Reader Notices

Faithful readers (and promiscuous ones too):

I am going to San Francisco tomorrow to appear on a panel at the Inman Real Estate conference, returning Thursday. I hope to keep up with a more or less normal volume of posts, but my own commentary may be a bit thin.

You probably notice we have been experimenting with a service from Amazon that puts links in text. It appears to be a dud. I have asked Ed Wright to remove it. He wasn’t able to get to it yesterday, but hopefully it will be gone in the next day or so. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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  1. James

    Thanks so much for getting rid of the irritating advertext. Somehow that’s the one form of advewrtising that still just drives me up the wall.

  2. bbot

    The contextual ad business model is fundamentally broken, since it requires accurate machine parsing of text, which turns out to be insanely difficult; so they just do keyword matching, which turns out to not work at all.

  3. Anonymous

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