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Coronavirus Testing Shortages Force Extreme Shift In Strategy By Local Health Officials

Yves here. The admission that the US, even if it had coronavirus test results, lacked the institutional capacity to do contact tracing, is a stunner. Gee, we supposedly live in a world of AI and big data, but our Silicon Valley gearheads can’t come close to what China has done? But we can find the […]


Marcie Frost Indictment: Overwhelming Majority of Investment Professionals Would Not Recommend Joining CalPERS

A survey of CalPERS’ investment professionals reveals that CalPERS is one big unhappy family. Not only that, it shows that they’ve become less happy in the last year, since Ben Meng became Chief Investment Officer. We’ve embedded the summary page of the survey, but this section shows that less than 1/4 of CalPERS’ investment professional […]


New MH17 Leak – Dutch Prosecutors Have Received No US Satellite Evidence of the Shoot-Down by a Buk Missile

Yves here. Helmer is still keeping tabs on MH17 developments. By John Helmer, Moscow. Twitter: @bears_with. Originally published at Dances With Bears A new document, leaked from the files of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in The Netherlands,  reveals that Dutch prosecutors told the Australian, Belgian and Ukrainian representatives on the team, that the US […]