Links 4/21/08

Captive tigers ‘may save species’ BBC. It’s better for the tiger to be saved than not (they breed well in captivity) but sad that they are on their way to being zoo and game preserve curiosities.

Book by metallurgists blames rivets for Titanic tragedy PhysOrg

House price falls won’t send the UK into a recession Telegraph

New Fannie/Freddie “Con” Jumbos Already a Bust Mr. Mortgage. It seems that, by virtue of having realistic appraisals, lower permitted LTV and debt to income means most borrowers don’t qualify. For those opposed to the Federal government becoming the mortgage lender of first resort, this is good news.

Saudis put oil capacity rise on hold Financial Times

Running Out of Planet to Exploit Paul Krugman

MMMMMMM! Chocolate! Bank Lawyer’s Blog

Costs and Benefits in Education Felix Salmon

Is Fund Size Leading to Perverse Decision-Making? Roger Ehrenberg. SWF and private equity investments in banks are his case studies….

Antidote du jour. On the subject of tigers in captivity…..

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  1. Lune

    The Saudi’s won’t or can’t raise oil supplies? I’d wager good money it’s the latter.

    Contrary to popular opinion, sustained high oil prices cause major worries for OPEC as much as they do for oil consumers, because if high prices last, people eventually change their habits to consume less oil. While a temporary price spike brings in lots of extra cash for the Saudis, it’s damaging in the long run to the demand for their primary export.

    Thus, I suspect that Saudi Arabia would increase production if it could. The definition of “proven reserves” is malleable enough to allow lots of wiggle room. And nationalized companies like Aramco often have political and social reasons for obscuring their true capacities. So I’d take all their assurances with a grain of salt.

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