Links 4/18/09

New limits to Antarctic tourism BBC

Fixing Lungs Outside the Body MIT Technology Review

ML-Implode Wins Stay Of Disclosure In Mortgage Specialists Dispute ML Implode-O-Meter (hat tip reader Barbara). The Columbia Journalism Review said the original ruling was flawed, so good for the ML folks for fighting.

Dying Midwestern Cities Are The New Bohemian Enclaves Clusterstock. Does that mean you can really trade down cost and location wise and still find a good latte?

Citi Losing Non-US Deposits Jake, EconomPic Data

New York Fed Proves Lack of Lending Argument a Lie DoctoRx

Reserve managers keep buying Treasuries … Brad Setser

Beaten G20 man Ian Tomlinson ‘died of internal bleeding’ Times Online. A dreadful story takes a grimmer turn. Were it not for the video capabilities of cell phones, you’d have even fewer checks on police brutality.

Pelosi calls for panel to probe Wall Street San Francisco Chronicle (hat tip reader Matt S). Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing this picked up by national media. This would be important if Pelosi pushes this through and gets a serious investigator.

Fed first to blame for financial crisis: Kaufman Reuters

Even Vigilant Investors May Fall Victim to Fraud New York Times

Japan plans emergency share purchases Financial Times

Swiss citizens think a large Swiss bank will fail Ed Harrison

Abnormal consumer spending—not quite David Atlig

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Kid Dynamite

    Pelosi wants a probe into what happened?!??! hey nancy – i’ll tell you wtf happened – your constituents didn’t pay their mortgages!

    i was going to write a post about this, but i got too fired up and abandoned it… ;-)

  2. ozajh

    A bit OT, but for most of us Aussies Ned Kelly sounds like a pretty appropriate name for the new Citi CFO.

  3. Harlem Dad

    Re: Ian Tomlinson

    Why are police even allowed to wear masks? If the police work that they do is lawful, why do they need to hide their faces?

    I recall that during the WACO incident, there were hundreds of law enforcement personnel who put black tape over the ID numbers on their shields.

    All police uniforms should carry the Shield ID of that officer is LARGE CHARACTERS that can be read by the naked eye from across the street.

  4. Carrick

    Most police do have their numbers big and visible on their uniforms… what was worrisome at the 2008 RNC convention, was that officers concealed their numbers. Either meaning that they actually believe that even the most deluded of anarcho-protesters have the vindictiveness or stupidity to research, hunt down and hurt working officers… or more likely, that they knew they could use that excuse to blur the record and protect themselves from prosecution (by making it near impossible for identify and force officers to testify.)

    Totally illegal, normally, but PATRIOT Act provisions made it possible — that, and “preemptive raids” on journalists (namely CopWatch, whose 2004 RNC documentation was the main evidence in the successful ACLU case against NYC.)

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