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‘Pandemic Is Far From Over’: People’s CDC Tells Congress to Fund Covid Response

Yves here. This is the first time I’ve come across the People’s CDC, and I like the cut of their jib. They have a series of demands for Covid action. And while continued “access” to vaccines is on the list, it’s their dead last action item, with N95 masks and ventilation and testing and improved […]


Some Rural Hospitals Are in Such Bad Shape, Local Governments Are Practically Giving Them Away

John here. This article provides an interesting view of the economics of rural hospitals, which are closing at an alarming rate. In particular, it highlights how counties often negotiate from desperately weak positions, even when they have invested in the infrastructure. Another recent KHN article reported on the start-up Noble Health, which took over two […]


National Cyber Defenses Mean Businesses Can Keep Making Money From Public Services

By John McGregor, a translator and political violence researcher Cyber attacks targeting private sector providers for essential public services result in additional waste of public resources. When public health care fails in cyber security, politicians are quick to blame staff on the ground. But when private companies become the weak link, state resources are spent […]