’ve read several of his books, but he does tend to ramble, and that was the case in the one segment I watched. While he doesn’t get to the basic origin of the conflict, one useful bit was the description of Gaza as a concentration camp, which is most apt.

      Palestine has existed for many, many centuries, until 1918 for five or so, as a province of the Ottoman Empire. It had a small Jewish population (8% in 1918) but until the arrival of the Zionists (and the Balfour Declaration of 1917) there was essentially no conflict.

      A Jewish friend of mine puts it thus: Zionism has hijacked the Jewish religion.

      1. Jabura Basaidai

        AX – back in the mid 80’s when i was back in college after leaving in a weed haze in ’68 i thought i wanted to be a PT – one requirement by Allied Health was to volunteer in a PT department of a hospital, which i did – there were a couple of Israeli PT’s there doing Fellowship or something like that and during a chat with them both one day at lunch they expressed their shame at the way the Palestinians were treated…….this was 1986 i think – the disconnect between populace and government evident back then too – what your Jewish friend said is not an outlier by any stretch – and think about here in USA, how many folks, red & blue, want us involved with the crap in Ukraine – the wiki on the Balfour agreement lays it out clearly – AIPAC is certainly complicit too –

      2. .Tom

        We watched most of the live stream yesterday and I thought he was more on point and less rambly (how do you spell that? Rambouillet?) than many recent interviews. He emphasized the more recent history with a lot of focus on 2006 and for Jimmy Dore’s audience I think that was a wise choice.

      3. destiny's parents

        A Jewish friend of mine puts it thus: Zionism has hijacked the Jewish religion.

        Indeed, although I believe it’s more accurate to say that Zionism distills and propagates the darkest parts of the Judaic canon. Israel Shahak’s “Jewish History Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years” is a good primer:

        This NC comment from Sunday includes a link to a download for Shahak’s book as well as a link to an important article on how this has materialized in our world recently. It well summarizes the stream of thought from Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s” to David Wurmser’s “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” to the Kristol-Kagan Project For a New American Century document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century”:

        The PNAC project co-chairs were Donald Kagan and Gary Schmitt and the primary project participants were Eliot Cohen, Robert Kagan, I. Lewis Libby, Abram Shulsky, Daniel Goure, Dov Zakheim and Thomas (now Giselle) Donnelly.

        Rabbi Dov Zakheim, incidentally, was listed as comptroller of the project/organization.

        Evidently, Zakheim did much better at this job than as comptroller of the Pentagon from 2001-2004. Donald Rumsfeld proclaimed on September, 10, 2001 that “we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”

        Interestingly, Zakheim’s Tridata Corporation oversaw the investigation of the first alleged “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.

        Tridata Corporation is a subsidiary of Zakheim’s Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), which provides flight termination system and command transmitter systems – the technology that allows planes to be remote controlled should the pilots be incapacitated or the plane hijacked

        The following link continues the examination of the Zionist plan for the wholesale balkanization of the “Middle East” and includes an interview with the aforementioned Oded Yinon:

  20. Jason Boxman

    LOL, the Times has a 32 minute read on Harris: In Search of Kamala Harris

    I can’t even bring myself to look. But I guess Times readers should familiarize themselves, because she might be president if Biden loses his marbles in the next 6 months. I hope there isn’t a shortage of The Juice for Biden. Gotta keep him ambulatory for another 13 months.

    1. jefemt

      What happens after 13 months? New replacement running-mate? Biden and his A I gizmo keep on ticking, like a Timex?

      The global geopolitical landscape looks like a post- battle 2023 war-zone.

      I am teetering on the fence of a younger few-degrees off of Top-Dead -Center candidate like West, RFK, Jr, Williamson, or write-in Nader. Jill Stein?

      Or voting down-ballot and leaving the throne to the present chosen Cast of Devils as the rest of the True Patriotic Citizens decide.

      It’s all really quite unbelievable.

      1. Pat

        I have always said that I wouldn’t ever vote for Trump. But even though he will lose in my state it will not surprise me if it is one of the blue states that give cover to the states that Dems are trying to convince to kick Trump off the ballot. If he is the Republican nominee and they kick him off the ballot I will write in Trump. Otherwise I have no idea how I will vote, except I cannot imagine any circumstances where I would vote for Biden, Harris or Newsom.

    2. ChrisPacific

      The tag line tells you most of what you need to know. She should be elected because of who she is. Can’t say what she stands for. Doesn’t believe she should have to stand for anything. Considers the question to be insulting. Probably it’s being asked because she’s a woman.

