Site Switchover This Evening; May Be Temporary Interruption in Ability to Comment

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The blog will be switched from Blogger to WordPress starting at 8:00 PM this evening. It should be on WordPress by 10:00 PM.

There will be NO change in address or RSS feeds. There may, however, be an interruption in your ability to leave comments, as the new address related to the domain name propagates through the net (ie. domain servers will be pointing to the old address). Or your comments in that window may be at Blogger and not get transferred over. Apologies in advance if that happens.

We’ve tested it for speed, and it seems to be more or less the same as Blogger (now, having made some tweaks) but weirdly different items on the blog load at different speeds on the two services, so hopefully the user experience will be the same.

I have stuck with the same letter from the gulag look for now, and know a redesign is badly in order, but the priority was getting the site over.

Thanks for your patience, and hopefully this will go like clockwork and no patience will be needed! Wish Ed and Alex the best in making this happen.

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  1. VG Chicago

    I like the look of this blog. Easy to read and simple.

    But I’m not sure I can survive not injecting my sarcasm for 2 hours this evening. It’ll be rough… :)

    Vinny GOLDberg

  2. buzzp

    I like the look, too – no need to change what’s a warm, friendly and fuzzy look

    and I like comments sections that require mind-reading to know if your comment is saved or not…

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