Links 4/7/2024

How Rats Took Over North America Scientfic American. Gearing?

I’m driving 6 hours through New York’s Adirondacks to see the 2024 total solar eclipse from Potsdam. Here’s why.

The Solar Eclipse Record from Santa Elena Poco Uinic Maya Decipherment


Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere Scientific American

California emits more of this little-known greenhouse gas than all other US states combined The Hill. Sulfuryl fluoride.

The Carbon Divide: The Material Basis of Polarisation Green European Journal

The Ecological Crisis of Capitalism and Human Survival Monthly Review

Why the death of the honeybee was greatly exaggerated VOX


Whooping cough’s back — and it’s Covid’s fault Politico. Not immune dysregulation but “vaccine hesitancy.”


US, China need ‘tough’ conversations, Yellen tells Chinese Premier Li Channel News Asia. The deck: “The US Treasury Secretary has made the threat of China’s excess production of electric vehicles and other clean energy products a focus of her second visit to China in nine months.” Excess with respect to what? Thread:

More on “overcapacity”:

US and China agree to start new talks on ‘balanced’ economic growth France24

Yellen warns China of ‘significant consequences’ if its companies support Russia’s war in Ukraine FT

Aukus weighs expanding security pact to deter China in Indo-Pacific FT

China’s maternity services put on notice as the country faces an ‘obstetrics winter’ South China Morning Post


Myanmar military loses border town in another big defeat BBC


Pelosi joins US Democrats call for Biden to halt arms transfer to Israel Al Jazeera

House Armed Services ranking member: Israel’s strategy is ‘not working to their advantage’ Politico

* * *

US braces for possible retaliatory attack from Iran: Report. Commentary:

AIPAC to US: “Let’s you and him fight.”

Elon Musk’s X pushed a fake headline about Iran attacking Israel. X’s AI chatbot Grok made it up. Mashable

* * *

200,000 worshippers perform Tarawih prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque despite Israeli restrictions Anadolu Agency

Concerns UK’s UNRWA defunding decision based on ‘claims made through torture’ The New Arab

Tracking The Urbicide in Gaza ArcGis. Interactive map.

Class destroyed: The rise and ruin of Gaza’s revered universities (photo essay) NBC (Furzy Mouse).

Dear Old Blighty

‘Brilliant’ professor and father-of-two died aged just 43 after doctors botched treatment for a rare condition on which he was a national expert, his GP widow tells inquest Daily Mail

New Not-So-Cold-War

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine’s top general says Russian forces carrying out offensive operations day and night – as it happened Guardian

Military briefing: Russian ‘glide bombs’ pound Ukrainian troops and towns FT

OPINION: The Unseen Crisis: Russian Soldiers’ Desperation on Ukrainian Front Lines Kyiv Post

* * *

Edward Luttwak: Time to Send NATO Troops Simplicius the Thinker(s)

NATO Wants to Show Support for Ukraine, but Only So Much NYT

* * *

Zelenskyy aims to convene Peace Summit with up to 100 countries participating Ukrainska Pravda

Russia presses for answers from West over Nord Stream blasts Reuters

Peter Pellegrini: Russia-friendly populist elected Slovak president BBC

South of the Border

Storming of Mexican embassy in Quito ‘an invasion’, Ecuador’s ex-president Correa tells FRANCE 24 France24. Commentary:

O Canada

Leaked documents show Alberta to dismantle health provider, may sell off care homes CYV News. Meanwhile in Edmonton’s Winspear Centre concert hall:


Trump campaign raises more than $50 million at Florida fundraiser: ‘historic’ haul FOX. Let’s wait for real numbers.

Donald Trump’s Insatiable Bloodlust MoDo, NYT (Furzy Mouse).

Baltimore bridge salvage: ‘This is a game of Jenga you don’t want to lose’ BBC

Noisy Law: Scaling Without A Modulus (PDF) Cass Sunstein, SSRN

B-a-a-d Banks

A bank failure shattered trust in this Kansas town. Only honest talk will heal it. Kansas Reflector

Digital Watch

Tough luck, bosses, AI is coming for your job, too The Register. I’ve never understood why this use case wasn’t top of mind…

* * *

What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world Ars Technica. From last week, still a good roundup.

Everything I Know About the XZ Backdoor Evan Boehs

What can be done to protect open source devs from next xz backdoor drama? The Register

Groves of Academe

The US is experiencing a boom in microschools. What are they? The Hill. Presumably easier to ventilate. But also yet another assault on public education (and the very notion of a “public”).

Zeitgeist Watch

Disney Day Drinkers Club (Yes, That Exists) Feuds With Epcot Over Trashy Mascot WSJ. From January, but how could I have missed this?

How Raw Milk Went from a Whole Foods Staple to a Conservative Signal Politico

Imperial Collapse Watch

Liberal Blindspots Phenomemal World

Class Warfare

What’s Wrong With the Economy? It’s You, Not the Data WSJ

Nail technicians join forces to raise prices BBC

A store owner caught well-dressed women shoplifting—then posted the videos to TikTok The San Francisco Standard

The Reckoning: From the Second Slavery to Abolition, 1776-1888 – book review Counterfire

The New Science on What Ultra-Processed Food Does to Your Brain WSJ

Evidence, rationality, and ignorance: Agnotological issues in COVID-19 science Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical. From 2020, still germane.

Antidote du jour (Henry D):


Henry D writes:

This is Ophelia. As a puppy she was rescued from a rescuer after she apparently destroyed a nice rug and sofa from inside her crate one afternoon and they gave up. To say she was hyperactive, high anxiety would be putting it mildly. I found that if I ran her ~ 10 miles daily she would calm down enough to be around others, though she still remained terrified of loud noises. In Atlanta we would get summer thunderstorms rolling through in the afternoon. She would panic jumping the fence to seek shelter and I would often get calls such as she was in an unknown neighbor’s car and they couldn’t get her out or hiding in a store such as Kroger a few miles from my home. Fortunately, she was not aggressive at all, but no one with any sense was going to pull on a frightened German Shepherd. One afternoon she was at my girlfriend’s house during a thunderstorm and jumped the 6 ft fence, somehow got on the other side of I-285 and on the way back managed to cross 4 lanes of rush hour traffic, but got trapped against the median and subsequently hit by a car. An amazing Vet tech saw her, pulled over in the rain in rush hour traffic and rescued her. Anyone who has driven I – 285 in Atlanta during rush hour knows what a crazy heroic act this was. She had lost her tags by this point so it took a week to track her down, by which point they had done surgery to repair the damage and wouldn’t allow us to pay because we hadn’t had a chance to approve it. After that I got permission to bring her to work teaching with me and she grew into an amazing dog. Her life “ended” when my neighbor, a police officer, was practicing shooting and she panicked, got out of the fence and headed to friends house down the road. Apparently at the same time a cougar and her cub were also spotted crossing my neighbors yard and she was never seen again. Mysteriously 6 months later a white German Shepherd was found in the woods several miles from my home. It turns out she was less than a year old, but had been surviving on her own in the woods and at that point looked and acted very much like my lost 14 yr old dog. Because she was so straggly and misbehaved they weren’t able to find anyone to adopt her so the saga began anew.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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About Lambert Strether

Readers, I have had a correspondent characterize my views as realistic cynical. Let me briefly explain them. I believe in universal programs that provide concrete material benefits, especially to the working class. Medicare for All is the prime example, but tuition-free college and a Post Office Bank also fall under this heading. So do a Jobs Guarantee and a Debt Jubilee. Clearly, neither liberal Democrats nor conservative Republicans can deliver on such programs, because the two are different flavors of neoliberalism (“Because markets”). I don’t much care about the “ism” that delivers the benefits, although whichever one does have to put common humanity first, as opposed to markets. Could be a second FDR saving capitalism, democratic socialism leashing and collaring it, or communism razing it. I don’t much care, as long as the benefits are delivered. To me, the key issue — and this is why Medicare for All is always first with me — is the tens of thousands of excess “deaths from despair,” as described by the Case-Deaton study, and other recent studies. That enormous body count makes Medicare for All, at the very least, a moral and strategic imperative. And that level of suffering and organic damage makes the concerns of identity politics — even the worthy fight to help the refugees Bush, Obama, and Clinton’s wars created — bright shiny objects by comparison. Hence my frustration with the news flow — currently in my view the swirling intersection of two, separate Shock Doctrine campaigns, one by the Administration, and the other by out-of-power liberals and their allies in the State and in the press — a news flow that constantly forces me to focus on matters that I regard as of secondary importance to the excess deaths. What kind of political economy is it that halts or even reverses the increases in life expectancy that civilized societies have achieved? I am also very hopeful that the continuing destruction of both party establishments will open the space for voices supporting programs similar to those I have listed; let’s call such voices “the left.” Volatility creates opportunity, especially if the Democrat establishment, which puts markets first and opposes all such programs, isn’t allowed to get back into the saddle. Eyes on the prize! I love the tactical level, and secretly love even the horse race, since I’ve been blogging about it daily for fourteen years, but everything I write has this perspective at the back of it.


  1. Antifa

    The Letter

    (melody borrowed from The Letter  by The Box Tops)

    At last here’s the turning of the weather vane
    Sanctions and boycotts in the fast lane
    No more free Shalom justice like a poem
    England’s lawyers have published A Letter

    The slaughter in Gaza simply has to end
    Israel’s gonna lose their every friend
    Lawyers made it known we don’t stand alone
    England’s lawyers have published A Letter

    They have written A Letter
    Saying Britain can’t be part of Israel’s war
    The whole world will answer we must cut out this cancer
    We can’t do this no more
    Straightaway, yes!

    Israel isn’t England’s suzerain
    What they do to Gaza is so insane
    No more throwing stones reap as you have sown
    England’s lawyers have published A Letter

    They have written A Letter
    Many thousands more will now sign it for sure
    When the lawyers turn back every honest man jack
    Knows we’re shutting the door
    Walk away, yes!

    At last here’s the turning of the weather vane
    Sanctions and boycotts in the fast lane
    No more free Shalom justice like a poem
    England’s lawyers have published A Letter

    England’s lawyers have published A Letter

    1. ChrisFromGA

      Up next for Israel: triple-secret probation. Also, Biden is working on a slightly more disapproving tone.

      Nice work, as usual.

          1. Lena

            The only four letter words Biden says to Bibi are “Will” “Send” “More” “Arms”.

  2. The Rev Kev

    “Zelenskyy aims to convene Peace Summit with up to 100 countries participating”

    Say, does anybody remember the time that Imperial Germany organized a peace conference in Switzerland back in late 1918 and sent out invitations to a hundred countries to attend – but did not send any invites to the Allied Powers? Good times.

    Just in passing, is there any way that you can short Zelensky on the stock market by the way? Is Las Vegas taking any bets here?

    1. Wukchumni

      Just in passing, is there any way that you can short Zelensky on the stock market by the way? Is Las Vegas taking any bets here?

      FanGhoul is what you want, and current odds are Zellensky +340 to be in power for the next year. Conversely the other side of the line is +115

      Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets!

      1. ChrisFromGA

        FanGhoul … nice!

        We also need odds on Macron and the number of dead Frenchies if he sends in his tripwire bait.

        Over/under 1000.

        1. Wukchumni

          Pompadours didn’t count back in the day of Pompidou, but now they do.

          Does Macron’s hair-do get a little tustled?

      2. Objective Ace

        Something is off. Based on your odds you’d be gauranteed to win money if you put down the same amount on both sides

    2. Benny Profane

      Lately I think it’s best to think of Zelensky’s “announcements” happening just after he comes up from the mirror with the straw still in his hand, and his PR people saying, Yeah!, as they feel that sensation in the back of the throat.

  3. Ben Panga

    Joint World Bank, UN Report Assesses Damage to Gaza’s Infrastructure


    “Over a million people are without homes and 75% of the population is displaced”

    “With 84% of health facilities damaged or destroyed”

    “The water and sanitation system has nearly collapsed, delivering less than 5% of its previous output”

    “92% of primary roads destroyed or damaged and the communications infrastructure seriously impaired, the delivery of basic humanitarian aid to people has become very difficult”

    1. Louis Fyne

      If it is a genocide, but no one at the newspapers of record call it a genocide, is it a genocide?

      Give everyone at the NYT and elite uni administrators a “Profile in Courage” award!

      1. Alan Roxdale

        It is a genocide and when newspaper editors try to cover that up they become an accessory after the fact. Agreements beforehand to cover up facts make them co-conspirators.

        The present political class has shown itself to be quite open to killing, starving, or displacing millions of people in broad daylight. It would do us all a lot of good to see a few thousand newspaper editors, politicians, civil servants and lobbyists at least tried for their part in all this. The consequences of not doing so will embolden the next generation of technocrats to even greater heights of depravity, probably against their domestic populations.

