Friday, September 30, 2016

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/30/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: Sherrod Brown on TPP, Nooners on Clinton, swing state polls, bullies, personal income, cash, Summers on class warfare

Social Democracy, the “Third Way,” and the Crisis of Europe, Part 1

The birth of the Third Way —a turn away from class-struggle politics and a compromise with neoliberaism—and how it shaped the Eurozone.

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John Helmer: Four MH17 Questions – The Answers to Which Prove the Dutch Police, Ukrainian Secret Service, and US Government Are Faking the Evidence of the MH17 Shootdown

A skeptical look at the latest MH17 findings.

Stumpf is Still Faking It – Claims 75% Couldn’t Resist Wells Fargo Credit Cards

In a not-exactly-shocking development of the ongoing Wells Fargo account faking scandal (see our previous coverage here, here and here if you’re late to the party and need a quick catch-up) CEO John Stumpf, fighting a rear-guard action, is making outlandish claims about how, having begun the process of contacting customers who it has cause to […]

Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf Tries to Brazen Out Fraud as Congressmen Call Wells a “Criminal Enterprise,” Demand Breakup

Stumpf has another deservedly bad day in the Congressional hot seat.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/28/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: TISA, TTIP, TPP not dead, Clinton v. Trump debate wrapup, war drums, GDP, drones, bitcoin disaster, AIDS, 7 and 9

Self-Driving Cars: Will the Dogs Eat the Dog Food?

Ethical problems inherent in programming self-driving cars could make them hard to market.

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CalPERS General Counsel Matt Jacobs Lies to Board, and Staff Abuses Authority, to Stymie Public Input

Why general counsel Matt Jacobs’ record of misrepresentations, omissions, and slipshod advice makes him a danger to CalPERS.


Is the OPEC production cut set to be finalized at the end of November the real deal?

The “Internet of Things” Will Transform Policymaking (and Democracy)

The Internet of Things will change the political economy. What will be the new communication tools, strategies and narratives for policymakers?

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/28/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP, CETA, debates, Stein in Maine, Clinton in Florida, durable goods, Amazon vs. UPS and FedEx, police killings, AI

Battling Apple and the Giants

The larger implications of the fight between Apple and the European Competition Commission over Apple’s sweet Irish tax deal.

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