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Joseph Stiglitz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talk Social and Economic Justice

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to be in the limelight. Is she getting her political footing yet? And will she live up to her “democratic socialist” brand, or is she getting more cozy than necessary with establishment Democrats?


Richard Murphy: Writers of Labour’s “Fiscal Rule” Lash Themselves to the Austerity Mast

Labour’s economists show their Third Way colors and advocate austerity-generating policy rules that might as well have been penned by former Treasury Secretary, later Citigroup vice chairman Bob Rubin.


Austerity Caused Brexit

Yves here. Lambert sent me a copy of the underlying paper on Brexit voting patterns a week ago, suggesting I write it up. I sat on it due to focusing on seemingly more pressing stories, plus being behind on administrativa due to travel. I’ve embedded the article at the end of this post. This finding […]