        1. Ben Panga

          Wasn’t it ever thus?

          No real media pushback came against the Iraq sanctions in the 90s, despite Madeleine Albright’s infamous line about half a million dead being a price worth paying.

          There was some pushback against the 2003 Iraq war (in the UK at least) but only after it became clear how much citizens were against it. The lies and pro-war propaganda at the time were very clear and were only called out by tiny groups like Media Lens. Even the liberal press faithfully regurgitated bs about Niger yellowcake, 45 minutes etc which were unbelievable with even cursory investigation

          Raqqah, Libya, the list continues. And of course the earlier unacknowledged Anglo crimes were numerous.

          All that’s different now is that more citizens see the destruction on social media, and Israel/Palestine is high profile. The majority of the media doesn’t seem much changed, although formerly war-queasy organisations like the Guardian have become more bloodthirsty. If the genocide in Palestine was happening somewhere less well known it would pass unnoticed.

          And even citizen outrage is selective. I spent years watching friends eyes glaze over when I told them that British weapons were being used by a British ally (Saudi) to commit horrible crimes including forced famine in Yemen.

          The legacy media’s function is to support the Empire. It has been doing this since it began.

          It was always in broad daylight, just this time more people have noticed.

          1. juno mas

            Yes. So much for that exceptional “Shining City on the Hill”. This is beyond embarrassing—it is Shameful.

        2. steppenwolf fetchit

          They showed that about themselves when they stealth-okayed the Interahamwe Holocaust of the Tutsis in Rwanda.

          And when they passively-accepted the ethnic cleansicide of the Rohingyas from out of Burma.

          And when they are carefully looking-away-from the ongoing resumption of genocide against Darfurians by the RDF and its Janjaweed Militias in West Darfur today.

          ” And so it goes” . . . as Kurt Vonnegut used to say.

      1. JohnA

        Temporarily unlivable. Then full of prime beachfront real estate, for selected buyers only.

        1. Lena

          Extensive landscaping will be required for the prime beachfront properties lest selected buyers be disturbed in any way following their move-in dates.

          From “The Dunes” by Shane MacGowan:

          The mounds they built upon the shore
          They seemed to point to heaven
          They seemed to point to heaven
          The wind and the rain, they worked their way
          The dunes they are all uneven
          The children kicked the sand around
          And the bones they were revealed then
          And the bones they were revealed then

        2. Milton

          Around 15 years ago, I was affiliated with the Surfing4Peace group that brought surfboards, wetsuits, and instructors to Gaza to bring the people there much needed stoke. Kelly Slater was a major contributor to the effort. It pains me to witness the obvious forced Gaza displacement from what the financial class deems to be prime real estate by the Israelis. Below is a link to the Gazan surf club in “better” times.

        3. Feral Finster

          Then we’ll be hearing pious statements about how the residents voluntarily chose to leave, which means that Gaza belongs to Israel.

        4. cosmiccretin

          “Selected” in strict accordance with the Israeli state’s ethnically-determined criteria.

  4. nycTerrierist

    Henry D – these are gorgeous pics of your Ophelia, a wild spirit!
    and how beautiful she sent her successor, Ophelia II
    i love this saga
    good vibes to you and your pack

    1. Pat


      Best of luck and lots of love to Ophelia2. Your guardian angel apparently looks a lot like you and knew exactly who you needed and who needed you, sweet girl.

    2. Mikex

      I have to pipe in too- great pictures Henry, and what a story. Pretty remarkable chain of events. And a shout out to that vet tech as well! So many of them that I have met are completely devoted to their work, never fails to impress me.

    3. Jabura Basaidai

      Henry D what a wonderful story – been a dog person since a kid – you are a wonderful person as well as those that helped with her – btw, i also like cats too –

    4. Jason Boxman

      Mine didn’t survive a car strike; well, did, but your life quality isn’t great with a broken spine.

    5. Henry D

      Thank you for the kind words.
      Sorry for the late response ,which likely no one will see, but I was helping with the Agrarian Sharing Network’s Propagation festival. Working to get anyone who wants a fruit tree in their yard for less than $10 and I just made it home. We’ll be in Eugene Oregon next Saturday stop by if you’re in the area there’s still nearly 100 varieties to choose from.

  5. mrsyk

    Pelosi joins US Democrats call for Biden to halt arms transfer to Israel , Crank up the mighty Wurlitzer. Color me skeptical concerning team blue’s newly discovered conscience. Note the call for an “investigation”.

    1. Pat

      Investigation, huh. There’s a big surprise.
      They must be so angry with Israel right now. Not about the genocide, Israel treating the Palestinians like so much garbage is SOP, but the continued choices that play massively badly on social media that hurts them where they live now.

                1. ambrit

                  Ouch! Elon as the ‘gatekeeper’ is the ultimate “eu-fame-ism.” Consider it an ellipsis and connect the dots.
                  “I am but the lowly porter at the fane of notoriety.”
                  Speaking of fanes; is entering the Temple a Twelve Step Process?
                  Sounds like an Intervention is coming soon.

    2. lyman alpha blob

      I doubt they will stop sending arms – they’ll just launder them through a third party. The spice must flow!

    3. Nikkikat

      Had a good laugh over that one too. All Pelosi cares about is donor money and her stock
      Portfolio. There isn’t a moral bone in her evil body.

    4. timbers

      At some point, you’d think it might occur to people like Pelosi that if Israel treats her neighbors like she does those in Gaza, Syria, Iran, Lebanon…how might a greater and closer Israel treat the United States or any other nation should she no longer need us? How would Israel treat Americans should Israel one day be sharing our border?

      1. Alan Roxdale

        How would Israel treat Americans

        Look no further than the ADLs recent drive to engage in lawfare to shut down free speech on college campuses. Where American’s rights, freedoms, or opinions become problematic for whatever the latest middle east land grab/population cleansing project is, the Israeli state will bring its influence to bear in curtailing those rights.
        It’s all becoming a bit late Roman Republic really.

    5. Feral Finster

      Moral midgetry. Pretending to give a [familyblog] while couching the call in enough weasel words to make poultry extinct in North America.

  6. bassmule

    Liberal blindspots:
    “Fossil fuels give individuals the ability to make choices and buy items without relying on others. One doesn’t have to work as part of a group to hunt for food each day. Instead I can go on my own in my car down to the supermarket and buy what I want. That is a lot easier than having to work with my neighbors to build a different world. And one’s consumption can be used as proof of one’s status. So fossil fuel-enabled individualism in the West is seen as sacrosanct, as it enables freedom from constraints of social obligations.”

    Well this is what you get after so many years of “Be Your Own Brand” and now “You Do You.”

    1. Steve H.

      Compare with Aurelien: The Revolt of the Outer Party:

      > TS: One big socio-economic trend of the last fifty years has been the divide between those with college degrees and those with a high school education.
      > The effect was to create a new caste in society: the Credentialed, who had degrees (sometimes several) but very varying standards of actual education.

      > Unable to form or mobilize coalitions with working and middle classes, parties of the left have been locked out of power in much of the continent.
      > The PMC as a whole, like Orwell’s Party, has no ideology as such. Likewise, is only interested in power, and its ultra-liberalism makes any kind of effective alliances impossible.

      See also:

      Taleb: Never use terms such as progressive or conservative without reference to a rate of change Progressive and conservative are ill defined terms, verbalistic labels. It is required to specify a rate of change for every specific domain. Rationally progressive means embracing progress by accepting a certain rate of change deemed optimal. Too high a rate of change cancels the gains from previous mutations; while too slow a change leads to misfitness.

      Frederick Douglass: if you teach that [slave] how to read, there would be no keeping him. It would forever unfit him to be a slave.

      1. mrsyk

        Taleb has cut to the bone on this, as well as the challenge, observing and calculating delta.

      2. Alan Roxdale

        Never use terms such as progressive or conservative without reference to a rate of change

        Progressive: 1-5 bombing campaigns per session
        Conservative: 10-15 bombing campaigns per session

      3. NotTimothyGeithner

        The PMC have an ideology, keep housing an asset. Take Northern Virginia. It’s a dump. There is nothing redeeming about it. What happens if the federales engage in a major revision of government jobs? Kaboom!

        Except for a few small points, those bedroom communities go bust.

        1. chris

          From your keyboard to God’s ears! I had hoped that the WFH trend would destroy DC and fed jobs would spread throughout the country. Changing a lot and being a powerful economic and social force in our country. But no. No, we’re going to cram people back into DC so they work in old buildings and suffer through amazing traffic. What a pity.

    2. Amfortas the Hippie

      it really does take a village(i hate that That Woman hijacked the phrase)…or at least friendly mutual aide with one’s neighbors.
      the myth of the Rugged Individual, alone against the world, is silly randian libertarian mythology.
      even mountain men came down to the flat for likker, flour and sugar(and gunpowder and shot).

      all that said, i consider myself an Anarch, in the Ernst Junger sense(but with a perhaps more humanitarian sensibility,lol)
      and on the side of the ancient Coolerator fridge in the Wilderness Bar(unplugged but still works afaik) it says “Think Like a State”…which is a shibboleth that helps to identify visitors of a certain libertarian(small l) bent….and helps engender discussions about microstates, and the like.
      when i tell such people that, i’m all for texas secession…they are usually shocked…pointing to the large portrait of FDR, etc…but then when i go on and say that when texas secedes, i’m seceding from texas…literally all of them have been actually mouth agape,lol.
      even so…i maintain cordial relations with my nearest neighbors.
      i help them…or drop off produce…so that the relationship is already established, for when the balloon goes up(or gets shot down, as it were).
      i think its cool that randian libertarians think that I’m extreme.

      1. Amfortas the Hippie

        and now that ive had time to read through the rest:
        “The left and center left have very little to say about freedom, which is a big problem. If acting on climate change means sacrificing what little freedom I have left, then what value is that to me? I hear this a lot among the working class; this idea that the few remaining freedoms are going to be taken away from them by the same credentialled class.

        This is connected to the question of place. About half the American adult population still lives within fifteen miles of their parents. I know plenty of people here in the UK for whom that’s the norm. For the middle class, in contrast, it’s normal to uproot oneself and go where the work is; place doesn’t matter. But it does matter to the working class. They understand climate change very much in terms of what’s happening to the trees in my street, what’s happening to the river down the road. This doesn’t help progress on climate change, but it reveals that it’s those immediate experiences of the environment rather than global atmospheric concentrations of CO2 that affect people’s ideas about climate. There’s a big divide between this strong, long standing connection with place and those working at the UN, IPCC, World Bank, concerned with the global.”

        same issue as with the farmers protests, yellow vests, truckers in ottowa, and for that matter the stuff here recently about white rural rage…the front row kids cant understand,lol….
        governing exclusively from 30000 feet is never gonna meet with local approval.
        but with all these dictats handed down from “our betters”, local perspective….let alone local effects, personal effects…is never even contemplated.
        its fine to want to do away with big pickups, or whatever…but an electric vehicle wont haul manure, for instance.
        in my experience with rural folks…extensive…its the top down quality of a given policy that irks the most.

        last time we had actual protests out here, it was over a new slate of city ordinances, lifted entirely and verbatim from much larger towns down the road.
        things like a ban on animals in the city limits were ignored…and various provisions about parking rv’s and boats…to trucks being worked on in the front yard…all were met with outcry and derision.
        because the alternatives were expensive and cumbersome.
        those provisions are still on the books, but they aint enforced.
        people keep goats and chickens in town…to feed themselves.
        people work on their own vehicles…and it sometimes takes a while.
        people want to store their large investments on their own place…that they supposedly own…not be forced to rent a space somewhere.
        the folks who ramrodded these rules were shocked at the backlash…but they relented.
        many of them admitted to me that they had indeed got out over their skis….their dreams of becoming more like frederickburg, texas would take a lot more time than they had envisioned…and the People(res publica) would have to be consulted and convinced…in conversation(con=”with”) over time.

        this anecdote is the whole problem in a nutshell, as i see it.

        1. Glen

          I have found that both at work and around home, I get along fine with just about everybody. We are all pretty much struggling to get by. Treat people with respect. Listen to them – you find that you agree on way more than you disagree. Especially now that more people realize that Democrats/Republicans are not going to do anything for us.

          Except when the rich people show up and start buying properties where you live. They don’t seem to inhabit the same world – well, I guess they really don’t. All the problems we struggle with – they pull out a check book and make it all go away. And yeah, if they don’t like how your place looks (their property vales may be affected?), that’s when the place where you’ve lived for the last forty years gets strange.

      2. communistmole

        You do know that the great ‘Anarch’ Jünger converted to the catholic faith before he died?

        His whole stick after the war consisted of stylizing himself as a great world sage in order to make people forget that he was basically just a reactionary asshole who was too much of a snob to make common cause with the Nazis.

