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Electronic Health Records: Death By A Thousand Clicks

Rather than an electronic ecosystem of information, the nation’s thousands of EHRs largely remain a sprawling, disconnected patchwork. Moreover, the effort has handcuffed health providers to technology they mostly can’t stand and has enriched and empowered the $13-billion-a-year industry that sells it.


The Doomsday Economics of ‘Proof-of-Work’ in Cryptocurrencies

Why inherent problems with cryptocurrency liquidity are already leading to consideration of other methods for validating blockchain updates. They are likely to prove unsatisfactory and therefore call for verification by a trusted institution….defeating the rationale for cryptocurrencies.


Bezos Admits His Fortune Is Due to Public Infrastructure….Even as He Fought Paying a Homeless Tax in Seattle, Shakes Down Cities for Subsidies

Bezos admits he and other squillionaires didn’t do the “heavy lifting” of building the infrastructure on which tech enterprises depend….yet tries to depict a space venture as a greenfield project. Help me.