1. GenXexec

    My favorite financial blog by far. Your thoughtful analysis breaks down the numbers and breaks through the b.s. in a fair a balanced way that isn’t seen elsewhere.

    Dallas, TX

  2. Skippy

    If you can suffer me your not half bad.

    Marsupial, Nulabuor Desert.

    Skippy…may desert flowers bloom in sleeps gentle rain.

  3. Stevie b.

    er…..um……i’m probably getting hold of the wrong end of the stick (again), but i think Yves specifically wants a poster/reader called “entirely random” to contact her?
    But if i’m wrong, then a big hello from a grateful daily reader temporarily in Belper England.

  4. Ron Craddock

    Been reading almost everyday since this crisis started. America needs to wake up quick.Thanks for your honesty and integrity.

    Ashtabula, Ohio

  5. Zaya

    Many Greetings from Mongolia. Love your blog. It´s the best financial blog I know and I look it up every day. And I love your antidote de jour. You get here we will fete you …

  6. Charles

    I always eagerly look forward to the pleasure of reading you blog. A real contribution to the small world of clarity, objectivity and candidness. Charles

  7. Dan Duncan

    Yves writes on July 21, 2009:

    “Reader Entirely Random adds a vignette to this comedy of errors:

    I finally got someone from S&P on the phone… tried to explain to them that capital markets simply won’t work if bonds go from AAA to BBB and back to AAA in the space of a week, that a number of people had been forced to sell the bonds last week when they had been downgraded and had lost quite a bit of money for the experience, and that any sort of credibility S&P had hoped to re-establish would likely be destroyed as a result of what they’d done. Of course the 25 year-old analyst at S&P didn’t have anything on his script to deal with those concerns and could do nothing but refer me back to their press release. I got so frustrated I suggested they completely disregard any pretense of “official methodology” and go straight to the South Park method — i.e., cut the head off a chicken and see where it lands on the rating board. I don’t think he found it nearly as funny or cathartic as I did.”

    Nevertheless, I will take this time to share with you my locale:

    In addition to being in all of your thoughts…I am…

    At The Point of Singularity… at The Absolute Center of the Universe…all of which revolves around me….


    Unlike that recluse, known as Entirely Random, I am… Singularly Omnipresent.

    Go forth My Children….but know this:

    I am watching you.

    1. Erling

      Thanks so much for this maintaining this outlet of reality amongst all the mass media spin machines working feverishly towards one over-arching purpose… to convince mr. & mrs. consumer that everything is fine and good in the financial world again. Therefore get out there and spend, spend, spend!

      London, UK

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