  21. Butch Busselle

    Plastic eating marine superbugs. Sounds great, but I’m remembering how well love bugs have worked out…

  22. The Rev Kev

    “* * *‘Planes have already taken off’: U.S. sends Israel air defense, munitions after Hamas attack”

    At what point will be Zelensky be screaming down a phone that his army is not getting any deliveries of the ammo that they need or any of those promised billions.

    1. mrsyk

      Precisely why the west is family blogged. At some point (maybe now?) the answer is “We don’t have it”. I’m getting the feeling that isolationism is going to be the hot new fad. Sucks to no longer have a manufacturing based society.

    2. Pat

      What I really want to know is what is left in the American stores. Or rather what is left that works in our stores.

      But then considering the billions we have sent Israel over the years to buy American weaponry, one would think they could make it through three days without crying poor about running out. Frankly it looks like it wasn’t only Ukraine skimming off the top. Makes one wonder why Netanyahu didn’t have a retirement in a different country plan.

      1. playon

        I have heard rumors that Israeli arms dealers were some of the people selling black market weapons originally sent to Ukraine, which would not surprise me in the slightest.

    3. Randall Flagg

      Wouldn’t it be great if Mr. Z. had some nasty dirt on Biden and his family, boxing him in by saying, “ send me what I need or it all gets released”.
      Proverbial rock and a hard place, limited arms for Ukraine or Israel. Which way would he go. Or should I ask, whoever is pulling his strings…

      1. Feral Finster

        I am sure that Zelenskii does. He’d be a fool not to.

        I also am sure that Zelenskii is not the only person in Ukraine who is in the know when it comes to such things.

    4. nothing but the truth

      how’s it even legal to sendtaxpayer funded munitions to a country which is deliberately attacking a civilian population.

    1. LifelongLib

      Unintended consequences is an argument that (usually) conservatives use against doing something they already don’t like for other reasons. For that matter, doing nothing also has unintended consequences, so the whole unintended consequences thing is a wash anyway.

  23. Ghost in the Machine

    My sister’s PA sent out this email to her patients regarding a recommendation against the Covid and RSV vaccines.

    Dear Patient,

    I hope you have had a wonderful summer!

    You know when I send you a communication that I have some important information about your health that I would like to share with you.

    First, please come in for your flu shot since we now have those available for this flu season. If you call on your way in, we will have your dose ready and waiting for you! Family members are welcome, too.

    Second, here are my recommendations on the two new vaccines that many of you may have questions about. I hope to inform you without causing confusion, so here goes.

    I do not recommend the Covid-19 XBB booster for most patients.

    The Covid shots have been shown to only prevent Covid-19 infection transiently (2 weeks – 4 months at most) and the current circulating strains of Covid-19 rarely cause serious infection.
    There have been no randomized controlled trials evaluating clinical outcomes of any booster since the first one was recommended 2 years ago (this is the 4th recommended booster). We need these studies to deliver informed consent about the benefits and risks to our patients in our current environment. Unfortunately, those studies completed in 2020 have little contemporaneous bearing on the Fall of 2023. Without empirical evidence, I can only use my clinical context and observational data to make updated recommendations.

    For those who have had Covid-19 and recovered without incident (most of my patients), there is very little risk of developing severe infection later. This has been supported in multiple studies. This group does not need boosting.
    For those who have never had Covid-19 (very few patients) and are healthy, they most likely do not need boosting.
    For those who have serious comorbidities, an argument could be made for the injection, but this does not apply to most of my patients. Please call me if you would like further clarification regarding your specific case.

    Safety concerns – It is important to consider that vaccines are given to patients as a preventative and not as a treatment. For this reason, vaccines must be extremely safe. Otherwise, when a vaccination causes an adverse reaction, we have precipitated a morbidity that was not there before the time of the vaccine administration and so was directly caused by our intervention. It is important that these outcomes be exceedingly rare and must be justified by proven significant benefit. While there are several safety signals that have been reported in the Covid-19 shots, I will comment on one proven adverse effect to illustrate my worry over having my patients get a shot that does not have empirically proven benefits in the Fall of 2023 landscape. The following link connects directly to the CDC’s report on post-vaccine myocarditis, which has affected young men disproportionately, but has also been reported in every age group.

