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“@ Hillary Clinton: How does your student loan debt make you feel? Tell us in 3 emojis or less.”

The above tweet is real and is from Hillary Clinton’s official twitter account. It is very difficult to express how appalling this sentiment is. It represents much of what’s wrong with American politics in our current moment.


Greek Debt Sustainability: The Devil is in the Tails

The debate over Greek debt sustainability is muddied by the fact that different analysts use different definitions. But once you use realistic assumptions, as in “tails risks” are actually pretty likely, Greek debt is obviously not “sustainable”.


The Decline in Market Liquidity

While the Fed isn’t worried about the fall in market liquidity, experts argue that if investors make abrupt changes in their portfolios, the lack of liquidity could produce a crisis.


Republican Rank-and-File Lines Up Against Financial Regulation

Let us not kid ourselves that the Democratic party is also for the most part out to gut financial regulation.

The only reason that there is more space between Congressional Republicans and Democrats than usual is the pro-business, pro-bank “blue dog” wing of the Democratic party has gotten deservedly slaughtered in the last two Congressional elections for selling out what used to be the American middle class. So the more progressive-minded survivors are a bigger faction on a relative basis than they once were.

This Real News Network interview with Bill Black covers both a critical slice of the history of financial regulations (or more accurately, its rollback) as well as some of the current dynamics.