Links 1/5/08

Economic indicators take a turn for the worse James Hamilton, Econbrowser

In Chinese Factories, Lost Fingers and Low Pay New York Times

Fair Tax? Huckabee’s win in Iowa requires more discussion of his tax proposals ataxingmatter. Huckabee’s “fair tax” is downright wacky.

A disturbance in the Force Accrued Interest. We’ve commented on the stock-bond market disconnect for some time. AI has an good graphic to show how out of line the two markets were as of year end. But that bit of cognitive dissonance appears to be taking care of itself, and with a vengeance.

Fed Funds: Market Expects 50bps Rate Cut Calculated Risk. More discussion of what the Fed might do next in Four at Four: The Tipping Point by David Gaffen at WSJ’s MarketBeat.

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