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Marshall Auerback: Central Bankers as ‘Dealers of Last Resort’

In their 21st-century role as counterparty/dealer/insurer of last resort, central bankers must not simply use their balance sheets indiscriminately to provide a liquidity backstop during the downturns. They must embrace this counterparty role as an umpire, rather than an enabler.


Bill Black: Pre-Crisis “4506-T Studies” Showed Massive Fraud in Liar’s Loans; Fed Ignored Warning, DoJ Refused to Target Implicated Banksters

Yet another proof that the authorities were given evidence of widespread mortgage fraud before the crisis and chose to do nothing about it.


Bill Black: Fed Lets Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Off Hook, Investors Profit Billions

Bill Black discusses how even though Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley failed their recent stress tests to determine whether these banks can weather a financial crisis, the Fed allowed them to pay billions in dividends and stock buybacks to investors.