A Departure From Our Usual Programming

I was catching up on other blogs and saw that Ed Harrison has a clip of Boy George “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” as his theme song of the week just passed.

I think this is a bit more evocative of what we have been through (trust me, just play it):


The only problem with the concert rendition, while fun to watch, is that the display at the end cuts off a bit of the musical climax.

The concert version is shortened; to hear the full version, go here.

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  1. mojito

    "4:01 a.m.?"

    M&A types don't need to sleep, due to self-selection and self-deprivation during grunt years.

  2. Michael

    Ah, Yves, you’re showing your prog-rock roots. As for the connection with the week just past, well, both this ELP number and our current troubles are nerve-jangling, over-wrought productions indeed. But for sheer raw energy and even more appropriateness, may I nominate X’s “Your Phone’s Off the Hook, But You’re Not”.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve been thinking more like “Once In A Lifetime” by the Talking Heads…”And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”

  4. Ben

    Shock, awe, confusion, glimmers of hope and rainbows. Mostly a numbing dread of what’s coming next. Good choice!

  5. john bougearel


    you were asking a monumental lot of me to trust you with a lead in about Boy George ~ bleak!

    Thank god I didn’t get boy george on the other end. A little brain salad surgery is way better.

    Welcome home my friends to the show that never ends, come inside, come inside….

    And go to bed young lady! You may live in the city that never sleeps but the city you ain’t! :-)

  6. tomd

    Historical note from an aged one: what a memory trip. I was present for the afternoon session of California Jam, but had to leave before ELP made their appearance. To my great disappointment. And I finally see part of it 34 years later on an outstanding financial site. It’s an amazing world. Thank you.

  7. bruce

    “You need’nt be Well to be Wealthy;
    But you’ve got to be Whole to be Holy”
    E L P The Works album.

  8. Jon

    During the past two weeks the song that keeps coming to mind for me is….well this is pretty obscure….it’s Skeeter Davis singing “End of the World” (1967).

    Why does the sun go on shining?
    Why does the sea rush to shore?
    Don’t they know, it’s the end of the world
    ‘Cause you don’t love me [I hear “leverage”] anymore….

    Link to the song is at:

  9. bg

    I pounded ELP into my skull for a decade, but I don’t get the reference. You must be too smart for me.

    Unless you meant the wild mind-frigging pounding of a ride we just took.

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