Links 8/2/09

Census of Marine Life maps an ocean of species Los Angeles Times (hat tip reader DoctoRx)

Chimps born to appreciate music BBC

Chinese Town Quarantined as Man Dies From Plague Bloomberg

NASA offers $1.5 million for 200MPG aircraft Network World

Facebook and MySpace can lead children to commit suicide, warns Archbishop Nichols Telegraph. Hasn’t the Catholic Church learned that telling teenagers something is bad for them is generally counterproductive?

32 Story Highrise Has 1 Tenant Michael Shedlock. Maybe it’s a really BIG tenant!

Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out New York Times

1929 All Over Again? John Lounsbury Seeking Alpha

Money keeps pouring in Michael Pettis

Antidote du jour:

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  1. fresno dan

    Man, I remember when I was a kid, trying to give my cat a bath. That is not gonna end well

  2. emca

    The link to "China's Financial Markets", although a 404 for the article linked, presents a more thoughtful analysis, if you take the time to browse other of Mr. Pettis's posts, of China's financial landscape than is common fare for U.S. dailies .

    His view of the current the mainland's stimulus efforts:

    "its not whether high current growth indicates that China has turned the corner on the crisis (it most certainly has not, in my opinion), but whether the cost of achieving this growth is excessive and will lead to more difficult conditions in the future"

    China seems to replaying U.S. (and the West's) slamming success at inflating equity and real estate markets. On one hand their are those (in authority and out in the country) who realize these policies can have dire consequences down the road, on the other is the lurking threat of unemployment. Evidentially Chinese officials aren't happy just shaking their heads or shedding alligator tears (or extending unemployment benefits in the hope that times will eventually be more generous); especially given problems of college graduates in China finding work.

    An article their also links to a WSJ review of the Beijing underground music scene. With "carsick cars" and other indigenous grunge groups…well maybe I'm too old (or foreign) to appreciate the subtleties…the East seems to be on a monstrous extension of Western indulgences(?).

    On another note is Hu Shuli, the founding editor of the biweekly magazine [i]Caijing[/i]. The success of the magazine defies the usual characterization of Chinese culture. Her persistence is exemplary. From the New Yorker article:
    "The strategy of acknowledging the authority of the system and then fighting prudently to improve it defines Caijing’s brilliance and its limitations."
    Limitations here might be better expressed as constraints, but the strategy might also also be a recognition of that society's overall fears and tendencies against a backdrop of "democracy" and "freedom of expression" as an end-all to the World's difficulties.

  3. plschwarz

    I am also, some hours later getting a "404" error
    Previously the author wrote:" am working on a fairly long entry that I will post this weekend about why a trade rebalancing and a consumption/savings rebalancing will take place in both China and the US whether or not we want it."
    And I assume that Yves eyeballed it before posting the link.
    So was it pulled, and why??
    Just sharing some paranoia

  4. jlivesey

    "Hasn't the Catholic Church learned that telling teenagers something is bad for them is generally counterproductive?"

    I think you may be forgetting that while telling teens something is bad for them may be counterproductive for most teens, it results in some other teens becoming Priests.

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