Democrats Who Voted for Fast Track

Reader Vatch writes (2015-07-03): We might as well have the Senate and House traitors together in one list, along with their phone numbers. Note that this is only a list of Democratic traitors. Most Republicans in Congress also voted for TPA, and by extension, for future TPP, TTIP, and TiSA bills. —

Lambert here (2015-07-03): When I have time, I’ll modify this into a table, including first names (I thought it would be best for readers to be able to scan the list alphabetically by last name), web sites, and possibly a column for the two or three most damaging pieces of oppo.

Senate traitors:

Bennet (D-CO) (202) 224-5852
Cantwell (D-WA) (202) 224-3441
Cardin (D-MD) (202) 224-4524 (Given a free “No” vote, but stood ready to vote “Yes.”)
Carper (D-DE) (202) 224-2441
Coons (D-DE) (202) 224-5042
Feinstein (D-CA) (202) 224-3841
Heitkamp (D-ND) (202) 224-2043
Kaine (D-VA) (202) 224-4024
McCaskill (D-MO) (202) 224-6154
Murray (D-WA) (202) 224-2621
Nelson (D-FL) (202) 224-5274
Shaheen (D-NH) (202) 224-2841
Warner (D-VA) (202) 224-2023
Wyden (D-OR) (202) 224-5244

House traitors:

Ashford (Neb.) – (202) 225-4155
Bera (Calif.) – 202-225-5716
Bernice Johnson (Texas) – (202) 225-8885
Beyer (Va.) – (202) 225-4376
Blumenauer (Ore.) – (202) 225-4811
Bonamici (Ore.) – (202) 225-0855
Connolly (Va.) – (202) 225-1492
Cooper (Tenn.) – (202) 225-4311
Costa (Calif.) – (202) 225-3341
Cuellar (Texas) – (202) 225-1640
Davis (Calif.) – (202) 225-2040
Delaney (Md.) – (202) 225-2721
DelBene (Wash.) – (202) 225-6311
Farr (Calif.) – (202) 225-2861
Himes (Ct.) – (202) 225-5541
Hinojosa (Tex.) – (202) 225-2531
Kilmer (Wash.) – (202) 225-5916
Kind (Wis.) – (202) 225-5506
Larsen (Wash.) – (202) 225-2605
Meeks (N.Y.) – (202) 225-3461
O’Rourke (Tex.) – (202) 225-4831
Peters (Calif.) – (202) 225-0508
Polis (Colo.) – (202) 225-2161
Quigley (Ill.) – (202) 225-4061
Rice (N.Y.) – (202) 225-5516
Schrader (Ore.) – (202) 225-5711
Sewell (Ala.) – (202) 225-2665
Wasserman Schultz (202) 225-7931


  1. kevin welch

    You CON GRESSMEN are a shame and a traitor of the USA. To side with corporate interest shows that you are Fascist and do not care about the Poor and the Middle Classes in the USA. May all of you rot in hell where you belong.

  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

    This is a good idea, and can be expanded in many ways. For example, that (202) call could cost people money. There are many ways to contact a Congresscritter…For example, Senator Michael Bennet:

    Denver Metro Office
    1127 Sherman St., Suite 150
    Denver, CO 80203
    Phone: 303-455-7600
    Toll Free: 866-455-9866

    Arkansas Valley Office
    129 West B Street
    Pueblo, CO 81003
    Phone: 719-542-7550


    1. Kokuanani

      As has been mentioned several times on NC, voters should take advantage of the Congressional recess & drop by their members’ [Senate and House] local office. You could make an appointment to speak with them, or with the legislative assistant who works on trade issues. You could call, e-mail, or write the local office. You could also suggest to your friends & family that they do likewise.

      Look in your local phone book, or on the member’s web site to find out addresses & numbers. Congress-folks should go home after this recess saying [to themselves and to each other], “man, my constituents are STILL steamed about the TPP!!! They’re not going to let me forget this.”

  3. sheila

    I LOVE this roll call. This needs to be standard reporting, but never is in MSM. Could you please post exactly how one finds out the votes on a certain issue? I’ve used the “Thomas” site to track a bill’s progress, to see if my rep was on-board, co-sponsoring it, etc. But I knew the exact number of the bill in this case, e.g., HR-1234. Using Keywords often comes up dry, however. Can’t find the right bill, the progression, or the final votes. Sorry if this is obvious to everyone else. Thanks, s

    1. Vatch

      Senate and House roll call votes are here.

      You can usually get to a roll call vote for a particular bill by clicking on the Major Congressional Actions button on the bill’s Thomas web page.

  4. TG

    This is a great idea – we need to move past the empty campaign slogans and remember the record. I am keeping a printed list of the roll call on this vote for future reference. I do suggest, however, that only counting Democratic traitors is missing the point. We should also remember those who stood with us (though of course many of these probably voted no only after the leadership was sure they had locked up enough yes votes – well, nothing to be done about that except to make selling out the national interest so career-destroying that the leadership can’t pass these awful bills under any conditions).

    You may not like him on other issues, but certainly Republican Senator Jeff Sessions has fought against Obamatrade at least as hard as Elizabeth Warren. Also notable were the courageous no votes of Republican Senators Collins (R-Me), Paul (R-Ky), Lee (R-Ut), and Shelby (R-Al. Way to go Alabama!) Give credit where credit is due.

    1. Mass Independent

      Kind of hard to give the Rethugs credit for doing a little decent something right when they do so many other things so wrong. If I wrote a short note to send to give them credit for voting against TPP, I’d have to write a novel to send along to deduct credit for their idiot legislation and obstruction.

      1. TG

        I see your point.

        But, still… divide and conquer anyone?

        OK sure most Republicans are knee-jerk corporate welfare whores. Pretty much like most Democrats. But some have some decency left and they should be encouraged.

        Even though most Republicans betrayed us on fast-tracking obamatrade (as expected), THEY ARE STILL TRAITORS AND SHOULD BE LISTED A SUCH. Even if 100% of the Republicans voted for Obamatrade. Treason is treason even if expected.

        But some Republicans braved the wrath of their corporate sponsors and stood by us. That should be respected. They are taking a LOT of heat from the leadership for this, they are giving up a lot of post-service bribes. I would take Jeff Sessions over corporate shills like Obama and Hillary Clinton any day. Well, unless you believe that empty words are reality…

    2. Spring Texan

      Absolutely, and we need to give Republican yes votes a hard time too, if they are our rep.

      Have already called mine and said I won’t forget this and will be looking for someone else to vote for in the primary (true, as I sometimes cross over and vote in the Republican primary since that’s in reality the election in Texas).

      I also called beforehand and his staff had been instructed to say up till the last minute that he “hadn’t decided yet,” although in reality he had. I understand Republican calls were overwhelmingly against, yet that’s not how many Republicans voted.

  5. William Hunter Duncan

    The only metric that matters in that document is trade, and the “barriers” preventing trade. Over time, every law in every signatory nation will be challenged as a barrier to trade, ie profit. Over time every law of every signatory nation would become a reflection of this TPP commission’s intent. This is an agreement to cede sovereignty to an international cartel, to accept direct rule by corporations and banks. Government more than it already is would merely be the muscle of that intent. You can be sure the total surveillance infrastructure and laws like indefinite detention for “terrorists” will not be questioned.

  6. AWB

    I’m glad to see there aren’t any members from North Carolina, or I would surely be contacting them!

    Besides online contact forms and leaving messages on answering machines, I like the idea of contacting them at the local offices during recesses.


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