        1. Amfortas the Hippie

          i actually do get all that.
          i also reserve the right to like the Forest Passage while still hating nazis
          this isnt hard

          1. communistmole

            Unfortunately, I can’t understand how one can overlook the fact that the whole stick with his ‘Anarchentum’ is nothing more than an epigonal remake of Nietzsche’s Übermensch, and with this an anti-egalitarian aristocratism that has a lot to do with the longing for order, the climb out of one’s own petty bourgeoisie and the pandering to the ruling class (who was always the audience of his sordid ‚wisdom‘)
            And it’s even funnier that this appears in a thread about the PMC, because there has rarely been an author who is more popular with the ( predominantly) right-wing PMC than Jünger.
            Apart from that, he is simply a bad writer (especially his work after the Second World War), who was stylized as a classic thanks to the hegemony of the bourgeois press.
            As Heinrich Blücher, Hannah Arendt’s husband, said: “He belongs to an elite, the elite scum (dem Elitegesindel)”.
            Jeez …

            1. communistmole

              The People, No:

              “The spectacle of great, passionately aroused masses is one of the most important signs of our entrance into a new era (an era, in which, according to Jünger, “the social question has been worked out in broad regions of our globe. The classless society has developed it into more of an element of foreign policy than anything else”). Within these hypnotic spheres there reigns, if not unanimity, then certainly a single voice – because to raise a dissenting voice here would lead to uproar and the destruction of its owner“

              (Der Anblick großer, leidenschaftlich erregter Massen ist eines der wichtigsten Zeichen dafür, daß wir in ein neues Zeitalter eingetreten sind. In solchem Bannkreis herrscht, wenn nicht Einhelligkeit, so doch gewiß Einstimmigkeit, denn wo hier eine andere Stimme sich erhöbe, würden sich Wirbel bilden, die ihren Träger vernichteten.)

              Der Waldgang (‘Forest Passage’ is a rather weak translation; the same goes for the translation of “Wirbel” with uproar, because it implies an agenda of the masses, which the more adequate translation with ‘vortex’ would not; and the term “Bannkreis” – hypnotic spheres – makes this obvious)

              and btw: what do you think is meant by the “questionnaire” (Fragebogen) on which poor Jünger’s fate was supposed to have depended? Ernst von Salomon, who was involved in the assassination of Rathenau, wrote a book of the same name that became one of the first bestsellers in post-war Germany.

              Jünger was such a victim of the Allied brainwashing of the Germans that he had to wait until 1949 for his diary from the Second World War to appear, which, strangely enough, immediately became a bestseller (in the entries from the Caucasus, one searches in vain for more details on the extermination of the Jews by Einsatzgruppe D, which acted together with Heeresgruppe A).

              After that, the poor outcast had to wait until 1959 before he was awarded the Große Bundesverdienstkreuz (Germany’s Presidential Medal of Freedom).

              And even worse, he had to wait almost until his 100th birthday for Kohl and Mitterand to visit him. What an Anarch …

    3. Mikel

      That article doesn’t even address the more alienating effects of the “tech” of the last 20 years.
      So blindspots…yes indeed.

      EX: As a teen-ager, I used to hang out with friends the carbon spewing car…forging bonds and alliances in a real way. In the moment, together, attentive…

    4. digi_owl

      I think this speak of something deep in the mythos of USA.

      That the people coming over from Europe, where the land had long been divided among the “lords”, found they now had a land of open abundance. With a knife and a musket one could now feed not just oneself but whole family, and nobody would string you up for being a poacher.

      And this continued into the “wild west” image of the cowboy that could at any time hop on his horse and head off towards the sun.

      And after WW2, the horse was replaced by the motorcycle and the car. But much of the image remained, as often the young men in the Hollywood movies would sport stetsons and like as they sped off towards the sun.

      But just as all this was revving up, the OPEC oil shock happened.

      And ever since, the nation may well have found itself in a bewildered state as the mythos more and more diverge from daily reality.

      1. CA

        “I think this speaks of something deep in the mythos of USA.

        “That the people coming over from Europe, where the land had long been divided among the “lords”, found they now had a land of open abundance. With a knife and a musket one could now feed not just oneself but a whole family, and nobody would string you up for being a poacher…”

        Quite interesting.

      2. Feral Finster

        A Canadian explained it thusly:

        A european’s most precious asset is his home. If SHTF, he can go back there, hole up, ride it out if he can.

        An American’s most precious asset is his car. If SHTF, he can go someplace better

        1. juno mas

          And the wealthy have both castle and RV. And then Zuck has half an island and lotsa grub.

      3. ArvidMartensen

        Most people would assume that the USA is a nation. And most people would see a nation as “a large type of social organization where a collective identity, a national identity, has emerged from a combination of shared features across a given population, such as language, history, ethnicity, culture, territory or society”.(Wikipedia)

        But the USA is no longer a nation according to this common definition. There is no longer a collective identity. The country has splintered into competing languages, histories, cultures, agendas.

        The people who fund the political parties of the US, and thus control the governments, are the rich. Their money is in overseas tax havens. They might own US home and land and business assets, but they also own assets across the western world. Their loyalty is not the the US, but to their money, and they would dump the US in a heartbeat if it didn’t serve their interests.

        The people who govern the country are beholden to the rich. The rich are not interested in anybody in the US who doesn’t make them money. So neither then are the politicians. Politicians in the US are no longer interested in the poor, the unskilled, the disabled, the sick, all who have been jettisoned.

        Many of the US bureaucrat hawks are immigrants and children of immigrants. Their bodies might be in the US, but their minds are still in the “old country”, festering with grudges and a burning need for revenge on those who caused them or their ancestors to immigrate. Nuland is a well known example.

        Then you have the people whose only loyalty is to their religion, and the power their religion wields. AIPAC and all its fellow travellers fit here. For them the US is just a source of free money and unlimited weapons to keep them in their rightful place as God’s only chosen people with domain over wherever they want.

        Then you have the PMC, who have been the handmaidens of the rich and powerful, running their businesses and making them money. The PMC are trained by universities in skills and obedience for just this purpose. The rich have rewarded the PMC with money, but also importantly they have let the PMC wallow in the delusion that the PMC is the most moral, the most intelligent, the most superior, the most evolved class in society. The rich are just in the process of delivered the PMC the huge shock of finding out that they too are disposable. That is one of the main purposes of AI, to cut down wage costs.

        So the US is not a nation. Biden and Trump are just the natural outcomes of warring agendas of the rich in a country denuded of cohesion, meaning and community.

        Trump is using MAGA as his siren song to the non-PMC voters who have been looted by the PMC and the rich.
        And Biden is using the PMC delusional bubble of superiority to win over all his PMC voters. But the Israeli genocide is causing some cognitive dissonance in the PMC (the most moral people on the planet), that perhaps genocide of women and children is not so moral, but let’s hear the other side of the argument anyway.

        It might take a while, who knows. But the process seems too far gone to reclaim what the US once was. The US might slide slowly into the apocalyse, or it might be like bankruptcy, very slow and then very quick. But as a nation, the US is done.

        1. Feral Finster

          I have encountered many businesses and many families in which the members roundly despise each other, but they stay together because of the money and goodies on offer.

          It’s when the money runs short and the goodies are no longer so plentiful that the knives come out and old gripes get rehashed.

          Also: “Then you have the PMC, who have been the handmaidens of the rich and powerful, running their businesses and making them money. The PMC are trained by universities in skills and obedience for just this purpose. The rich have rewarded the PMC with money, but also importantly they have let the PMC wallow in the delusion that the PMC is the most moral, the most intelligent, the most superior, the most evolved class in society. The rich are just in the process of delivered the PMC the huge shock of finding out that they too are disposable. That is one of the main purposes of AI, to cut down wage costs.”

          Keep in mind that you can run a substantial business without inherited capital, but you cannot run so much as a hot dog stand without managers.

  7. The Rev Kev

    “Edward Luttwak: Time to Send NATO Troops’

    The fact that this nitwit is high on the Washington totem-pole and advising Presidents and the military tells you all you need to know why so many things are going wrong. Regardless. One part interested me-

    ‘Romania is preparing a new law on defense, according to which it will be possible to deploy troops to the territory of other countries to “protect Romanian citizens’ in response to “hybrid threats” ‘

    Now I take that legislation to mean the Romanian-Ukrainians living in the Ukraine. So here is an interesting scenario. Suppose that Romania and the Russian Federation make a secret agreement that if Romanian soldiers enter the Ukraine, so long as they stay in the Romanian-Ukrainian part of the country, that the Russians will not attack them. But if they leave that enclave, not only will those troops be attacked but also the ones in that enclave. NATO, suspecting this agreement, orders the Romanians to move to and occupy Odessa. So what might the Romanians do then? It’s not like Romania and the Ukraine have good relations after all-

    1. Kouros

      I take it more open ended than that.

      There are ethnic Romanians (Moldovans are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the rest of Romanians – half of historical Moldova is part of Romania) in Northern Bukovina (now Ukraine), in R of Moldova, in Transdnistria, as well as in Budjak (south of R of Moldova, was part of it but was taken and given to Ukraine, so that a slavic polity (RSS Ukraine) will control part of the Danubeexit to the Black Sea).

      Let the dices fly high. What is good for the goose (Russia protecting Russians) is good for the gander (Romania protecting Romanians).

      1. The Rev Kev

        I do not know if the Russians have changed their stance or not but several months ago they were saying that if Romania took back the part of the Ukraine where their people lived as did the Hungarians, that it would be no skin off their nose.

        1. Polar Socialist

          It was Medvedev, whose role seems to be the most ardent maximalist for now.

          I doubt Russia would appreciate the complications right now, though. Gagauzia, and autonomous area in Moldova has already stated they will declare independence in case of Romanian take over of Moldova.

          And even if not going into how many Moldovans would actually welcome Romania, it would make the status of Transnistria way more hotter that Russia would hope. I think they’ll need another 8-12 months until they’re ready to deal with that situation.

          1. The Rev Kev

            You think that with Medvedev, that he is playing bad cop to Putin’s good cop? If I recall correctly, the guy used to be an ardent Atlantasist years ago but that was then and this is now.

            1. NotTimothyGeithner

              100%. Controlled opposition. Medvedev is a “convert”, and converts are by and large nuts. Anyone more extreme will be doubted.

              He won’t challenge Putin but becomes an outlet for people who want blood.

              The Chechen guy (I can’t think of his name) seems like he puts out Putin’s “stronger” views. He’s relatively restrained.

                  1. Robert Gray

                    That expression is usually seen as an insult or deprecation. Just to be clear, is that what you intend?

          2. Benny Profane

            Well, that sounds like the sort of instability Russia would welcome in western Ukraine. Stop at the river now, and let the Romanians, Poles, and Ukrainian Nazis fight each other, instead of uniting against them again.

        2. fjallstrom

          If you are referring to Medvedev’s map, it hands Northern Bukovina to Romania, but not Budjak (which is marked as Russian). Instead Romania gets an oblast north east of Moldova, which has never been part of Romania.

          My interpretation is that the map represents the maximalists goals at the time, and the rest was divided between Poland, Hungary and Romania whether it made sense or not.

          1. Kouros

            “Instead Romania gets an oblast north east of Moldova, which has never been part of Romania.”

            Are you refering to Zakarpatia? I think that was suggested for Hungary to take.

            1. fjallstrom

              No, I am refering to Vinnytsia Oblast. Zakarpatia is marked for Hungary on the map.

              Here is an article in Euractive that includes a fairly good image of the Medvedev map.

              Vinnytsia Oblast was as far as I can tell not part of the Romanian occupied areas during world war 2, and doesn’t appear to have any significant Romanian population. So I figure Medvedev drew the map of the maximum Russia wants – eastern Ukraine as Russian and Kiev as a city state – and then partitioned the remaining areas. No foreign power having any reasonable reason to want Vinnytsia Oblast, he handed it to Romania.

              Notably, Budjak and the rest of Odessa oblast (Transnistria Governorate under Romanian occupation during world war 2) are not handed to Romania but to Russia.

              1. Kouros

                Yes, I raised the issue of Budjak and the fake map attributing it to Ukraine in 1922 as a Lenin present in many instances and many sites. The RT users are especially quiet about that. Or Martyanov ones…

    2. DJG, Reality Czar

      The Rev Kev:

      What really popped me in the eye in that Luttwak sending in troops thingy was this: “The British and French, along with the Nordic countries, are already quietly preparing to send troops — both small elite units and logistics and support personnel — who can remain far from the front. The latter could play an essential role by releasing their Ukrainians counterparts for retraining in combat roles.”

      I realize that we live in Scoundrel Time.

      But what Luttwak is proposing in the snippet above qualifies as a White Feather Moment.

      The French and the Finns can show up and run the military’s Taco Bells and hope not to be bombed.

