Links 1/27/09


  1. fresno dan

    That kangaroo story is kind of sad. Unrequited love. I wish the guy had stayed with her the night she died.

  2. Anonymous

    Re: Obama’s Vietnam. Obama got a free pass from the press on his judgment that the war in Afghanistan is strategically more important than the war in Iraq. This however is substantively highly questionable. From which two implications follow: (1) It is highly unlikely that other NATO countries will even maintain, much less increase, their current level of troops. (2) US domestic opposition to this war will increase dramatically and it will be lead by the “libertarian right”. Obama risks playing Kerensky to Ron Paul’s (Start a Revolution) Lenin. From which we can conclude that Obama will be the first American President to lose two wars.

  3. Anonymous

    Caroline Baum is proposing that homeowners get no help. Only banks I suppose.

    What can one expect, she works for Bloomberg News.

    Interesting comment about Obama. Somehow I can’t see Ron Paul having enough energy left to pull it off, but I would not mind being wrong.

  4. Anonymous

    Obama is Kerensky all over, is is so true that I am sitting here pointing to my nose, but Ron Paul is no Lenin. Our Lenin will come from the ranks of the preceding administration.

  5. mxq

    re: oil/contango…the flattening term structure can mean one of two things (imho):

    1.) there is more demand today than outer months


    2.) the front end of the curve is about to tank (no pun) as everyone rushes to dump their stocks…”re-steepening” the contango structure, albeit at a lower base.

    It looks like the outer months have started to slide lower…i have a feeling the front months are going to be sliding even faster over the next few weeks. But i could be wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    Good write up at the Econoblog.

    In a somewhat similar example, a month ago Goldman Sachs sent one of their tech industry analysts to Redmond, to chide Microsoft for not taking advantage of the downturn to “overhaul its business model”, through extensive layoffs.

    Not only is that offensive, it’s actually quite stupid: we are in a rapidly changing economic environment right now-with high unpredictability-so exactly what would you base your new business model upon (in terms of macroeconomics)? Deflation, then inflation? A U shape? An L shape? A recession, or a depression? And which part of the world comes back first…the EU or the Asian Tigers?

    Quite frankly, at this point I would be quite comfortable if they shuttered Wall Street and the City permanently, and all my banking and investments were done via a branch of some bank out of Paris, Frankfurt, or Tokyo. I actually relish the thought…

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