Links 7/10/08

Will Cockroaches Inherit the Earth? Slate

Dutch cat suckles abandoned panda BBC

Workplace BlackBerry Use May Spur Lawsuits CNBC

A Little Fair Value Never Killed Anyone CFO

Hotel Vacancies Rising Calculated Risk. New York City, of course, is supposed to be immune, which simply means it will show up here a tad later than elsewhere.

Federal Reserve, Tend to Your Own House David Merkel. I agree completely.

Has Fossil Fuel Consumption Within the EU Peaked? The Oil Drum

Wachovia Hires a Treasury Insider to Lift It Out of Its Banking Woes New York Times. Why am I reminded of the selection of Frank Newman, who had been at the Treasury prior to becoming a bank CEO, in this case Bankers Trust after it was sued by Proctor & Gamble over its derivatives sales practices? To put it mildly, Newman’s tenure was less than a rousing success.

Antidote du jour:

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