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We still have some technical glitches, and the fellow who did the transfer was oddly MIA Saturday, which is far from a good devleopment.

Some images are not showing up in the daily e-mail. Most troubling, the RSS feed does not seem to be working with all clients. There are also some problems with comments (how they format while being written).

Please ping with any anomalies. Thanks for your patience.

Elephant rescued from ditch BBC

Altruism repays the best-connected individuals physics arXiv

On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired Wall Street Journal

Susan Boyle loses Britain’s Got Talent crown to Diversity dancers Times Online. Remember, Jennifer Hudson was a talent show loser too.

Drive-by Economics: The Meta Edition Paul Kedrosky

Guest Blog: Japan’s first trade deficit in 28 years Eiji Fujii, Econbrowser

Harvard datapoint of the day Felix Salmon. Wow, is Harvard going to have a fiscal crisis, in an upmarket version of what hit New York City in the 1970s?

Geithner Wields Little Leverage In China Talks Huffington Post

The CBMS market about to implode Economic Populist

Green Shoots in Escapism Michael Panzner

What Was THAT? (Friday Market Close) Karl Denninger

Troubled Bank Loans Hit a Record High Floyd Norris, New York Times

Harvard Business Students Take Dumb “Ethics” Pledge Clusterstock. The really stupid thing is when some HBS names were prominent in scandals in the 1980s, the school did a study and concluded ethics couldn’t be taught, you had them or not by the time you got to business school. So is a silly ritual pledge going to make an iota of difference?

The browning of America Willem Buiter

Antidote du jour:

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