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About #SlayTheSmaugs

#SlayTheSmaugs is an elected Bernie delegate in Philly. #STS believes that the billionaire class are Smaugs (the greed incarnate dragon of The Hobbit), immorally hoarding wealth for no reason beyond ego gratification. To "Slay" the Smaugs, we need a confiscatory wealth tax, stronger democratic institutions to impose it, and a shared moral agreement that #GreedIsEvil to justify it.

Being a Bernie Delegate

The convention was an overwhelming experience—and a deeply sleep deprived one, sleep deprivation on the new-parent scale. Only now am I able to process a bit, and I invite you to join me. I headed into the convention with no expectations; I had never been to one before, and wasn’t sure that past conventions would […]


Monday Scenes from the Democratic Convention (through 7:10 pm EDT)

Here are some scenes from the convention; many have been reported elsewhere, but fwiw here’s my take: Friday night the DNC held two huge parties to welcome delegates. The Berners were proudly displaying Bernie bling, Hillary fans much less so. Things were peaceful. The Bernie meeting at 12:30 Monday reflected where many delegates are: angry […]


The Immorality and Brutal Violence of Extreme Greed

Yves here. Please welcome guest blogger #SlayTheSmaugs. For those of you who have neither read The Hobbit nor seen the movies, “Smaug” is probably a meaningless word. In The Hobbit, Smaug is a massive and vicious dragon. He sits on a pile of gold and jewels that would bury a football stadium’s grass several feet […]