Links 4/3/08

‘No Sun link’ to climate change BBC

Court Approves Review of Countrywide Practices New York Times

Feds lie about link between software piracy and terrorism ComputerWorld

Some Homeowners Leave Pets Behind in Foreclosure Wall Street Journal. If you can give a home to a mature cat or dog, consider it a small way to help.

Paulson off to China Stormy, Angry Bear. How convenient. That means he isn’t facing the bright lights in Congress tomorrow over the Bear deal. When legislators had some guts, they would have declared the Treasury Secretary in contempt of Congress. What gives?

The Yuan on the Move: An Update Menzie Chinn Econbrowser

The Great Depression: The Sequel Andrew Leonard, Salon

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Anonymous

    No sir, no sun link at all. The celestial body that gives us day and night has no link whatsoever with temperature changes. And yes we have to carry on blighting the countryside with wind farms and screw up the world’s food with bioethanol. Otherwise God knows Lester City climate researchers may end up as panhandlers.


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