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  1. doc holiday

    The economy matters little, as we are doomed, but then again, life inside a blackhole may be better than what we have now?

    Re: Physics and the law
    Stranger than truth
    Apr 3rd 2008

    Re: The bugaboo this time is black holes. A black hole is an object so dense (and thus with such a strong gravitational field) that nothing—not even light—can escape it. Not surprisingly, no such object has ever been observed directly.

    The LHC is the proud creation of CERN, Europe’s main particle-physics laboratory, which is located near Geneva. It will create a zoo of new particles for those who study the fabric of reality to get to grips with. Among those objects may be some tiny black holes. The LHC’s physicists are particularly excited by these because they will allow for the experimental examination of gravity. They may also allow Stephen Hawking, a well-known British physicist, to receive a much-deserved Nobel prize. That would almost certainly happen if he turns out to have been right in his prediction that tiny black holes will evaporate in a spectacular burst of energy that has come to be known as Hawking radiation.

    Luis Sancho and Walter Wagner, however, are excited for a different reason. They fear that, far from evaporating in this way, any black holes created in the LHC will start sucking matter in—and will eventually swallow the Earth.

    Re: At this intensity of current the magnets are capable of guiding a 6 TeV proton beam.

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