Links Happy Easter

Commodities Unravel, Confidence Collapses The Financial Ninja. I don’t pretend to understand the charts, but the commentary is interesting.

In Washington, a Split Over Regulation of Wall Street New York Times. The skirmishes are so preliminary that it’s obvious that any new rules are a long way off.

Are Defaulting Homeowners All That Sympathetic? Paul Kedrosky

DeLong Sounds the Alarm Calculated Risk

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked Greg Palast. Palast hyperventilates, but that does not mean he does not have a point.

Investing in a Post-Fact Society (a/k/a, Were the Good Times a Mirage?) Barry Ritholtz

Antidote du jour. Another bunny for Easter:

And readers, if you want more of this, please send cute pix! Even one or two helps. So far, only reader Joe has chipped in.

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