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Groundhog Day for NZ FSPs: Bryan Cook of Asia Finance Corporation is a Crook, but Does NZ’s FMA Care?

Why is it Groundhog Day? Back in 2011, I wrote a seriously messy blog post about dodgy New Zealand FSPs (Financial Services Providers), their dodgy web sites and people and addresses, and the evidently nonexistent oversight of all of this by the NZ Ministry of Economic Development and the NZ Companies Office. To my surprise, […]


Creditors Reject Latest Greek Proposal, Tsipras Meeting with Merkel and Hollande in Doubt as Default Risk Rises

Greece’s creditors are not pleased, and perhaps more important, the Greek government has lost one of its few remaining advocates, Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission. The Eurocrats are finally waking up to the degree to which the two sides have talking past each other. The implication is that it is far less likely than they had believed.