    I do not recommend the RSV shot, Arexvy, for the following reasons:

    While I do see Respiratory Syncytial Virus, a common respiratory virus, it rarely leads to hospitalization in adults.
    Even if one sets aside the relatively low risk to adults, the GlaxoSmithKline study was only 6.7 months long, so long term protection is not investigated. The study does not show prevention or transmission of RSV, but rather shows it decreases symptoms of lower respiratory tract disease (LRTD). Pay attention below to the small numbers (underlined) of those affected in both study groups. In other words, the percentages shown in large print (circled) appear more impressive than the raw numbers. This is a common trick used in study conclusions.

    A screenshot of a medical reportDescription automatically generated

    Finally, and most importantly, there are some safety signals that I am concerned with involving Arexvy. The following is directly from the FDA report:

    Among a subset of these clinical trial participants, the most commonly reported side effects by individuals who received Arexvy were injection site pain, fatigue, muscle pain, headache and joint stiffness/pain. Among all clinical trial participants, atrial fibrillation within 30 days of vaccination was reported in 10 participants who received Arexvy and 4 participants who received placebo.

    In two other studies, approximately 2,500 participants 60 years of age and older received Arexvy. In one of these studies, in which some participants received Arexvy concomitantly with an FDA-approved influenza vaccine, two participants developed acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a rare type of inflammation that affects the brain and spinal cord, seven and 22 days, respectively, after receiving Arexvy and the influenza vaccine. One of the participants who developed ADEM died. In the other study, one participant developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis) nine days after receiving Arexvy.

    ADEM and Guillain Barre are side effects that are commonly associated with vaccination historically. While we cannot prove causation, these are rare conditions and none of the placebo patients developed these conditions, so it is cause for concern. I would prefer a more robust and longer-term study to verify that this vaccine delivers more benefit than harm before I endorse it.

    The full FDA report may be seen here:

    Frankly, I do not agree with the FDA that the minor benefit outlined in this 6-month study justifies its risks for relatively healthy, even older or comorbid, patients. If you do decide to get this vaccine, please do not get it within 1 month of your flu shot.

    As always, these are my recommendations, but you are always free to make your own decision based on what feels best for you. I am here and committed, as always, to do my best to keep you safe and healthy. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

    Your dedicated advocate,


      1. playon

        All too uncommon these days.

        I went to a two-hour class at the local hospital today to prepare for my wife’s upcoming hip replacement. Nobody other than my wife and I and one physical therapist were wearing masks, including the nurse who was giving the main part of the presentation. This same nurse actually said something along the lines of “now that the pandemic has passed”. Most people in health care have been brainwashed to believe “it’s over”.

  24. Mikel

    “Worst Bond Collapse in 150 Years Caused by Unintended Consequences” Bloomberg

    “What, Locke asked, would be the unintended consequences of a law to force down interest rates?”

    3. It will mightily increase the advantage of bankers and scriveners, and other such expert brokers …

    Maybe enough to make one re-evaluate using the term “unintended consequences”?

    1. flora

      My disagreement with Vivek’s comments is they all sound aimed toward a greater militarization of US society and reduction of civil rights in the name of a creating bio-security state “to make us safe.” Though, many of his comments have a good point as stand alones. / my 2 cents.

      1. notabanker

        I turned it off about 20 minutes in. Vivek’s position on “it’s an intelligence failure” is a call for more domestic surveillance no matter how you slice it. And he politicized the core of the problem bringing up Armenia instead of calling out Israel for failed and barbaric Palestinian policies. It all makes for great sound bites, but the policy is fundamentally flawed at best, or dressed up to be something it really isn’t at worst. Sure, it’s a far more reasonable position than Haley’s, but I’m sure we could interview a classroom full of 3rd graders and find more than a few of those.

        1. lyman alpha blob

          Vivek is a hawk. Only reason he’s against sending weapons to Ukraine is because he wants to save them to bomb the hell out of China. Armchair generals everywhere you look these days.

          1. Jabura Basaidai

            at around 7 minutes it got to be too much with the “$6billion to Iran funding Hamas” – HUH? – isn’t that a straw man? – no proof – he seemed to be stacking accusations, non sequitur, hasty generalizations, reversing the burden of proof, false dichotomy – oh yeah he is jumping on the hawk bandwagon for sure – was surprised Niki’s head didn’t spin ala exorcist – difficult to say the dems any different – everyone’s hair is on fire for Israel – sometimes Tucker is on the money other times he slips back into Fox mode, this is one of them – nothing about the atrocities, abuses and assassinations of Palestinians – Lindsey is nothing more than a pool hall hustler (excuse the ad hominen please) – oh well, another day in the swamp – and here we are –

  25. Wukchumni

    Giant Solar Storm 14,000 Years Ago Leaves The Carrington Event in The Dust ScienceAlert

    a Black Swan, really a Dark Swan is bound to hit us and if we’re lucky it’ll be after the age of electricity and a moot point to the populace on this good Earth as it was in days past, but if not…

    The die-off would be so quick, dazed survivors more worried with living than restoring power, the fastest conveyances having exactly 1 horsepower again.

