Links 7/11/08

‘Alarming’ plight of coral reefs BBC

Top Ten Worst Uses for Windows Network World

Iranian Govt: Persian Pixels Pwned Photoshop Disasters (hat tip Michael). Iran is not too good at digital imagery, which calls their other technological skills into question.

A Change in Bank Control: Interview With Ernest Patrikis Institutional Risk Analytics. A bit geeky for most, but useful information on bank ownership rules.

What is money growth in China? Michael Pettis. Very good discussion, again a bit geeky, but not only informative about China but about the notion of “moneyness.”

Finns Ring Up Debt as Gamblers, Party-Goers Send Texts for Cash Bloomberg

Worst of Housing Crisis Is Behind Us — Really John Berry. More comic relief from Bloomberg.

Antidote du jour:

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