Links 4/26/09

‘Space blob’ baffles astronomers BBC

Face Mining: Finding Who and When in Video PittPatt. Uses the original Star Trek as test case.

Appeals court rules Gitmo detainees are not ‘persons‘ Raw Story

Better Than Expected Economic Data? Dean Baker

OPEC, Asia Ministers Call for Oil-Market Oversight Bloomberg

Goldman’s Hypocrisy Never Ends Independent Accountant

Jumping The Shark In HY On Record Low Recoveries Tyler Durden

Swine Flu Pandemic Would Cost Trillions Clusterstock. Perhaps as important, even if it doesn’t rise to the level of a pandemic, it can still be plenty costly.

Why is the Market Ignoring American Express’ Bad Report? Greg Feirman. Amex is of interest as a window into the credit card market.

After an Off Year, Wall Street Pay Is Bouncing Back New York Times

The capital well is running dry and some economies will wither Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph

British economy shrinks at fastest rate for 30 years Guardian

Spread of Bubonic Plague, 1347-1351 Paul Kedrosky

Antidote du jour:

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  1. skippy

    For those that wish non filtered info on the swine flu go to…

    or for their blog go to…

    My wife as a first responder has received new protocol for dealing with suspect individuals.

    Skippy, cough in to your elbow, not hands and wash hands regularly, as always if possible refrain contact with people that display flu like symptoms or if you have them be kind to others and limit contact.

  2. lineup32

    ref Zerohedge:
    “As asset classes tend to correlate to each other, any outlier event in either of these markets is likely to force a violent correction, where the “Hope” value premium evaporates suddenly, and the traditional overshoot to the downside, as the “Despair” risk premium become the dominant force, will be unprecedented. Cash is still king, even as the Treasury tries it best to hypedevalue it through its daily operations.”

  3. broggler

    Not an antidote.

    That dog’s owner should be ashamed, and passing the picture around just encourages that sort of thing.

    And my anger doesn’t relate to how the dog looks, by the way (the dog couldn’t care less); it’s about the dog’s discomfort.

  4. Carrick

    On the Clusterstock Swine Flu article:

    I can’t find the video link, but I wanted to post McCain’s speech from the Senate floor in opposition to Obama’s Stimulus Bill. I went something like this..

    “$(blank) million for honey bee studies?! $(blank) million for bird flu? This is insanity! Will someone explain to me how this helps our economy? More wasteful spending…”

    The man is an oracle. What good could a study of the world’s food supply’s pollinators do? And preparedness for a flu pandemic? When is that gonna happen — in the large migration of people following economic upheaval?

    If any non-overtly economic force was to be the knock out punch for the world economy, mightn’t it be something along the of say, the collapse of our food supply, or a productivity crippling pandemic disease?


    As awful as it is to say/think, a part of me sees a little potential for good coming from the world grappling with a potential pandemic. Disease isn’t as abstract as climate change science or Wall St. economics. It might serve us well to be reminded that we share the same world and that selfless cooperation can prevent small problems from ballooning into nightmares.

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