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  1. Richard Kline

    Sunbreak Salvar

    1 Dreams 2 Solace 09

    Sky catcher under sheet-stack, sole sailor,
    Courser down a wind-peened, damascened blaze,
    Cares' dissenter, sun-coppered and timeless, shore distant:
    Winger-moment, cetacean comment daymaze answering,
    "Chirrup, chirrrup, chioeee . . . come away!"

  2. skippy

    Re: The flash to dash/Financial Times link.

    Translation into simpleton, we are better than you and will always be better than you, and have the monies to make it so.

    Guess this solves the riddle of what we would use time travel for eh, game the market.

    @RK, seems I recall a physical representation of your sensual prose, whilst jibing the spinnaker, my mate at helm brought the ship to weather too soon, Skippy nailed to the mast, pains liberation, after its initial shock.

    Skippy…I close my eyes to see your colours, but only find DIA's cheap imitation of your gift.

  3. DownSouth

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan called it "defining down deviancy," and that's the process that came to mind as I read the Simon Johnson and Matt Taibbi articles. According to Richard Bernstein, "Moynihan was talking about the way our tolerant and forgiving liberal culture removes more and more bad behavior from the category of the delinquent, so that it can no longer be punished."

    Liberal academics from liberal arts departments may indeed deserve credit for beginning the "defing down deviancy" movement, but conservatives and economics departments were certainly quick to pick up on its potential.

    So in America's frenzy to "define down deviancy," just how far can this go? I think Mexico offers an important case study.

    Jorge Emilio González Martínez, alias El Niño Verde, a Mexican senator and president of the Partido Verde Ecologista de México (PVEM), scion of one of the dozen or so oligarchial families that rules Mexico, was video-taped negotiating a bribe. In the video a Canadian businessman starts out by offering him $2 million to secure a building permit on ecologically sensitive land located near CanCun. Towards the end of the video El Niño Verde says: "You told me three million, no?"

    That was back in 2004. And yet El Niño Verde suffered no consequences for his indiscretion. He finished serving out his term as senator and to this day remains president of his party.

    Fast forward to today. Mexico is nominally involved in a nationwide manhunt for its richest and most powerful drug lord, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. But, as archbishop Hector Gonzlez Martinez said in a rather rare moment of candidness: "Everybody knows his whereabout except the authorities."

    I think most Americans are totally clueless as to where this road of "defining down deviancy" finally leads.

  4. ComparedToWhat?

    Speaking of "defining down deviancy"….

    "A few years ago, the investment banks got rich on their customers' money," says a former high-flier in the industry. "When that resource became too small, they fell back on their shareholders' money. Now they've reached the biggest pool the world can offer: taxpayers' money."

    Quote from Frank Hornig, Christoph Pauly and Wolfgang Reuter in Der Spiegel: Banks Reopen Global Casino (h/t The Big Picture).

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