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Plastic bag policy ‘a diversion’ BBC

The World’s Spookiest Weapons Popular Science

Big Pay Day for Big Brown: $50+ million 1440 Wall Street. Will someone please show up at the Belmont to let us see what that horse can really do? Secretariat gave his spectacular Belmont performance because he was pushed by a superb horse, Sham, that had the misfortune to be born the same year as Big Red.

Biodiversity loss costs six percent of world income: report PhysOrg

FDIC Grows Wary of Brokered Deposits Wall Street Journal

Your overconfidence is your weakness Accrued Interest

As Prices Rise, Crime Tipsters Work Overtime New York Times

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Jojo

    On the plastic bad story form the BBC, this is apropos:

    1.9.2008 10:11 AM
    China’s Plastic Bag Ban Will Save 37 Million Barrels of Oil

    China Leapfrogs Other Nations with Simple Message: Bring Your Own Bag

    China has never been considered an environmental role model. Given a population of 1.3 billion, unprecedented carbon emissions and a slew of recent lead-toy scandals, many would say the country stands as a — if not the — prime example of environmental failure.

    Yet, in a bolt from the blue, it looks like the red has embraced green.

    Yesterday, China’s State Council put a nationwide ban on plastic bags. The cabinet has demanded all stores (from major supermarkets to small shops) go plastic bag-free after June 1.

    According to the Daily Mail, China uses more plastic bags than any other country. China squanders 37 million barrels of crude oil on plastic bag production every year. The nationwide ban will no doubt help correct China’s tarnished image, especially before the Beijing Olympic Games.

    With nations from Ireland to Uganda — and now China — topping the bag-ban list, lets hope the United States will make moves to follow the trend.

    Find this article at:

  2. Yves Smith

    I’m not denying this is an issue. But bigger problems are not addressed. My pet peeve is colored plastic. I recall reading that colored plastic is horrid stuff (the dyes are nasty and they can’t be recycled, while clear and white plastic can be), I wish we could get traction on banning it for packaging. I suppose I should applaud any progress, but I wish we were doing a better job of setting priorities.

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