1. Sinomania!

    Thank you for sharing this. Any chance of posting a copy or link to the whole presentation?

  2. A reader

    Those charming “Feed to Meat” ratios offer a great insight into the scale of the animal suffering in China. A silent carnage that western animal rights groups probably prefer not to even think about (not that they can do much about it).

  3. Anonymous

    Now cue the dumb-as-bricks “peak everything” crowd to start frothing at the mouth.

    “Have you heard? we’re at peak —— ! Did you know that everything in modern society is dependent on the abundance of —– ? It IS! Without an abundant supply of —– , World War 4, massive plagues and a return to agrarianism will occur within five years.”

    – by a peak —-er, March 5, 2003

  4. microbrew

    Even now, China manages to be an exporter of food products. The long term worry is the ever increasing consumption of meat, and what happens when water supplies collapse.

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