1. Michael Cairl

    Cats and dogs living peaceably together sounds easy. We have 6 cats and it’s a never-ending scene of kitty warfare, kitty ambushes, and shifting kitty alliances. I swear, one of them must be reading “The Art of War.”

  2. DocG

    I love your antidotes, Yves, keep up the good work! I had to respond to this one because, as a cat lover, I have many times seen this exact pose — only it was on top of a radiator, not a dog. So before we get too weepy over how great it is for cats and dogs to bond, let’s remember that cats will take their naps on just about anything that exudes warmth.

  3. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    The animals have again demonstrated the inferiority of the human species, who, unlike the cat and dog here, has not evolved the ability to fall asleep during s Sumo wrestling match.

  4. fresno dan

    “Thomas Barton, JD”
    Now that you mention it, yes, yes I do see Jabba the Hut in that kitty’s paw.
    What do it mean??????????????

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