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Planned Obsolescence Disguised as Innovation, Oligopoly Disguised as a Free Market, and the Enrichment of Oligarchs

We are delighted to feature this post from Roy Poses, who with his colleagues at Health Care Renewal, have been providing consistently high quality analysis of the often dubious practices and economics of the health care system.


Consumer Reports Shills for ObamaCare, Pooh-Poohs Medicaid Clawbacks on Bizarre Assumption They’ll be Waived

How come the poor 55+ people ObamaCare forces into Medicaid can’t leave the house and the estate to the kids, like the middle class and the rich can? ObamaCare apologists say “Trust us! Don’t worry about a thing!” but wouldn’t they have more credibility if they were agitating for the clawbacks to be dropped, instead of minimizing the problem?


Money and Elections in Washington: Pro Wrestling, but With More Respectable Clothes

kayfabe: Term in pro wrestling. Kayfabe was the unsaid rule that the wrestlers should stay in character during the show and in public appearances in order to maintain a feeling of reality (albeit suspended) among the fans.