1. Anonymous

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh break. Excellent

    John Cleese: Finally, can we talk about “Moral Hazard”

    Banker: ..about er what?

    John Cleese: “Moral Hazard”…

    Banker: Hazard, “Yes, I know what hazard means, what’s that other word?”

    John Cleese: Oh never mind

  2. Dave Iverson

    Over at Economic Dreams-Nightmares I messed up the attribution on the British Humor “It’s Credit and It’s Crunchy”: wrongly attributing it to John Cleese. In fact the “credit” needs to go to John Bird and John Fortune. My error went to the URL for the post, so I deleted it, replacing it with: http://forestpolicy.typepad.com/economics/2007/12/british-humoris.html.

    I never imagined that you would find it, Yves, and give it a ride. Sorry for being sloppy. Nonetheless, the video is priceless, as are others of theirs: e.g. The Subprime Crisis

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