      The sooner these people end up in prison, the happier we all will be.

      1. Randall Flagg

        >The sooner these people end up in prison, the happier we all will be

        I would be much happier with them actually showing some real courage in their beliefs, grab a gun and head to the front lines if they feel that strongly about it. And THEN have Russia introduce them to warfare for real. Effing chickenhawk desk jockeys.

        1. Enter Laughing

          Anybody who has spent even 10 minutes looking at drone footage of the savagery of the fighting in Ukraine would run the other way if they had any sense.

          Modern weapons are demonic in and of themselves (Hellfire missile); adding drone warfare capabilities adds in a personal, sadistic element that is truly shocking and horrifying.

          1. Jeremy Grimm

            I wonder how many military surplus drones will end up in the hands of u.s. police, criminals, and terrorists.

            1. Wisker

              In a sense you don’t have to worry as most of the drones being referred to are barely modified civilian and commercial models.

              Small military drones are still on the drawing board at this point and will probably focus more on autonomy to overcome problems the people you mentioned don’t really have: range, jamming, insufficient pilots. So they will be genuine drones rather than the RC copters we’re seeing in Ukraine at the moment.

      2. digi_owl

        It would be quite the spectacle if Norway ends up sending troops, after our prime minister publicly nixed the idea some weeks back

        Sadly the only real alternative come election is even more gung ho globalist/atlanticist.

    3. Feral Finster

      WWIII is coming. The West has already sunk so much into the Ukraine project that it cannot be seen to lose, even if that means the end of us all.

    4. ian

      Looked this guy up on Wikipedia – he’s 81 years old. Don’t want to be ageist (I’m only 31 years younger), but as another old man said, “Come on, man!”

      So then I looked up a half-remembered line, and found this quote:

      George S. McGovern:

      I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.

      Yup, that’s my sentiments in 2024. So it goes…

      I will share this from Ernest Hemingway:

      They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country. But in modern war there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason.

      Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.

  8. lyman alpha blob

    Zelenskyy aims to convene Peace Summit with up to 100 countries participating

    This is a joke, right? And if not, that “up to” is doing a lot of work there. Perhaps Grenada will make it. Maybe Liechtenstein.

    1. yep

      He aims at 100, expects 80, and will get 60, with 40 promising to help, and 20 actually giving him some money, so he can by more homes.

    2. DJG, Reality Czar

      lyman alpha blob:
      As I have noted, Andorra and San Marino make up the Teensy Axis of Evil, so they will not be attending.

    3. Feral Finster

      No, the whole thing is intended as a demonstration that the West will only keep doubling down.

  9. Wukchumni

    There is a tale that the American people tell
    Don’t care if it is true ’cause I love it so well
    Hegemon make money day & night
    The people were cool with it well ’cause it treated them so right

    Oh-oh-oh, Hegemony sing
    Oh-oh-oh, make Dollar king

    And they wanted Dollars near and far
    We found our way by Bretton Woods four score ago, lucky star
    We’d tell them of their greenback joys, they’d tell us what we owed
    They loved to see $’s come, they’d hate to see $’s go

    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), Hegemon print
    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), make the money-go-round mint

    We was makin’ our way home on a dark and stormy night
    When we heard a cry for help, We saw in Gaza a flashin’ light
    When we tried to feed the famished and offered them a hand
    The Israelis said, “You’re dead to me” as they took a pirate stand

    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), Hegemon AIPAC ring
    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), give ’em everything

    “Hegemon, it’s over, the fiat lady sings the last song very well”
    She caused a big commotion ’cause their gotten gains went to hell
    Came along a Donald, he said, “Hegemon, hello”
    “I’ve always wanted to trump Dollars, climb aboard, don’t let go”

    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), Hegemon sink
    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), make something else king

    The results were a bit tragic, they bid supremacy goodbye
    The billionaires fled into havens, or they stayed up in the sky
    And all the people when they wish upon a star
    See the Donald and the Hegemon who tell ’em where they are

    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), Hegemon sink
    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), make something else king
    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), Hegemon sink
    Oh-oh-oh (Hegemon), make the loss leaders drink

    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
    Oh-oh-oh, Hegemon sink

    Jolly Mon, by Jimmy Buffett (RIP)

  10. Kouros

    Quote from one of the links:

    “…Cormac McCarthy said that people write instead of blowing up the world. The anger is in part a product of working-class resentment against the middle class who is complacent about the status quo, and vicious when its privilege is threatened. The anger is also about being lied to. The lie being that the liberal middle classes of the global North are the carriers of the light, the masters of our future, the saviors of humanity. But liberalism is now destroying the foundations of life. “

    1. .Tom

      I was thinking last week about why the anger at the liberal middle classes is stronger than at the conservative middle classes who are just as vicious when its privilege is threatened. I suspect the lies are part of it. Malcom X famously said something about that didn’t he.

      1. Lena

        It’s because liberals are supposed to be the good guys or so they constantly tell us. For decades, they have promised us nice things, like a decent life in which we don’t have to be terrified about basic survival, and they have not delivered.

        We see their hypocrisy, their lies. Then they call us stupid racist fascists and a variety of other names when we call them out for the frauds they are. It doesn’t foster positive feelings toward them. We are literally sick and tired of it.

        Conservatives, we don’t really expect anything from. They are what they are and for the most part don’t pretend to give a [family blogging].

        Just my 2 cents, which is worth a lot less these days so I need to buck up buckeroo and get in line because complaining will get Trump reelected, don’t you know.

        1. mrsyk

          “It’s called vote shaming. We endure it every four years.” One of my favorite finster quotes.

        2. jhallc

          “It’s because liberals are supposed to be the good guys or so they constantly tell us.”

          I’m reminded by the quote from MLK:
          “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

          I suffered the same response when I forwarded the “White Rural Rage” article linked yesterday to my TDS liberal friends.

    2. Steve H.

      It’s from ‘Liberal Blindspots’. Please see the bassmule comment above, and response to it. The ambiguity in the word Liberal, from politics to economics, is causing some problems in thinking critically about values.

      1. mrsyk

        Yup. I’m thinking “PMC” when I read “middle class” in that quote from CM. This fascinates me because I’m not sure we have yet a truly clean definition of PMC.

        1. Kouros

          I really go for individuals, which are more or less part of the managerial class.

          Myself and a colleague we are suppose to look into the vulnerabilities related to climate change and point to necessary adaptations.

          And when we point, with tons of evidence, that there is a huge information gaps on the state of aquifers, and that there are issues with sea water infiltrations in wells, we are told to take a walk…

          Never mind overconsumption and overpopulation (the carrying capacity of the place has been surpassed in terms of food and water, a bit like Australia).

          1. mrsyk

            A practicable strategy that might scale. The middle part is a verse from the story of now. I’m sorry to hear it. The last bit will certainly get sorted sooner or later.

          2. The Rev Kev

            ‘the carrying capacity of the place has been surpassed in terms of food and water, a bit like Australia’

            About the same time that article came out suggesting the America should aim for having a population of a billion people living there, there was one that came out saying that the population of Oz should be about 100 million people. I don’t know what reception that they thought that they would receive to this idea but it went down like a lead balloon. Blind Freddy could tell you that the place could not support that many people as so much of it is desert.

            1. Amfortas the Hippie

              that makes me think about texas’ population in my own lifetime.
              almost tripled.
              and with the current invasion of urban and suburban eclipse peepers….town looks like austin, traffic-wise.
              …and i remember when one could drive around austin outside of traditional rush hours…and not be in a perpetual traffic jam.
              same with houston, for that matter.
              the old county judge was quoted in last weeks paper, saying they expect as many as 20k extra people in my county for this weekend.
              there are some, of course, who relish this….they own bidnesses, and are making bank.
              these are, generally, the same folks i referenced above, who pushed for frederickburg-like city ordinances…blind to how the rest of us felt about such disruptions.
              we’ll see what this place looks like on tuesday, after the hordes have left.

              1. digi_owl

                “there are some, of course, who relish this….they own bidnesses, and are making bank.”

                Funny how that tension crops up again and again all over the world.

        2. LifelongLib

          I’ve seen “PMC” defined as broadly as someone with a bachelor’s or higher college degree.

          Speaking as someone who has one, I’d say bachelor’s degrees are a dime a dozen. To really be “PMC” you need at least a masters and/or a position that has some special licensing/credentials. At minimum an upper management-type job. Just sitting at a desk all day doesn’t really make you “PMC”.

  11. timbers

    US, China need ‘tough’ conversations, Yellen tells Chinese Premier Li Channel News Asia. The deck: “The US Treasury Secretary has made the threat of China’s excess production of electric vehicles and other clean energy products a focus of her second visit to China in nine months.” Excess with respect to what?

    Exactly. The US has an excess of cars. Cars all over the place on dealers lots for sale a dime a dozen rows and ailes of cars just sitting there just like in the 2010’s. That’s why you can’t find any for sale and have to wait weeks to get one you don’t particularly like or want and if you don’t take that random one they offer to sell you at an even more inflated price, it’s permanent UberVille for you.

    Yellen is threatening to cut trade w/China if China does not help take down Russia, and could not care less how it affects US citizens. She probably has no clue what kind of impact it will have on most non elite Americans. Yes this can hurt China but not w/o hurting the non elites all across the United States.

    And “Tough Conversations” – China told the US this. It is a general paraphrasing of a part of The Duran’s reading of China’s readout. Tough words from China to the US:

    “It is crystal clear to everyone that the United States caused the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, and that the United States is bogged down and growing weaker from these conflicts, not Russia. Now the United States asks help from China to end these conflicts but only so she can divert resources to start a conflict with China in Taiwan.”

    1. Glen

      I am still the guy that would not go into a WalMart because I thought supporting a store that was gutting American manufacturing, gutting local stores and economies while paying crap wages was a poor trade off. All I ever heard was but they have cheap stuff! Now Yellen is over working with China to make the cheap stuff go away. And what did America get? The richest family in the world, a blown up manufacturing base, and millions of older workers that cannot retire but can no longer work.

      And I totally agree with you on cars. Right now, car dealers are panicking because they cannot sell cars but that has a lot to do with the incredible price increases since covid started. And now lots of the junk car loans are going bad:

      Delinquency rates at highest level in almost 30 years

      After that, it will be subprime garden shed loans going bad because Americans were buying garden sheds to live in – oh, pardon me, I mean tiny homes.

      I cannot imagine what kind of thinking even backstops Yellen’s trip. It’s a complete waste of time unless it’s just to convince the American PMC that everything is under control. The Chinese government has worked long and hard to get to where it is, and is now thoroughly aligned with Russia, and further pressure of any kind will only further strengthen the alliance. Anything Yellen will do will will perform just like the “economic sanctions” did on Russia – completely backfire. And let’s face it, America’s trade polices (or complete lack of any except rich people get richer) since all discussion of the “trade deficit” stopped (late 1990’s?) have de-industrialized America – these are fundamentally what Yellen and her cohorts have done.

      What’s required is what Yellen is incapable of doing. Enacting polices and plans to revive American and EU infrastructure/manufacturing in cooperation with the BRICS. But Yellen is Wall St and all Wall St is doing is squeezing the last drop of blood out of the American working class.

      1. Glenda

        Actually once those cars get “repossessed”, people will need to get shopping carts and tents, because they’ve been sleeping/living in their cars. I’m seeing ads for a neat addition to the car – a tent that can be attached to the open back trunk. I guess they sleep in the tent add-on since the back seat is their storage area. ON SALE NOW.

        They are the new hobos and can move on a dime. But it’s hard because the families students have to do their homework and parents have to go to work each day.

        1. digi_owl

          There are more and more companies doing some kind of pickup camper module lately. With ever more elaborate Rube Goldberg like slide and fold mechanisms allow for beds and kitchens.

          That or ways to turn a van into a camper, including one video i wish i could relocate showing a young lady filing some paperwork on a laptop before taking her cup and stepping outside to enjoy the lakeside sunset.

    2. CA

      “The US has an excess of cars. Cars all over the place on dealers lots for sale a dime a dozen rows and aisles of cars just sitting there just like in the 2010’s. That’s why you can’t find any for sale and have to wait weeks to get one you don’t particularly like or want and if you don’t take that random one they offer to sell you at an even more inflated price, it’s permanent UberVille for you…”

      This is superbly expressed.

      1. hunkerdown

        The Ford employee parking lot I pass irregularly, which was temporarily used for finished vehicle storage, has been cleared of inventory and reopened for employee parking.

    3. Feral Finster

      TL;DR “Know your place!”

      And if you think that the United States will quietly allow itself to be supplanted as hegemon….

  12. Pat

    My black humor appreciates a comment on the AIPAC tweet. The comments were almost uniformly negative and several pointed out the same thing that Lambert did. But one person had a novel approach. To paraphrase, move Israel to the Ukraine, that’s the ticket.