    Money having gone digital would all be lost… c’est la flare

    1. John

      In an event like you describe, it wouldn’t matter at all if money were digital, paper, or metal based.

      1. Jabura Basaidai

        personally keep about 6 months bare minimum of food stocks and what has been canned from the garden to at least get to the next growing season – always rotating consumption – have personal relationship with all the CSA’s close by – wood stacked and split and a wood burner stove in the walk-out basement – refrigeration is a challenge without electricity – at least a big CME ain’t like a comet striking earth –

            1. The Rev Kev

              Hopefully it will never come to that but just in case, I have now downloaded a copy of that page so that I know how it can be done.

              1. Jabura Basaidai

                did the same and may try constructing one that can be broken down easily – the DNR(DepNatRes) here is michigan rents rustic cabins which i take advantage of and that device would come in handy – would also like to see it work – thanks again – much appreciated if you see this post –

                1. The Rev Kev

                  Just did, Jabura. You should be right in Michigan as this device was designed for use in Coolgardie in Western Australia. Temperature wise, think of Arizona in high summer. Hope it works for you.

    2. ambrit

      As the astrogator said after the spaceship she was piloting struck an asteroid; “C’est la delta vie.”

  26. Wukchumni

    I pass by this gleaming B-17 situated just off of Highway 99 a few dozen times a year, and it has an interesting back story…

    IN AUGUST OF 1958, THE proud B-17 bomber known as Preston’s Pride was flown into Mefford Field outside of Tulare signaling the end of her flying career. She now sits across the street from airfield as a memorial to the residents of Tulare County who served in World War II.

    This particular plane was produced at the end of World War II and following the war served as a control plane for drones used during the atomic tests at the Bikini Atoll in the mid-1940s. She was reassigned to work as a drone controller stateside and continued this task until retired in 1958 at which time General Maurice A. Preston, a Tulare resident and former commander of the 379th Bomb Group brought her to her current home.

    But how do you observe a nuclear test when the blast and radiation are so hazardous to humans? You use drones.

    The newsreel mentioned above cut to a shot of a single-engine fighter aircraft flying through the radioactive mushroom cloud, but it was no ordinary aircraft. It was a pilotless plane, and it wasn’t the only one deployed during the tests.

    Off camera were a fleet of pilotless Grumman Hellcats and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses. These warplanes, fresh off the production line at the end of World War Two, had been “droned” by the addition of a set of radio-controlled instruments, and, certainly in the B-17s, television cameras as well, to allow a pilot to fly the plane from a “control” aircraft nearby or a truck on the ground.

    Bombs and guns were replaced by instruments such as air scoops and collection bags, filter boxes, Geiger counters, radio controlled cameras, telemeters and electronic recording instruments, to measure the radioactivity in the mushroom cloud and the effect of the blast on the plane itself.

  27. Mikel

    “The war has started” The Cradle

    Many suddenly know alot about the thing nobody was supposed to have expected.

  28. nothing but the truth

    american taxpayer paid munitions being used to target civilians…

    not a squeak about human rights by the MSM.

    1. undercurrent

      That might reflect the general consensus that, to the American media, the Palestinians aren’t human beings. The MSM has never treated them with the kind of respect, and honest coverage, they naturally merit, so it’s hardly surprising that they have no rights, and don’t deserve any rights going forward. The talking heads just wish that the Palestinians would just go away, already, and just die like a dog, like Kafka’s Joseph K.

      I just noticed the irony of that last sentence.

  29. lyman alpha blob

    A small bright spot in the current Israel/Palestine conflict – 33 Harvard student groups sign a letter blaming Israel for the current violence:

    This seems to have really angered one Larry Summers who called the statement “sickening”. If you were wondering whether this is the same Larry Summers who advocated for dumping Western toxic waste on 3rd world countries because capitalism, who suggested that women weren’t succeeding in the sciences because they weren’t smart enough, and who used his own mathematical and economic acumen to squander a few billion of Harvard’s endowment, why, yes, yes it is!

