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Marshall Auerback: We Are Clearly Living in a Bizarro Capitalism Era—And It’s Time to Change How the World Manages Economies

Central banks don’t have the tools to address our problems. It will take well-constructed fiscal policy to set right our topsy-turvy economy.


Michael Hudson: Why Frances Coppola’s “The Case for the People’s Quantitative Easing” Is for Banks, Not the People

A dubious proposal to continue over-reliance on monetary policy, this time with a quantitative easing scheme, instead of fiscal spending.


Signs of Recession Are Hitting Europe—And Its New Central Bank President May Not Be Up for the Challenge

Europe, or more specifically the Eurozone, has a deficient bank regulatory framework which may be tested by economic weakness and wobbly banks. Having Christine Lagarde at the ECB’s helm is not likely to be a plus.