    1. The Rev Kev

      Genetically most modern Israelis came from this region anyway so they should feel more at home. There may be a bit of bad luck in that Israel is a habitual attacker of her neighbours as seen right now but in the case of Russia, they shoot back.

      1. Emma

        Three state solution. Since the Baltics states are all dead men walking demographically, migrate the Zionists to Lithuania, make Latvia a part of the multi-confessional democratic Palestine (thus giving Palestinians Schengen visas that will help them get educated while their schools are being rebuilt). Estonia can take in all the Western criminals and propagandists, let’s please get some decent security fencing around Estonia (to be renamed Natonia).

        If anybody gets feisty, Russia can just cut off their gas and electricity until they behave.

    2. Mark Gisleson

      “move Israel to the Ukraine”

      An alphabet agency adjacent contractor told me half a year ago that the people he worked with were telling him (off the record) that the war with Russia was meant to depopulate Ukraine so that the Russian Jews could return and have their own country.

      We talked for a while about why they would have told him that. I doubt that was anyone’s intent to begin, but it’s possible they’re already busy rewriting their motives.

    3. Oh

      I like your idea but how about moving Israel to (barren) west Texas into a small strip of land as big as the Gaza. If they start fighting the Texans they won’t last long. In the meantime they enjoy the climate they’re used to.

  13. lyman alpha blob

    How Raw Milk Went from a Whole Foods Staple to a Conservative Signal

    Did it really do that though, or is this just another attempt by corporate media to keep people at each others’ throats?

    I drank raw milk exclusively for the first 18 years of my life, not because of any political bent, but because it was, for my dairy farming family, essentially free. Although I have never ticked the box for a Republican, I am now apparently a Trump loving member of the GOP. Does every [family blog]ing thing in existence now need to be labeled either pro-Trump or anti-Trump? When will this stupidest of all timelines end?

    1. Wukchumni

      I’ve come under pressure lately by drinking Kefir-which sounds vaguely Islamic, I feel your pain.

      1. MRLost

        … sounds vaguely Islamic …
        Prolly cuz a kafir is someone who does not believe in Islam. A Christian or other non-Muslim.

        1. Antifa

          As opposed to a fakir, who will drink kefir, but not with a kafir or a kofer unless they are fakers.

    2. .Tom

      It’s exhausting to keep abreast of the latest revisions to the signalling protocols. At least I don’t feel a need to deploy them myself.

    3. Barncat

      My family and the neighbor dairy farmer had a mantra they’d chant as he sold us raw milk back then: “It’s just for the cats. Yep, just for the cats.” It got to be a family tag line when one was breaking the law. Here’s a link. The Amish are our seed corn.

    4. GramSci

      How about putrified meat?

      Yesterday, wondering how scavengers like H. erectus not only survived, but thrived, I stumbled upon How did Ancient Humans Preserve Food? .

      I am not a prepper, so I wonder if a hide poke of baby food could also be anaerobically fermented, given a dash of (raw) mother’s milk?

    5. Screwball

      Does every [family blog]ing thing in existence now need to be labeled either pro-Trump or anti-Trump?

      Yes, I think so. Everything must go through the Trump prism. It’s a test. If you don’t spend every waking hour hating Trump, you might be a Trumper. If you say something bad or criticize Biden or the democrats, you might be a Trumper. If you don’t worship every little thing team D does, you might be a Trumper.

      Everyone needs to get with the program and vote Biden – democracy is in peril (I was told that just the other day) – it will be the end of the world as we know it if Trumps gets back in. We can already see it happening don’t you know – how many people did Trump kill with COVID, plus the train derailments, the ship that hit the bridge, the airline issues – they are all because Trump.

      Vote blue no matter who.

      1. Lena

        Yes to everything you wrote. Even when I call attention to the genocide in Gaza, I’m told that I’m helping to reelect Trump. The TDS is so bad, it’s like talking to brainwashed zombies because that’s what they have become.

        1. ambrit

          Someone I know who is pretty much a rabid “prepperista” recently replied to a TDS sufferer he was arguing with, which was almost a ‘free comedy show’, that he now cuts a T in the tip of his bullets so that the PMCs he shoots remain dead. The alternative method is silver bullets, and that is getting expensive.
          As others above have noted, there is an incredible amount of anger percolating just under the surface of American society now. Anger, let it be noted, on all sides. The “deplorables” I meet are angry at how they feel that they have been cheated of decent lives by the ‘elites,’ and the PMCs are angry that the ‘deplorables’ have the nerve to complain about how the elites are running things.

          1. Screwball

            I think your second paragraph is spot on Ambit. You said it better than I ever could.

            To me, the big question is; how will this all end up?

            I’m pretty cynical, so I won’t speculate.

            1. Vicky Cookies

              Sounds like a class war, so long as at it can be so defined. Not that I have any interest in that. I’ll just be over here with my books, telling anyone who’s interested what they’re about.
              I get the same sense of simmering anger from representatives of both classes; it is rarely classified (no pun intended) as class resentment/rage – but it could be!

          2. griffen

            Just about sums up a recent film that was released in late 2020..”the hunt”. Just happened to finish watching that one yesterday. No spoilers but it was an interesting take on this subject and “hunting” for sport.

          3. GramSci

            I diagnose it as fear. Fear breeds anger. It takes a leader to combat fear. Or to engender it…at present it seems all the engendering is being done by the wokies.

            1. digi_owl

              In the end it is Wall Street and their security apparatus attack dogs that are doing it, in order to keep attention away from their ever more painful looting of the nation.

            1. ambrit

              Having personally lived in a tent even though working a full time job in Lafayette Louisiana, I can testify that resentment is but a point on an escalation curve. Endure ‘resentment’ long enough and you graduate into the anger phase.
              To my way of thinking, anger comes about when one realizes that nothing that he or she does make any difference to the outcome. When dealing with impersonal physical causes of the discomfort in effect, acceptance is indicated. The material world has no agency, and thus also no culpability. Persons, on the other hand, do have agency, and thus can be blamed for their decisions that inflict negative outcomes on others. That is where the anger comes in. The evil one is enduring came about due to a choice by those with the power to affect outcomes.
              Rational people do not wish to be themselves evil. Their reaction to evil is anger. Resentment suggests the desire to become like those being ‘resented.’ This violates the requirement of rationality in one’s thinking. To resent evil people is irrational. To be angry at evil people is rational.
              Stay safe.

        2. Screwball

          Same here. I was told it is NOT genocide, then they got real mad. TDS is off the charts bad – and they call them (the Trumpers) a cult. I think brainwashed is the correct word. The ones I know only read and listen to what they want to hear – everything else is fake news. But we are the dumb ones. But that’s part of their fun (hate). To these people anyone who isn’t totally on board with what they think, and I mean totally, are stupid red neck hick evil Trumpers.

          They have made it a binary purity test.

          1. Lena

            I am repeatedly told by the TDS brigade that “Biden wants a ceasefire but he has no control over Netanyahu!” So I ask, “Are you saying that Biden is Bibi’s powerless puppet?” Then they get really angry.

            1. Lambert Strether Post author

              It was the same with Obama. Ask if Obama would to exert politico force to some end (single payer, say) and the answer would be “The President is not a dictator!”

            2. Screwball

              Team Blue can do no wrong. Team Blue and their followers always, always, always have an excuse or someone else to blame.

              I should know enough not to talk or read what these people say. It is probably unhealthy, but I can’t. It’s like watching a train wreck, you can’t look away. But in a twisted sort of way, it’s kind of entertaining.

              Where else can we find and watch people who think they are magnitudes smarter than everyone else, twist themselves into mental pretzels defending the indefensible.

              These are the same people who, starting with Russiagate, to the Ukraine war, to Israel/Gaza, among with other things have been wrong on facts for almost 8 years.

              From the can it get worse department; not too many years ago many of these people were anti-war. Now I am hearing them chirp about going after Iran (due to recent developments).

              So yes, it can (and no doubt will) get worse. At least they serve one good purpose – they are the canary’s in the mine for what inhuman things TPTB will do next.

        3. Kouros

          While T has Jered as a son in law, dreaming of developing beach front Gaza, he really gives me the impression that is far more averse of killing people, of any skin colour or religion, than Biden is. Especially when the whole world can see it.

          1. Martin Oline

            I agree, Trump has always seemed squeamish to me, which is odd considering his promotion of wrestling in the past. This aspect to him also made the ‘pee tapes’ highly questionable.

      2. undercurrent

        Yeah, donald trump is one helluva guy. Like the zionist Jews, he’s the g.d. apple of God’s eye.

      3. Oh

        I was told by a newly converted Bidender that he did not want to vote for Trump because we’ll get a dictator. I said we have one already. I heard crickets in response.

    6. DJG, Reality Czar

      lyman alpha blob: Yep, from the absurd aqua and mauve cows up top (since when is red *not* the color of revolution?), the article is opinions about opinions.

      There is one hard fact: “To be clear, the CDC’s own study says raw milk is estimated to have caused three deaths from 1998-2018 while oysters cause 100 deaths every year.”

      This means that raw milk is almost always safe. You point out that you drank raw milk from a family farm, and the article fails to address changes in dairying that mean that “modern” dairy farms engage in practices that your family and its smaller operation would have considered unhealthy. That’s the issue here.

      Notes on the raw and the cooked: Here in the Undisclosed Region, cheeses made from raw cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk are a normal part of life. I enjoy toma de lait brusc, which is a hyper-local cheese, a tad whiffy, from raw cow’s milk. In the U S of A, the status of cheese made from raw milk–which is quite safe–has been in some limbo for years, so far as I know.

      Yet as someone brought up in the U S of A, there are some things I won’t eat raw because the U.S. food processing / distribution system has been so skeezy for so long. Here in the Undisclosed Region, minced raw veal is one delicacy I won’t try. Yet I have tried salsiccia di Bra, made in a nearby town from raw veal, and eaten raw. I’m still alive.

      In one of my favorite stores, I became curious about “potato salami,” another local recipe. What I learned is the one eats salam de patata raw–and that it contains pork. I’m an American, sez I. The people at the shop then explained a way to cook the salam–to the squeamish American.

      1. lyman alpha blob

        The article did inadvertently mention the real issue, but glossed right over it to promote the culture wars instead.

        “By the 1920 census, America had become a majority-urban country. People moving to cities still wanted to drink milk, and the market provided — with smelly, bacteria-infested urban dairies.


        New York City was first to mandate pasteurization in 1910. Other cities quickly followed suit, and states began to ban the sale of raw milk as well. At first, the added cost of pasteurization would have frustrated the dairy industry, but eventually the additional standards came to be appreciated by the industry’s biggest players. After all, pasteurization gave them an edge over smaller dairies that couldn’t afford pasteurization machinery, while simultaneously allowing them to have low cleanliness standards without risking harm to the consumer.

        That is the crux of the issue – filthy farms are the cause of bad milk. When you milk just 60 cows, clean their stalls twice daily, and brush the caked manure off their tails on a regular basis (that last one being just one little procedure my family used to perform), you produce quality milk. When you have cows never let outdoors and wallowing in their own filth, well I really wouldn’t want to drink even pasteurized milk from one of those, if I were able to know ahead of time where it came from, which, with rare exceptions, we of course aren’t allowed to know when buying from the grocery store.

        Speaking of those rare exceptions, they are likely to get rarer. There is a small dairy farm near me that sells its own milk locally in grocery stores. They bottle (not carton – glass bottle) the milk from their own herd themselves and you can return the bottles to get your deposit back. Old school. It’s been in the current owner’s family for something like 7 generations – a couple hundred years anyway. I have purchased from them for nearly one of those generations myself – almost 20 years.

        Now the state wants to use eminent domain to put a highway through it. Apparently people from away can’t get to the Maine beaches quick enough in current conditions and might stay in Massachusetts
        instead. Jesus wept.

        We can’t have both capitalism and truly nice things. The time to pick one is nigh – if we don’t, we’ll have neither.

      2. Late Introvert

        Just asking for a friend, is it really necessary to drink milk from cows? I know back in the day it was a boon, but that was when you had your own cow and you worked Little House In The Prairie style for every calorie.

  14. The Rev Kev

    “I’m driving 6 hours through New York’s Adirondacks to see the 2024 total solar eclipse from Potsdam. Here’s why.’

    Astronomers know centuries ahead of when there will be a solar eclipse and when. What is the bet that several years ago some of them scouted out this zone and selected the best vantage point and away from any expected crowds and leased out some cabins. And I bet that they brought in their own food and even their own fridges as well as generators. PPPPPP.

    Old style astronomers used to be a bred of their own and a couple made some side money hustling pool. Surprised? Lots of night they could not make any observations as the sky was clouded over and some observatories had a pool table set up. Combine this with people who live mathematics & ballistics and a few became expert pool players after so many hours playing.