    If they’ve managed to upset this crooked [family blog]er, well then the kids are alright!

    1. Jabura Basaidai

      HELL YES! Summers is a piece of excrement and a thief for even breathing and stealing air –

    2. The Rev Kev

      Whenever you find yourself in opposition to Larry Summers and Ted Cruz, you know you are on the right track.

  30. Maxwell Johnston

    The Hamas attack is spawning all manner of conspiracy theories, among which are:

    1. Netanyahu organized it (or at least allowed it to happen), to rally domestic support and to justify an eventual attack on Iran

    2. The CIA/Pentagon organized it (or at least allowed it to happen), in order to deflect attention away from the failure of Project Ukraine and to justify diverting arms shipments away from Ukraine to Israel

    3. Iran organized it, in order to hurt Israel and scupper any rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world, and because Iran generally senses Israeli weakness and thinks the time is right to attack

    and my favorite so far (…roll of the drums…)

    4. Putin organized it, in order to punish Israel for having shipped weapons to Ukraine and to divert attention away from his war in Ukraine (plus this happened on 7 October, which was Putin’s birthday, so case closed, nyet?). An example of number 4 is this article:

    A subset of number 4 is the notion that, assuming Ukraine-bound weapons ended up in the hands of Hamas, it was actually the devious Russians who delivered them, as the brave Ukrainians would never commit such a deed:

    The simple explanation that Hamas itself (with the support of its embittered citizenry) patiently planned this, and then struck early in the morning on a holiday weekend against an over-confident opponent, doesn’t seem to resonate.

    1. Jabura Basaidai

      #1 & 2 as far as allowing it to happen doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me to be dismissed out of hand as a CT – why does Egypt say they warned something was cooking and ignored? – but Occam’s Razor does lean into the last one of an over-confident Israel –

    2. Willow

      Could simply be an example of Schelling’s Focal Point (game) Theory. Outcome is the default solution for both sides (in absence of communications).

      Although, I think Netanyahu’s government was caught off guard by the magnitude of Hamas’ response. They were happy to leave the gate open for a few horses to get through when instead Hamas delivered a stampede.

    3. brentano's stall literature

      It’s not an either/or. The point that I see being made is that at minimum Israel in recent years has encouraged funding for Hamas. Netanyahu is directly quoted in the Israeli press having said as much. In March 2019 Netanyahu advised fellow Likud Knesset members:

      “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

      The Haaretz article is otherwise an apologia for recent past Israeli atrocities. War criminal Olmert is made out to be a decent guy. Par for the course. Just as in the US, Bush or Trump are war criminals but Obama and Clinton are not. Or vice versa.

      The funding hasn’t only been coming from the recent Netanyahu government.

      Hamas was originally created by Mossad in order to weaken and divide the PLO. But this obviously doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve actively controlled Hamas for the entire period of its existence to date.

      That Mossad created Hamas has been reported before:

      “Brig. Gen. Yitzhak Segev, who was the Israeli military governor in Gaza in the early 1980s. Segev later told a New York Times reporter that he had helped finance the Palestinian Islamist movement as a “counterweight” to the secularists and leftists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Fatah party, led by Yasser Arafat (who himself referred to Hamas as ‘a creature of Israel.’).”

      General Segev himself even admits to funding Hamas himself with Israeli taxpayers money that was later used to kill the same people who were funding them.”

      Again, this doesn’t necessarily imply that the entirety of “Hamas” is controlled and directed by Israel.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        Your statement about Hamas goes beyond available evidence. The US funded the Banderites after World War II to weaken Russia. We kept them alive. Scott Ritter has discussed this extensively. I don’t think anyone would apply your formula “this doesn’t necessarily imply the entirety of “the Ukraine neo-Nazis” are controlled and directed by the US.” Hamas leaders are in Qatar and enjoy the tacit support of its government. Thomas Fazi has a piece on this topic which is more carefully reasoned and has more facts too.

        The shorter version is that Hamas came out of the Muslim Brotherhood. The fact that some Israeli interests may have supported it to cause mischief in the Palestinian leadership no more confers control than does Democrats funding Trump on the theory that he can’t win in 2024 and will div9de Republicans.

