Links 4/11/08

Brazil makes ‘rainforest’ condoms BBC

Health Care Horror Stories Paul Krugman

IMF rejects criticism over global turmoil Financial Times. The IMF says the US credit crisis isn’t its fault, pointing out that America was among the minority of countries that refused to participate in the Financial Sector Assessment Programme, a joint IMF-World Bank program to alert countries to weaknesses in their financial systems

Politics and trade: evidence from the age of imperialism Kris James Mitchener Vox EU

Mortgage Insurers (Quietly) Downgraded: CDS Spreads Scream Trouble The Financial Ninja

As pets live longer too, hospice care helps owners say goodbye MarketWatch

Same Store Sales Boosted by Inflation, Retail Slumming The Big Picture

Beekeepers call for pesticide ban PhysOrg

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