Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Major Insurers to G20 Nations: Stop Wasting Time, Phase-Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020

By Kyla Mandel, Editor of DeSmog UK. Originally published at DeSmogBlog. Major global insurance companies are urging G20 leaders to commit to a specific timeline for rapidly phasing out fossil fuel subsidies – something they’ve repeatedly failed to do over the years despite numerous promises to end support for the industry. In a joint statement […]

Is ‘Our Revolution’ the Way To Build Transformative Politics?

Lambert here: Readers know my priors, here; what I wanted out of election 2016 is what I’ve called The Overton Prism, where, instead of bipolar politics — yeah, no kidding — we have tri-polar politics: conservative, liberal, and left, where both conservatives and liberals put markets first, and where the left puts working people first; […]

Wolf Richter: Fear Spreads of a Housing Crash in Canada

By Wolf Richter, a San Francisco based executive, entrepreneur, start up specialist, and author, with extensive international work experience. Originally published at Wolf Street. Canadians have been gung-ho about their magnificent housing bubble, feeding it with an endless willingness to pay every higher prices, even as regulators and international institutions issued warnings, as short sellers […]

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The Underground History of the So-Called Public Option (Plus Underpants Gnomes)

The history of single payer and the so-called “public option”; applying a hermaneutic of suspicion.

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Framing Votes for TPP as the Surrender of National Sovereignty (i.e., Treason)

By Lambert Strether as Corrente The left critique on TPP starts with how it hurts labor, and moves on to how it hurts the environment. The difficulty here is that these critiques don’t appeal to the right, and it will take left and right, ganging up, to defeat the party establishments on TPP. I would […]

Forget Swing States: The Presidential Election Will Be Determined by 20 Swing Counties in Linchpin States

As political scientists drill down into election results, they find swing states are generally won by the next president—but by 5 percent or less of the vote.

Oil Booms Leave the Poor in the Dark

One of the biggest challenges in fighting poverty is to know where it is. This column describes a new way to measure poverty by using satellites to count people who live in darkness at night. This shows that the economic benefits of oil booms don’t trickle down to the very poor.

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DoJ Says Jail for Not Making Bail is Unconstitutional

The DoJ says jailing poor defendants for not being able to pay bail is unconstitutional. Reform requires challenging the bail bond industry.

Business Groups Aim to Strong-Arm CFPB on Arbitration

Business groups seek to thwart proposed CFPB regulations to limit forced arbitration clauses and allow consumers to bring class actions.

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Is Toothpaste Dangerous to Your Health?

The US relies on industry self-regulation of personal care products, thus exposing consumers to harms, in contrast to Canada, Europe, and Japan.

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