Calling for Guest Bloggers

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We’ve mentioned we are going to go to Alaska to watch the ice melt. That means no Internet from August 3 to August 10, inclusive, save maybe a visit to an Internet cafe to check e-mail.

Those who might want to try their hand at guest blogging (or have an established blog and would cross post) please contact me at Thanks!

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  1. jkiss

    If you don’t know it, look at Denninger’s blog at
    I think he might have some good posts.

  2. energyecon

    Enjoy Alaska – most of the immediate family still lives up there – what part(s) will you get to see?

  3. Doc Holiday

    I vote for a free-form on-the-fly gig, kinda like when you went away before several months ago, and the kids here just posted a few stories of interest. That worked really well, but I think you had to sort of filter things a little, which I guess gets back to your stand-in person.

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