    1. Benny Profane

      I will be in the ADK, somewhere, but, just took Potsdam off the list. But, please, America, go to Potsdam, have fun, and make sure you don’t have to be home soon afterwards. Traffic will be a b****h.

    2. Kouros

      Thales of Miletus is said to have made some money, but not when predicted a solar eclipse, but when predicting some whether and impact on olive crops.

    3. petal

      I was chuckling. Spent 4 years in Potsdam at one of said universities(with a few summer classes at the other) and couldn’t wait to get out of town. Haven’t been back since.
      Will be watching from campus here in town. The Astronomy dept has set up a nice program. A friend took a long weekend and will be watching from tippy top NH.

  15. lyman alpha blob

    NYT must have some bad poll numbers for Biden, because MoDo is especially shrill about Trump’s supposed “bloodlust”. Clearly one of the symptoms of TDS is the inability to see the actual slaughter being perpetrated one’s own candidate of choice.

    1. griffen

      Maureen…wasn’t there a comparable article posted in Wapo within last few weeks. I want to recall it was a lengthy column on the coming Trump dictatorship, as according to Robert Kagan. Horrible dreck. David Frum I’m sure is on this beat as well of course.

      Meanwhile in the real world…my dang car insurer is jacking up the rate of insurance for the next six months billing interval. And that’s on a nearly 15 year old Accord !

      1. bum

        Actually you’re wrong about this , inflation is down so your experience of your bills going up isn’t supported by the hard economic data, you’ve just been convinced by the media to have bad vibes about Bidenomics.

        /s hopefully unnecessary

        1. griffen

          The little touches like including a “sarc” are always welcome… routinely there might be a lengthy comment thread if or when I neglect to include one…

          It’ll reach the point of inflection if this trend holds say into 2025…paying an insurance premium that is reaching towards or nearing the value of the thing being insured…time to check the finer details. Added…pushing the comments in total to a daily record ?

      2. CA

        “Actually you’re [right] about this…”

        February 29, 2024

        Auto Insurance Spike Hampers the Inflation Fight
        Costlier vehicles and repairs are pushing premiums higher even as the increase in U.S. consumer prices is tapering overall.
        By Talmon Joseph Smith

        Job growth, wage growth and business growth are all lively, and inflation has steeply fallen from its 2022 highs. But consumer sentiment, while improving, is still sour.

        One reason may be sticker shock from some highly visible prices — even as overall inflation has calmed. The cost of car insurance is a key example.

        Motor vehicle insurance rose 1.4 percent on a monthly basis in January alone and has risen 20.6 percent over the past year, the largest jump since 1976. It has been a huge hit for those driving the roughly 272 million private and commercial vehicles registered in the country. And it has played a part in dampening the “mission accomplished” mood on inflation that was bubbling up in markets at the beginning of the year.

        According to a recent private-sector estimate, the average annual premium for full-coverage car insurance in 2024 is $2,543, compared with $2,014 in 2023 and $1,771 in 2022…

        1. Belle

          Plus damage to cars from climate events (AGW and expanding into the wildland-urban interface), and crazy drivers (Going up since COVID, either due to brain damage, or due to people wanting to flout any reasonable restrictions)…

    2. Benny Profane

      It is kind of remarkable that she could write such a thing at the same time their old codger is killing children by the truckloads.

  16. griffen

    Not too sure I am comprehending in full what Secretary Yellen is hoping or plans to achieve. Don’t outcompete the US manufacturer base, is that really a conversation to be having in 2024. I guess so since she went that direction.

    Imagine the corresponding discussions from the world of sports.
    NY Knicks to the Jordan led Bulls. Can we just keep the MJ scoring down this series?
    Golfers to Tiger Woods circa 2001 – 2008. Please do let us win some of the time? Just one golf major will do wonders for most of us!

    This country is led by fudging morons.

    1. NotTimothyGeithner

      The White House is led by a guy who plays a “tough guy” on TV. Much of our foreign policy establishment is composed of Orientalists, but they are starting to see the limits of US power and need a win before the Orange One.

      At the start of the SMO, there were and couple of articles proposing a Cuban Missile Crisis resolution where the US concedes but gets a pr win. I think the US is willing to concede as long as Biden gets to sit in his car with sunglasses. We just fail to see Khruschev was ousted, so Xi and Putin aren’t giving Biden a PR win they don’t get too.

      I think the message is “MJ let us win this one, and we promise not to draft the player who can extend your team’s run… Yes, we know we would be picking after you.”

      1. griffen

        Joe Joe the fighting man
        from the streets of Scranton
        He’s done what he can

        Jill is his minder
        She stores the meds
        He bleeds blue
        He don’t like Maga-Red
        He’s the champ for “Democracy!”
        Til the day he’s dead

      2. Oh

        He sits in his sports car with sunglasses and twiddles his thumbs trying to remember his wife’s name.

  17. chris

    Re: Kyiv Post article…

    Anyone else thinks it’s odd that a person with no described military experience, logistical expertise, or even self-described time in war zones is accusing people who condemn Ukraine as being “keyboard warriors”, while they allegedly review drone footage from the safety of the UK? It’s enough to make me miss Mr. Friedman’s taxi drivers.

    Makes me wonder if merely observing that because Russia has a logistical advantage, a materiel advantage, and many times more people who can be soldiers, puts you in the category of “keyboard warrior”?

    And of course these boosters still don’t have an answer to these easiest of questions. If Ukraine’s highly scripted combined arms counter offensive failed when they had more arms, more support, and more fighting men, why should the West continue to support them when they have unarguably less of everything and Russia is more organized and aggressive? This is beyond the disgrace of applying the sunk cost fallacy to human lives. This is some bizarre fetish the Naughtzis have about throwing good money after bad in an attempt to kill their poor countrymen. For the sake of Ukraine we need to stop supporting this war.

    1. Anon

      It’s about election year… and the new FDR can’t go out like this, so stalling to spin it. I imagine the Nazi types don’t have much to look forward to either.

  18. Wukchumni

    I feel rather guilt free in missing a cloudy day in Buffalo, or how the celestial event was later described, right up there with Evel Knievel’s Snake River flub.

    I’m looking at a sunny day on the left coast Monday, 41% of totality-which sounds more akin to a minorality, but you go with the eclipse you have-not the one that’s overcast & over hyped.

    1. griffen

      Caution must be taken…don’t stare directly without those glasses ! Here on the eastern coast the timing is supposedly right for viewing between 2pm to 4pm, in South Carolina.

      Early schedule for a happy hour on Monday says I (!). My TPS report filing isn’t going anywhere.

      1. Wukchumni

        I’ve got my Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D welding glasses, care of Count Floyd (RIP)

        I’ll be on chair 14 @ Mammoth looking up^

        1. Steve H.

          “It is noteworthy that most welding glasses are not suitable for looking at the sun, and using them can be risky for your eyesight”

          (sorry, comments with link are getting vaped)

          1. Wukchumni

            We were in Mineral King for the 2017 model, which was around 72% totality and said glasses worked just fine-I may have misspoke by calling them welding-whoops, in fact we parked at the ranger station and there were a dozen people milling about-tourists & NPS employees, and I passed around the glasses for everybody to have a look at the oddly proportioned Yin & Yang overhead.

            I know how to ski by Braille and could find my way around a QWERTY blindfolded if blinded by the light, I suppose.

            1. juno mas

              Still, Do Not Look at the Sun for more than a few seconds at a time. Even with “Solar Shades”. Eye damage is permanent; there is no known medical treatment of any kind!

          2. Amfortas the Hippie

            we use the full welding hood, if that matters.
            but none of us have been interested enough when these things happen(like the partial last fall) to simply “stare”.

            1. mrsyk

              I’m as or even more interested in how it’s going to affect the behavior of the local fauna.

              1. Amfortas the Hippie

                with the partial eclipse last year, my critters didnt even register it, as near as i could tell.
                in this current Thing, i reckon the many, many, many extra vehicles out here will have a bigger impact on our animal neighbors.

                1. mrsyk

                  I didn’t think of that. I had some romantic vision of a scene blanketed in complete silence. I’m on the fringe which I’ve heard may get me a cup of coffee if $1.99 is included.

                  1. Amfortas the Hippie

                    ii mean, chickens, et alia, moved towards their houses….but then they went back to doin chicken, et alia, things.
                    same with sheep.
                    almost no effect.
                    4 minutes of total occlusion.
                    the hype lasts longer.

                2. flora

                  In the partial eclipse last year the birds fell silent, as if a thunderstorm was overhead or twilight had come early. They started chirping again once the partial darkness was overcome by the sunlight. The dogs cats, squirrels, etc carried on as usual.

      2. The Rev Kev

        As a kid I used two black film slides together to see an eclipse and it seemed to have worked. But who sees film slides these days?

        1. Fried

          We used x-rays, because apparently that was the sort of thing you’d have lying around the house.

    2. upstater

      Our nearby rustbelt city, Syracuse, ranks #2 in cloud cover behind Seattle. Monday forecast cloud cover forecast went from 20-30% Friday to 60-70% today. But not a solid blanket like last week. Maybe we’ll see totality… of not. Investing in a hotel room and transportation to watch an eclipse in the Great Lakes region would alway be a gamble.

      1. Lena

        This morning in my path of totality it is mostly cloudy. Tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy. As far as I can tell, the hundreds of thousands who are expected to arrive have yet to materialize. Maybe they are in the Walmart parking lot across town.

      2. Screwball

        I’m in the Great Lakes Region, Ohio to be exact. Our little NWO town is right in the sweet spot of totality. County of around 20k+. They have commercialized this to the hilt. Party’s, bands, people getting married (over 140 and counting). No hotels to be found (they gouged them, imagine that).

        Warning of traffic issues, all police and emergency people on duty doing 12 hour shifts. Some are guessing we will get tens of thousands of visitors. Some people are renting out spare rooms, other securing their property with rope to keep people out.

        They have hyped this to the hilt. We’ll see what happens. Wish I had a police scanner.

        1. Wukchumni

          The 2017 total eclipse was mostly in the back of beyond in Oregon/Idaho/Wyoming, etc.

          I remember reading of 14 hour traffic jams, this one is in more populated areas~

          1. The Rev Kev

            I wonder what would happen if astronomers announced that a meteorite was going to hit in the middle of the desert in a non-populated part of Arizona with the force of a small nuke. You think that tens of thousands of people would swarm to his area to watch the “fireworks” and bring their kids to see the “show”?

            1. Wukchumni

              We’re conditioned to not only anticipate the crash-but desire it. Hollywood has a lot to do with our tendencies, as they’ve supplied much fodder from the hand of make believe.

              By the way in Arizona, rim-seats for Meteor Crater #2 Boogaloo are fetching $15k in feverish pre-mark it demand.

        2. Amfortas the Hippie

          reports of fires and wrecks are up on my scanner…as well as various injury/ailments from misadventure…and thats just 2 days since the ravening hordes arrived.
          the fires ive heard so far have been locals burning brush, as is usual…and the city folks freaking out about it.
          of course, all this coincides with wildflower season…superbloom, this year…
          the flowerpeople every year end up using up our ration of antivenin…because they dont know to watch for rattle snakes, apparently, when getting that perfect picture of plant reproductive organs.
          my youngest is working at the coffee shop right now…says its worse than yesterday….even at 8am…with even more folks arriving.
          i’ll maybe take a run through town in the morning, just to see whats up.

          1. lyman alpha blob

            I was in your neck of the woods a year ago and really enjoyed all the wildflowers growing roadside and in the fields. I was a little surprised to see that what you get in April in TX are the same plants sold as annuals here in the northeast in June, and for a lot more than free!

            1. Amfortas the Hippie

              march thru july is my favorite time of year out here.
              and like i said…superbloom this year.
              ill check my email(after what? a frelling month?lol) and see if i can send pics, yet.
              fixin to debrief my youngest , who worked at the coffee shop all day.
              (and next time you or any of the other NC oldtimers are down this way, look me up(Lambert)…i have space for visitors, however alien(Pace commercial—“New England?!?!”))

    3. .Tom

      Can’t do a road trip tomorrow. Wanted to go to Lake Champlain a little north of Burlington but won’t because I’m eating kefir, sauerkraut, cottage cheese and miso and staying close to a bathroom because antibiotics because big toe cellulitis because subbed it breaking up a dog fight three weeks ago. I’ll find a live stream to watch and see what I can see from here in Boston. In 2017 I got some photos. They were fun to take but it’s weird how proud I am of them relative to the way better ones I can find on the internet.

