Friday, October 28, 2016

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/28/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: CETA, Wallonia, and TTIP; Clinton’s Nixonian corruption, public option, Erica Garner, GDP, PowerBook debacle, emoji

Inequality As Policy: Selective Trade Protectionism Favors Higher Earners

Policy choices have subjected manufacturing workers to global competition while shielding high-wage professionals.

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Private Equity Consultant Hamilton Lane Trots Out New Excuse, “Evil Populists,” for Already-Flagging Private Equity Performance

Funny how it’s OK for defenders of the 0.1% like Hamilton Lane to blame class warfare on their soon-to-be-fallen standing, but not the 99%.

Why the ECB is Going to Print, Print, PRINT!

The ECB is set to dig its hole even deeper….

Nomi Prins: Hillary Clinton Will Continue the Big Bank Protection Racket

Hillary Clinton has apparently never met a well-heeled banker she didn’t like….

Confirming Our Meetup in Dallas Next Wednesday, November 2!

Our first Dallas meetup is on! Hope to see you there next week.

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/27/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: Wallonia gives in on CETA, Bill Clinton’s influence peddling, 2016 vs. Brexit, Trump TV, durable goods, Patient Zero

The Danger of Germany’s Current Account Surpluses

Economists are more and more worried about Germany’s rising trade surpluses. Calling Wolfgang Schauble to the white courtesy phone….

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Wolf Richter: Layoffs at Alphabet Access to Hit 9%, Google Fiber to “Pause” Plans, CEO Leaves, as Alphabet Cracks Down on Costs

Those Company Formerly Known As Google, aka Alphabet, “Other Bets” for growth seem to be hitting the wall. The latest is Google Fiber.

Baby Bonds: A Plan for Black/White Wealth Equality Conservatives Could Love?

Is the Baby Bonds plan to give newborns an account proportionate to their degree of disadvantage inspired or just a misguided gimmick?

Is the US Headed Towards War in Syria?

A hard look at US belligerence in Syria by Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Larry Wilkerson.

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/26/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: CETA and Wallonia, ISDS, muscular Clinton, feminine Trump, Amazon fakes, globalization, planet nine, obscure sorrows

“Should We Rethink Fiscal Policy?”

Economists are remarkably slow to embrace the idea of more aggressive fiscal policy, despite growing evidence that it is sorely needed.