Monday, January 23, 2017

2:00PM Water Cooler 1/23/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA, TPP, Trump counties and business dynamism, Nina Turner, radicalization, The Coin, Western Union, ICBM launch vid

The Definitive Demise of the Debunked Dodgy Dossier on The Donald?

What the intelligence community’s 25-page “Golden Showers” dossier on Donald Trump looks like to the outside world.

Links 1/23/17

Trading Off a ’Soft’ and ‘Hard’ Brexit

A ‘harder’ Brexit may have a stronger negative impact on the UK’s services trade and supply chain integration,

re: F@ck Work?

Why the Job Guarantee versus Universal Basic Income is not about work, but about governance.

Three Theories Behind the Global Productivity Slowdown

A discussion of mainstream views on productivity growth slippage, plus a pet theory from Yves.

Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin

Gardening plans

Links 1/22/17

Reich: 7 Hard Truths for Democrats—The Future Is Bleak Without Radical Reforms

Democrats have to stop squabbling and understand the dire future ahead of us.

Links 1/21/17

Taxcast: South Dakota as Tax Haven, Stopping Corporate Tax Dodgers

How South Dakota is helping the US become an even bigger player in the tax haven game.

Wolf Richter: Mnuchin as Sears Director Oversaw Asset Stripping, Underfunding of Pension; Faces Conflict as Treasury Secretary

Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin only got his hair messed up a bit at his Senate confirmation hearing.

2:00PM Water Cooler 1/20/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: Trump transition, resistance, Obama hagiography Arctic sea ice, micro-aggression, young blood, Legoland

Credentialism and Corruption: Deaton on Opioids, Trump (and What Does “Rural” Mean?)

The Case-Deaton study and the counties that went for Trump.

A Modest Proposal for Improving Communications Between the Executive and Legislative Branches in the Age of Donald Trump

Two words…