  19. The Rev Kev

    “Yellen warns China of ‘significant consequences’ if its companies support Russia’s war in Ukraine”

    Yellen is just a sad little person. What she is saying to the Chinese is that don’t you dare offer any support for Russia – which is kinda late in the game – or else we will punish you with yet even more sanctions than we are throwing against you right now. But the Chinese must know that if she is still Secretary of the Treasury next year when the US comes gunning for China, that Yellen will go to Moscow and say don’t you dare offer any support for China or else we will punish you with yet even more sanctions. The strange thing about this whole article is that both Yellen and Blinken see no problem with them telling other countries that they are not allowed to trade with each other. Two countries that are superpowers and so far as I know, don’t even use US dollars to trade with each other anymore.

    1. timbers

      Appears that Yellen/US thinks it can persuade China to do what Japan did in the 80’s(?) – neuter it’s rising star economy so as not to overtake the US. But China is not a defeated nation nor dependent on US “protection” like Japan was.

      Here is a paraphrasing of Duran’s reporting on the Chinese readout from yesterday:

      “It is crystal clear to everyone that the United States created the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza and is bogged down in them and growing weaker from them – not Russia. Now the United States asks for China’s help to resolve them, but only so she can have the resources to create a conflict with China in Taiwan.”


    2. Chris Cosmos

      I’m waiting for Graham Chapman to come out of the sky and declare the skit over as being too silly. I’m not going to critique Yellen who is just following orders. Once you tell your “enemy” that there is a future of sanctions they will, like Russia, prepare for them. The Empire is just shooting itself in the foot with this silliness–but if you know Washington you also know that there is no other path other than understanding that the entire administrative state more more Monty Pythonite every day.

  20. Carolinian

    Re MoDo–A sampler from this extended rant on Trump/Macbeth

    Like Macbeth’s castle, the Trump campaign has, as Lady Macbeth put it, “the smell of blood,” and “all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten” it.


    An unspoken Trump threat is that there will be a blood bath again in Washington, like Jan. 6, if he doesn’t win.

    But wait. Jan 6 was a “bloodbath”? One can certainly object to Trump’s World Wrestling stye trash talk but describing an event where the only person shot was a Trump supporter as a bloodbath may require investigation of MoDo’s brain more than Trump’s.

    Meanwhile an actual bloodbath, as opposed to the imaginary version, is taking place in Ukraine and another in Gaza. One might almost suspect that the TDS-ers zeal to make Trump Macbeth or Hitler or some other villain is them zealously scrubbing the gore off their own unclean hands.

    Macbeth, with its witches and supernatural elements, is not exactly the most psychologically subtle of Shakespeare’s plays. Orson Welles even made a voodoo version in the 1930s. MoDo’s riff isn’t very subtle either. She probably has a Trump doll squirreled away somewhere–bristling with pins.

    1. Jason Boxman

      These people are high on their own supply. The real authoritarian bloodbath was in the Philippines during Trump’s term, actual death squads, associated with their president, committing extra judicial killings. Scores of them. It’s disturbing how stupid our liberal elite actually are.

  21. GlassHammer

    Why does EV overproduction abroad matter when their isn’t all that much demand domestically?

    Even if you flooded the domestic market with cheaper EVs, I don’t think it would create a buying frenzy.

    I don’t get it.

    1. Benny Profane

      At estimated 10,000 per car (like that will ever happen here, after import duties, if they could be imported) I’m guessing they’d sell very well. Too well. The public would wake up to the fact that we have no infrastructure to cope with that amount of charging and electric demand, and the virtue signaling politicians who are mandating the bans on gas cars would have to retreat or deflect. Or get to real work.

      1. GlassHammer

        Yeah the lack of infrastructure is why I didn’t think cheap EVs would be all that popular, you need a car to get anywhere in the states and gambling on a charging station is very unappealing.

        I think Hybrids are the better option at present since you get to use the existing infrastructure and any charging station you happen to stumble upon.

      2. Carolinian

        A small cheap EV would be very popular as a second car with the ICE car for long trips It’s likely most current EV owners usually charge them at home. Here in SC we have Teslas but hardly any charging stations.

        Tesla’s emphasis on range was a reaction to an earlier California/GM experiment with electric cars where the failure was blamed in part on the lack of it. But many Americans spend their time in cities rather than the spread out West so short range is less of an issue and therefore fewer batteries and weight and better initial low cost more of a thing.

        Biden’s threats to Chinese EV serve as proof that Detroit and its workers see them as a threat. Gen Joe is very worried about losing Michigan.

  22. john

    Agnotological Issues related to Covid. Wish I had written and published this. I began studying ignorance as a process and its uses in 2017. At the beginning of the pandemic, I began collecting articles, news reports and quantitative data about responses in USA and abroad. Although I have yet to really compile and analyze, the bottom line is: the strategic use of ignorance as outlined in this article spreads illness, causes loss of life, and negatively impacts the “economy.”

    1. Bsn

      Have you considered how ignorance can be well planned, as in the pandemic? Seems well planned to me. And, who’s ignorant, the planners or the “planned”?

  23. Milton

    Re: geoengineering
    Well, that’s where the money is–pouring buckets-full in the search for nonexistent solutions…
    Looks like the California Coastal Commission has been dutifully bought and have signed-off on Musk’s rocketry hobby to pollute our evening skies with human created noctoluminus clouds. Just the past week, we have been treated to two such displays.

  24. Alice X

    Ralph Nader @ Common Dreams

    The Mutually Reinforcing American and Israeli Empires

    Here are some examples of how these empires operate in tandem.

    If Biden’s people privately object to some Israeli off-the-wall slaughter of courageous journalists, United Nations staff, aid workers, patients in hospitals, and the starvation of babies, Netanyahu can softly say to Biden and Blinken, “Joe, Tony, why don’t you take up your complaints with OUR Congress.”

  25. LawnDart


    Decades ahead of the west in advanced manufacturing and a growing number of technologies. The dysfunction and corruption in the west renders it unable to field competetive players on its own, and one of the best strategies that could keep western companies in the game, partnerships with Chinese firms, gets nixed by shortsighted US pols– I’m specifically thinking of the Ford-CATL project which would have meant billions of dollars invested in US manufacturing for the production of EV batteries, killed because it’s Chinese.

    I’ve been watching the progress of a Chinese company for about four years. Most people think that it’s an aircraft or drone manufacturer, but it’s not: it’s a software company that also produces eVTOL aircraft. The aircraft are a byproduct of their business, a shiny-object that captures public imagination, but secondary to their core products which are software used for automated airspace management (think air-traffic control). Still, although not their primary focus, they’ve managed to become the world leader in the eVTOL industry.

    There is nothing comparable to this anywhere in the west… a multi-billion dollar market, commonly referred to as the “low-altitude economy” figures prominently into China’s five, ten, and 15-year plans, and it’s not even on our radar.

    EHang receives production certificate for self-flying air taxis

    The certificate, issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, is the world’s first PC granted in the global eVTOL industry, marking a significant leap towards mass production for the eVTOL aircraft and the following commercial operations, according to the company.

    Again, “air-taxis” is a misnomer if taken as a representation of the whole, of which passenger transport is but a small segment– logistics will see much greater use. “Big sky, little aircraft” works for uncrowded, less-travelled skies, but when it comes to tens of thousands of sorties daily above any given urban-area’s skies, the only way that happens is by use of automated airspace management. The USA cannot compete because we use tech from the 1950s and have no plans to update or modernize our infrastructure in any significant way.

    This is an example of just one market that will be impossible for the USA to sanction or boycott its way to competetivness or profitability.

    1. CA

      “Decades ahead of the west in advanced manufacturing and a growing number of technologies…”

      Really interesting and helpful comment all through.

    2. Phenix

      Many of us do not want any part of this. I would and will fight any attempt to commercialize our air space for parcel delivery. We have FedEx, UPS, and various other small players.

      China can have this dystopian future.

      1. LawnDart

        It’s OK, you need not worry: this advancement in logistics will only be evident where there is an economy to serve.

        1. CA

          1) I appreciate the response, not knowing how to approach such prejudice.

          2) As for the technology advance, we have a self-navigating low altitude transport plane that will serve far beyond rapid transport of a gift on a forgotten birthday.  This is the beginning of self-navigating land or water transport of supplies and personnel for emergencies, rescue missions from forests to deserts, fire-fighting or police missions, and on…

          April 7, 2024

          EHang receives production certificate for self-flying air taxis
          By Qiu Quanlin

          Guangzhou – On Sunday, EHang Holdings Limited, the world’s leading urban air mobility technology platform company, announced that it has successfully obtained the production certificate for its EH216-S passenger-carrying pilotless electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft…

    3. CA

      Decades ahead of the west in advanced manufacturing…

      [ Even on a conceptual-developmental level the gains in advanced manufacturing that have been made are critical to recognize because the thinking and writing of Western economists repeatedly stressed that China had gone wrong by the emphasis on manufacturing production. The emphasis was supposed to be software.

      Robert Solow was forgotten by Western economists but remembered by the Chinese. Work on manufacturing, even in agriculture work on seed production. Seed production is a form of manufacturing!

      That is why investment is so emphasized by the Chinese, no matter Western advice to the contrary. ]

      1. The Rev Kev

        Poor sobs. Don’t they realize that the future is financialization and not manufacturing? /sarc

  26. MRLost

    Re AIPAC –
    Israel nuking Iran hurts Hamas
    Israel nuking Iran hurts Hezbollah
    Israel nuking Iran hurts the Houthis
    Israel nuking Iran hurts Putin
    It all comes down to Israel nuking Iran
    Waiting for Israel to just do it and get it over with. Who would stop them?
    Israelis are already committing genocide. What’s a few nukes between mortal enemies?

    1. ambrit

      Pakistan has already offered nukes to Turkey, just in case.
      To ‘recover’ the Dome of the Rock from the infidels in Tel Aviv and thus become the Defenders of the Faith, Turkey would be very tempted to demolish Israel.
      And what is America going to do about it? Go to war with NATO?
      This situation can quickly devolve into real American Pogroms. AIPAC may control the Congress, but it does not control the Public.

      1. Amfortas the Hippie

        “And what is America going to do about it? Go to war with NATO?”

        knocked over my coffee with that one.
        what a frelling world theyve given us.

  27. Wukchumni

    You made me cry when my job said goodbye
    AIn’t that a shame, my tears fall like rain
    AIn’t that a shame, you’re the one to blame

    You broke my heart, now a computer is playing my part
    AIn’t that a shame, my tears fall like rain
    AIn’t that a shame, you’re the one to blame
    Ah, yes you are

    Farewell, goodbye, newly hired scribe
    AIn’t that a shame, my tears fall like rain
    AIn’t that a shame, you’re the one to blame

    You made me cry when my job said goodbye
    AIn’t that a shame, my tears fall like rain
    AIn’t that a shame, you’re the one to blame

    Ain’t That A Shame, performed by Cheap Trick

  28. The Rev Kev

    “What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world”

    I notice that there is no mention of who was behind this scheme. I would bet that it was a State actor so maybe Russia? The US? China? Israel? The UK? The key to this is if they start throwing around accusations or, like the NS2 pipeline explosions, they just shut up about it. If the later, then somebody from a western country got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

      1. GramSci

        More likely Microsoft. Microsoft’s business model is increasingly threatened by linux; Apple’s, not so much.

    1. Daryl

      Jia Tan was the pseudonym of the person or persons behind the exploit. Which makes me think… probably not China. Apparently they left some breadcrumbs that may potentially be followed up on… or not if those breadcrumbs lead to inconvenient conclusions.

  29. ChrisFromGA

    Staying mostly true to the original here. Modified a bit to fit the times.

    Know Your Rights

    (Original Song by The Clash, from the album “Combat Rock”)

    This is a public service announcement, with guitar!

    Know your rights! All three of ’em!

    Number one, you have the right not to be killed
    Murder is a crime!
    Unless it was done by an Israeli settler
    Or you’re an aid worker, oh know your rights

    And number two! You have the right, to food money
    Provided of course, you don’t mind a little,
    Defoliation, defenestration, and if you cross into Gaza,
    An IDF death-squad operation!

    Know your rights … these are your rights!

    [Musical interlude]

    Oh, know these rights!

    Number three!

    You have the right to free speech
    As long as … you don’t rely on dumb tech bros platforms!

    Know your rights … these are your rights
    Know your rights … these are your rights
    All three of ’em
    And it has been suggested in some quarters, that this is not enough!

    Well … get off the streets … run!

    Original Song

  30. playon

    I hope the Chinese EV batteries are better than the ones they make for e-bikes, which tend to catch fire.

    1. Oh

      I don’t think all e-bike batteries catch fire. Remember the time Li batteries in phones (samsung) and laptops caught fire? We have not heard about those kinds of events anymore.

