Saturday, June 24, 2017

Confirming Dallas Meetup Location Next Tuesday June 27

Announcing the location of our meetup in Dallas next week.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/23/2017

By Lambert Strether of Corrente Readers, because it took me fifteen minutes of router-wrangling to get going this morning, I didn’t get to all the political news, if news is the word I want, that I wanted to cover. I’ll have some UPDATEs shortly. –lambert UPDATE The UPDATE’s are done; now for “Obama’s Secret Struggle…” […]

Can EU Actors Keep Using Common Law After Brexit?

The widespread use of English law in financial contracts poses yet another set of tricky post-Brexit issues.

Links 6/23/17

Mass Incarceration’s Dangerous New Equilibrium

On the shameful origins of and incentives behind mass incarceration.

Matt Bruenig: How Many People Will Obamacare and AHCA Kill?

Subjecting Obamacare to the same measuring stick that the Center for American Progress applied to the ACHA.

Some People “Would Rather Have 1st Class Seats on the Titanic Than Change the Course of the Ship”

Why it is necessary to depose Democratic party leaders like Pelosi and Schumer to have any chance of winning class and climate change wars.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/22/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA 2.0 bipartisan, Senate AHCA draft, Ossoff #FAIL, Russian hacking, leading indicators, Amazon v Walmart, bitcoin

CFPB Lambastes Student Loan Servicers for Thwarting Public Servant Debt Relief

CFPB report details errors and practices of student loan servicers that will bar borrowers from qualifying for debt forgiveness.

Links 6/22/17

The Wheels Come Off Uber

Uber is over. But since many have money and reputations at stake, and Uber has cash to burn, it will take a while for that to be undeniable.

Trip Report for Naked Capitalism London Meetup

Brexit, Corbyn’s brilliant campaign, London real estate, conversations with cab drivers, and more!

It’s Not (Just) the Working Class. It’s the Service Class

Why the way for Democrats to regain political power is to target the service class…assuming they can bring themselves to do that.

Americans Tolerate Inequality Because They Over-Estimate Their Odds of Coming Out on Top

How Americans’ optimism leads to self-delusion on their odds of success, and therefore to not supporting policies in their real interest.

Yoo Hoo, Dallas Meetup Next Tuesday, June 27: Venue Ideas Needed!

Looking for reader recommendations for where to meet next week in Dallas.