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IMF Warns That Inequality, Poverty, Low Productivity Growth, Falling Workforce Participation Will Drag on US Growth

The IMF has become an unlikely reporter of unpleasant realities about the US economy, particularly the costs of inequality and distress. If only its prescriptions were better….


The TPP as a Set of International Economic Rules

An agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership has finally been reached, but the full text of the agreement has not been released yet. This column looks at the new set of rules comprising the TPP and whether it deserves to be called a ‘21st century free trade agreement’. It argues that the success or failure of the 12-country pact rests ultimately on the dispute settlement procedures.


Labor Advisory Committee Report on TPP Synthesizes Everything Wrong About the Trade Deal

By David Dayen, a lapsed blogger and author of Chain of Title, to be released May 2016. Follow him on Twitter @ddayen. The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office has been maligned for its network of Trade Advisory Committees, allegedly “independent” counsel for trade agreements. The Washington Post did the best work on the Advisory Committees back […]