  31. JB

    The assault on free speech in Europe continues (no independent article yet):
    “EU warns Elon Musk over ‘disinformation’ about Hamas attack on X”

    To a comical degree in the UK:
    “Waving Palestinian flag may be a criminal offence, Braverman tells police”

    Probably because we’re starting to see the predictable images of dead children buried under rubble, beginning to appear from Gaza – something that we see lots of every time this happens – and which every time gets censored from news media, and now increasingly from social media.

  32. Willow

    Watching Türkiye’s behaviour will be critical for understanding how far the Israel/Palestine conflict will go. Relations between US and Türkiye have been progressively getting worse. US shooting down Türkiye’s drone and then Türkiye retaliating by bombing ‘US oil fields’ in Syria suggests Türkiye is now actively moving away from the West/NATO camp. Consequences will be huge.

    1. Victor Moses

      You mean the guy who got kicked out of Mali, Burkina Faso and now Niger. If the comment is true, talk about still unabated delusions of grandeur.

    1. caucus99percenter

      ♫ Turn back, O Man, forswear thy foolish ways…

      It’s a moral race to the bottom now, for sure.

      When the historical dust clears on this, I wonder if Germans aren’t gonna be able to look at both sides and think, “Krass. Even our ancestors’ 1933-1945 barbarism looks relatively civilized compared to this. Didn’t even need a crazy Führer at the top to organize it either. As if possessed by demons, almost every ordinary man, woman, non-binary, and child started howling for blood, committing atrocities, and boasting about it on the Internet.”

      1. JBird4049

        Not really. The Nazis had a lot of near spontaneous help from the Poles, Ukrainians, and people of the Baltic states in finding and exterminating their Jewish neighbors. Then there were the volunteers at the various work and death camps. Death at a distance allows people to separate emotionally from the evil of the act.

        Of course, much of it was not hatred, but the lust for the victims’ wealth in land, businesses, art, even the farms of the poorest. A vast amount of wealth was stolen.

        And some of the Germans in those einsatzgruppen did drink themselves to death from all the free booze, which was one of the reasons for places like Buchenwald. It was bad for German health and morale to individually murder men, women, and children for hours at a time. However, doing it on an industrial scale was less damaging to the Wehrmacht’s health.

  33. Gulag

    Just to give an alternative view on what to do about Hamas actions and the actions of its associates.

    This is from Israeli political commentator Caroline Click, contributing editor at Jewish News Syndicate, who served as assistant foreign policy advisor to Netanyahu in 1997-1998.
    This interview appeared on Oct. 10, 2023 in The Scroll, edited by Jacob Siegel and Sean Cooper

    “In order to protect our standing in the region or rebuild it after the low depths to which we’ve fallen, we cannot come away with half measures. We need a victory in this war, as I see it, that will…at least equal what we had in 67, if not dwarf it. To achieve this kind of victory, we need to take out Iran’s entire system. We need to take out Hamas not only in Gaza but also in Judea and Samaria, which is the Palestinian Authority. What we need to do is we need to take serious action to devastate Hezbollah and its war-fighting capabilities in Lebanon. We need to undermine the stability of the Iranian regime and taking out its ability to transform the nuclear capabilities that it now fields into a nuclear arsenal.”

    “These are things that Israel needs to do. And I don’t even think that there’s a question that we can get away with less. And my fear from the American embrace is that they’re here to prevent that from happening. Because the way that the Americans have behaved toward us to date is as a colony, telling us how we’re supposed to organize our government, giving us grades for everything we do–every stupid silly, ridiculous little piddling that the government does, it gets a response and a grade from the Biden administration.”

    “Look, Netanyahu is a dead man walking at this point. If he is to survive in politics, if that’s what important to him, or even if it’s not important to him and he sees this as his swan song–however he looks at it, he has to lead us to the victory that I described. And I don’t need to tell him that. I trust that he has the strategic judgment to understand this.”

    1. skippy

      Gotta love the jaw boning of those that breached the original contract from almost day one and relentlessly expanded it for decades and now cry fowl. An agenda that breaches so many old and present international contracts and norm for the espoused Liberal world agenda.

      Barffff ~~~ and they paint themselves as the good people on the planet … retch ~~~~

  34. caucus99percenter

    Four voices in the cacophony, for what they’re worth:

    Israel National News, the media voice of the settler movement.

    Jewish Insider, for and about the eponymous demographic in the U.S.

    Al Manar from Lebanon, Hezbollah’s news agency.

    Press TV, Iran’s English language news service.

    Time-consuming and mostly noise, I know. Yet it’s still good to see, a bit closer to firsthand, who is saying what — not just what an opposing source claims they said…

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