  31. Tom Stone

    I was thinking a bit about AI being used by the FBI and other “Security” agencies and realized that false positives are a good thing.
    For their budgets, which is what matters.
    It’s going to be an interesting next few years for the survivors, so many systems are in the process of collapsing that it’s impossible to tell which will be the first to set off the cascade of failures.
    My bet is that it will be Health care and the “Educational” system to start, sending sick kids to school in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t leave a lot of road left to kick the can down.

  32. fringe element

    I wish I had known Ophelia’s human when the dog was still alive. I have a friend who lives on twenty beautiful acres about fifteen miles outside of Athens. It is a full on rural place, with only one other house anywhere close. Ophelia might have been safe there. If it looks like the new dog will have trouble surviving in the city, the admins have my permission to give you my email so maybe we can meet and figure out how to get the new pup to rural safety if need be.

  33. Mikel

    “What’s Wrong With the Economy? It’s You, Not the Data” WSJ

    It’s not all about what people can buy right now.
    It’s about what happens in those times when there is no cash flow…

  34. djrichard

    Yahoo comments moderation AI/human rejected my one word comment of “yes” for violating community guidelines in response to the following

    Are you actually arguing that Ukraine surrendering to Russia would be a good idea?

    Just an interesting measure of where things are

    1. Ben Panga

      Wrongthink will not be tolerated citizen. Please contact your designated chatbot supervisor for re-education.

  35. upstater

    A Russian publication… perhaps a more realistic of the Ukraine war: past, present and future? A long read, well worth the time. From a comment at MoA.

    From “Special” to “Military” Lessons from Two Years of the Operation in Ukraine (Ruslan N. Pukhov, Russia in Global Affairs)

    It was founded by the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (SVOP), Russian International Affairs Council, Higher School of Economics – National Research University.

    Failed “Operation Danube”

    We can retrospectively conclude that Russia initially planned an operation that was primarily “special” and only secondarily “military,” as it intended to achieve its goals without large-scale hostilities or organized armed resistance. Future historians will have to explain why Moscow considered this feasible, even though the Ukrainian army had been waging a continuous “minor” war in Donbass since 2014.

    The initial SMO plan is actually quite familiar, as it copied Operation Danube, the 1968 Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia. Analogously, the SMO envisaged the capture of Kiev’s airport, the deployment of paratroopers there to seal off the Ukrainian capital, and rapid advances of numerous armored and mechanized units to surround major cities, which would then be quickly pacified by light units, special forces, and intelligence services.

    Immediate Prospects

    Both warring parties, and the West, are not ready for a peaceful settlement. The current military-political situation is similar to the positional period in the 1951-1953 Korean War, an outcome that the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies predicted in notes and comments on a possible Russian-Ukrainian conflict back in 2021 and early 2022. The positional deadlock can be overcome either through a dramatic military buildup to achieve overwhelming numerical superiority over the enemy, or through a military-technical advantage that can be gained primarily by significantly increasing the number of high-precision weapons and enhancing their effectiveness. Neither seems attainable for both sides in the near future. This makes a protracted war inevitable, with relatively stable fronts as in the Korean or Iran-Iraq war. It will be a war of attrition lasting for years, not with the aim of forcing the enemy to compromise, but in the hope that domestic political change will force the other side to change its goals.

    1. britzklieg

      ” Future historians will have to explain why Moscow considered this feasible, even though the Ukrainian army had been waging a continuous “minor” war in Donbass since 2014.”

      Ukraine was prepared to cut a deal w/Russia within months, having been thoroughly defanged. In this sense the SMO was a success.

      This is not a Russia/Ukraine conflict, this is a Russia/NATO conflict.

      and Russia will win, indeed, has likely already won.

      If it doesn’t it’s because it has spread to WW status, which no one will win. A war of attrition it is not and will not be, imho.

      1. Feral Finster

        That Russia did not recognize from the outset that this was a conflict with NATO is truly astounding naivete.

        1. britzklieg

          That you have not recognized from the beginning that Russia is winning (sadly, at no small cost to its soldiers) against whomever you wish to call its opponent is astounding ignorance and seemingly desirous of a nuclear confrontation that no one will win and which would have been the result if Russia had gone in full bore as you apparently hoped for and endlessly still do.

          1. Feral Finster

            I don’t hope for nuclear confrontation, and claiming that I do so wish is a strawman argument that you constantly revert to.

            However I also recognize that reality is indifferent to what I may wish for. Actually, your entire paragraph is a string of strawman arguments.

  36. Jason Boxman

    Random fun fact. From Cummins Inc. Offer to Exchange Up to $N shares of Common Stock of ATMUS ect…, prospectus dated 14 February 2024.

    Risks related to macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions

    Bullet one, “public health crisis, including the spread of a contagious disease, such as COVID-19 and other catastrophic events;”

    Also discusses the last of the China lockdowns in early 2022 hunt business.

    I wonder how common these kinds of disclosures on Pandemics were in disclosures prior to 2020? I should probably read more of these, but it isn’t entertaining reading.

  37. XXYY

    AIPAC to US: “Let’s you and him fight.”

    This has been Israel’s policy since at least 1980. The country is too small and weak to do anything militarily on its own, and too politically isolated to form alliances with most of the countries in the region. Rather than change their own behavior, they seem to have settled in on getting economic, political and military aid from the US taxpayer.

    This has worked for them surprisingly well thanks to the corruption of the US political class, allowing a country with the population of New Jersey to punch far above its weight on the world scene and occupy a vastly overinflated mindshare in the US dominated parts of the West.

    I have no idea why Americans continue to hitch their wagon to this particular star; hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

    1. Feral Finster

      Israel recognizes that the time window when America would automatically fight whatever war Israel wished is starting to close.

  38. Michael Mck

    What can be done about backdoors in open source software?
    How about we stop “improving” the technologies. No more new features or updates (except ones to counter recently added malware like this case, the need for which will be moot if we stop letting Persons “improve” things).
    This should be an advertisement for open source programs though because it shows that malware will be found unlike that imbedded by the makers in Big Tech’s products.
    Tech is good enough, how about we focus on the lifestyle changes.

    1. NotTimothyGeithner

      What are the alternatives? This is what Boeing knows. They will get bailed out. Biden won’t send out the DoJ and the transportation secretary is on paternity leave. It’s the same with insurance rates. No one will qct so boom straight to the moon.

      Last year my electric went crazy,cand state legislators and the governor said it was nuts. The bills plummeted. Fear drives corporations.

      1. antidlc

        Chaos at Heathrow as two aircraft collide on the tarmac

        Two passenger planes collided on the tarmac at Heathrow in front of stunned travellers.

        A Virgin Atlantic 787 crashed with a British Airways Airbus A350 while pushing back from the terminal.

        Both aircrafts were left with minor damage.

        Virgin Atlantic said: ‘We are aware that the wingtip of one of our empty aircraft came into contact with another aircraft whilst being towed from the stand at London Heathrow Terminal 3.

  39. Sub-Boreal

    Since we need all the help we can get, may I suggest a bonus inorganic antidote?

    Turns out the Italy’s Mt. Etna is blowing smoke-rings! Some amazing videos: here and here!

  40. Amfortas the Hippie

    i did this, today, in the giant dutch oven over a fire at the Wilderness Bar:

    but i substituted enormous deer shanks(that i cut right over there) and had to modify the spice mix/curry a bit, based on whats on the rack.
    mint and lemon gremolata…basmati rice….lard/olive oil, and celery and carrots and carrot greens, rosemary,mint,garlic leaves and onions off this place.
    turned into a complex dish…with the butterysmooth cinnamon in the uppermost part of yer sinuses….tumeric and dill in yer jowell cheeks…cardamom towards the front of yer nose…etc.
    this gets added to the list.

  41. Anon

    Re: Desperate Russian Soldiers

    We have them on the lines! For God’s sake man send Zelensky more money!

  42. playon

    Was the honeybee thing really exaggerated? A couple of years ago I was talking to a guy who sells honey at the farmers market, when I asked him about the bees (he collects honey from several different areas and farms in central WA) he was almost in tears talking about how they weren’t doing well.

    1. Amfortas the Hippie

      the wild, prolly all “africanised”, bees around here havent got the memo, i guess.
      i know of four bee trees within easy golfcart range.
      ive visited each in last week.
      hung out with them.
      all abuzz, as it were.

      1. steppenwolf fetchit

        If the memo was written for and about the docile and semi-docile European honeybee, why would the memo even be relevant to “africanized” bees?

        1. Amfortas the Hippie

          because all the bees in the south are africanised by now.
          ask any beekeeper south of mason dixon, at least.
          evry beekeeper i know says, “assume theyre africanised”…and recommend capturing local hives when they swarm, and then maybe requeening the next year.
          rather than buying a whole hive or whatever.
          reasoning being, theyll be africanised within the year anyway.

          1. britzklieg

            A Song on the End of the World
            By Czeslaw Milosz (Translated by Anthony Milosz)

            On the day the world ends
            A bee circles a clover,
            A fisherman mends a glimmering net.
            Happy porpoises jump in the sea,
            By the rainspout young sparrows are playing
            And the snake is gold-skinned as it should always be.

            On the day the world ends
            Women walk through the fields under their umbrellas,
            A drunkard grows sleepy at the edge of a lawn,
            Vegetable peddlers shout in the street
            And a yellow-sailed boat comes nearer the island,
            The voice of a violin lasts in the air
            And leads into a starry night.

            And those who expected lightning and thunder
            Are disappointed.
            And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps
            Do not believe it is happening now.
            As long as the sun and the moon are above,
            As long as the bumblebee visits a rose,
            As long as rosy infants are born
            No one believes it is happening now.

            Only a white-haired old man, who would be a prophet
            Yet is not a prophet, for he’s much too busy,
            Repeats while he binds his tomatoes:
            There will be no other end of the world,
            There will be no other end of the world.

            Warsaw, 1944


  43. steppenwolf fetchit

    . . . ” “The US Treasury Secretary has made the threat of China’s excess production of electric vehicles and other clean energy products a focus of her second visit to China in nine months.” Excess with respect to what? Thread: ” . . .

    ” Excess with respect to what” is a very fair question. Because America could be accused of “excess capacity” for corn and soybean production relative to the amount of cornsoy that Americans eat domestically.
    If the AmeriGov accuses China of “excess production capacity” for E-cars and E-panels over and above its own domestic consumption needs, then the ChinaGov could accuse America of “excess production capacity” for corn and soybeans over and above its own domestic needs. So, how to accuse China of excess capacity without being accused of hypocrisy? There is no way to do that without such a counter-accusation.

    How to step off that hamster wheel of accusation and counter-accusation? Accept the fact that waging Trade is waging War by other means and that a country trapped in the iron spiderweb of Forcey FreeTrade Agreements and Organizations has no legally permitted way to defend its internal economy and society against Mercantilistic Export Aggression perpetrated against it by its trading enemies. A movement based on the acceptance of this fact would accept that China has zero obligation to follow any rule or care about any hard-steps-avoiding accusation of “excess capacity”. It is the AmeriGov’s obligation to accept the basic fact that Trade IS War and that Forcey FreeTrade is designed to tilt the Trade-as-War battlefield against America’s existence and survival as a free or at least free-ish non-colonized country.

    Currently America is occupied by a regime which supports Forcey FreeTrade against American Survival. We would need a revolution to destroy the Forcey FreeTrade Occupation Regime from power and from existence in order to replace it with a Pro-American Survivalist Government devoted to taking America out of the Forcey FreeTrade System so that America can pursue National Economic Survival in One Country.

    And if Trump can successfully paint himself as the Pro-American President who will do that ( whether he really means it or not), then Trump will win by a Nixon in ’72 landslide. If he can’t, then he won’t; and the election will revert to merely being a measure of ” who hates whom the most”.

  44. Ben Panga

    Israel pulls out almost all troops from Southern Gaza (Haaretz) Why Is the IDF Withdrawing From Southern Gaza?

    There’s interesting nuggets in each of the three articles.

    According to the IDF it’s for tactical reasons and to prepare for a Rafah assault. But it’s also one of the Hamas conditions for a potential ceasefire. I would assume even if Israel was leaning towards ceasefire Israel would still be threatening the destruction of Rafah as a negotiating ploy.

    So…..potentially hopeful?

  45. Martin Oline

    Well geez, so much bad advise about the eclipse it makes my eyes hurt just reading it. At least it’s time for bed and I can use them again tomorrow.
    I was delivering newspapers during an eclipse when I was about 13 I’d guess. It was only going to be about 30-40% where I lived but we were looking up and shading our eyes while we made the rounds. Some old guy, me tonight, said, “Hey, don’t do that. You’ll ruin your eyes.” He went and got two pieces of cardboard and gave them to us. One had a small hole in it and by holding the holed sheet over the solid would cast a picture of the sun, showing how much had been eaten by the Great Spaghetti Monster and how much remained. Not as exciting as burning out your eyes but much safer. Good luck.

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