Update on Tech Woes

Loyal readers may know we’ve had tech misery for the last 24 hours. Ed Wright, who among other things, once ran mission critical trading platforms for a major global bank does not take no for an answer and had us operational, albeit by migrating some of our recent content over.

Google came around only by virtue of a full court press (Felix Salmon and the Milken Institute were on their case) but it appears it was Michael Schrage, brother of Eliot Schrage, who broke the logjam.

It shouldn’t require that level of effort to get a screw-up resolved. The inability to get through Google’s switchboard (take my word, getting through bureaucracies is one of my long suits, but they had me bested) is, shall we put it, rather revealing.

Ed needs to undo what he did yesterday, but hopefully we will be back to normal later on Saturday. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

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  1. Yves Smith


    I’ll ask Ed to reconstitute them (although they will look a little weird, I suspect, since he will copy and past them, so they’ll read “Anon” and then copy the text.
    I’d do it myself, but I have an early flight.

    This no doubt had to do with the moving of the site. Ed had to move it to a temporary location and then pasted the content over, manually.

    Also, you asked re captchas. Hate to tell you, but not under our control. They are getting harder to read everywhere because the bots are getting more sophisticated.

  2. Jojo

    I was just curious about where the comments went. Thought maybe Google deleted them for you. They weren’t important.

    Re: captcha’s
    If Google makes them TOO hard to read, then I won’t be posting here. They changed something very recently. Now I have to use a screen magnifier app to try and see all the letters clearly sometimes.

  3. sk

    Another vote against the new captcha’s – I had to take two shots at it for an earlier comment.

    Making it so difficult for human beings is kinda self-defeating isn’t it?

    3 shots so far for this comment…4 shots

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