Links 3/2/08

Spamming Not Protected by Constitution PhysOrg. As much as I hate spam, I don’t buy the logic of this decision. I’d much rather have a cluttered inbox that have free speech curtailed. Note however, this is a Virginia Supreme Court decision, so the impact (as of now) is limited.

Japan seeking to govern top news Web sites International Herald Tribune. Free speech is on the run today….

UN rejects British denial on rendition Guardian. So far, a search on Google News shows that this is the only place this story is running, which is odd, given the furor generated by the UK’s inaccurate denial of having no role in US rendition. The UN claims that suspects were held, which is deeper involvement than the two plane landings that the Britain has fessed up to so far.

Global Warming Denialists: We Suck at Math Also! The Big Picture

A sea of stats Gristmill

Debt Junkies Forced to Go Cold Turkey Financial Armageddon

From the BBC (see related video):

A 14-week-old Amur leopard cub explores its enclosure at Marwell Zoo, UK. The Panthera pardus orientalis is listed as critically endangered as a result of being hunted and habitat changes in eastern Asia.

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  1. Jim Driscoll

    You’re seriously worried about the Virginia Case? I mean, seriously? Do you know anything about law? Commercial speech is not protected speech. Nor should it be. Additionally, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you get to yell in my ear – presentation matters, not just content.

  2. Yves Smith

    As represented in PhysOrg, which is admittedly not a legally-oriented publication, one of the dissenting opinions stated that the ruling was unconstitutionally broad and would prohibit all unsolicited bulk distribution of e-mail, including that containing political, religious, or other speech protected by the First Amendment.

    After what our Supreme Court has done to habeus corpus, yes, I am worried about any incursion, no matter how seemingly minor, against the Constitution.

  3. Deborah

    Well said Jim.

    Nothing prevents them from having their say, it just prevents them from dumping it in my home.

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