Links 9/19/09

Tuna Town in Japan Sees Fish Falloff New York Times. Ahem, we’ve been saying “don’t eat bluefin” for a while, species is on verge of collapse (and yours truly is a sushiholic).

Suit Alleges Trusted Blacks Drew Minorities to High-Rate Loans Washington Independent

Memories of the Carter Administration Paul Krugman

Credit Stock Growth versus New Credit Menzie Chinn

Car Sales Reversal: U.S. vs China Paul Kedrosky

Why capitalism fails Stephen Mihm, Boston Globe. On Hyman Minsky

The Bailout Bill Comes Due, Vexing Agencies New York Times

CNN’s Rick Sanchez Calls Out FOX News Liars You Tube

Antidote du jour:


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  1. Sam Foster

    “Why capitalism fails” makes some good points but I really think the biggest problem with any financial model is that it fails to take in to account that humans are stupid and will consume until there is nothing left to consume.

  2. skippy

    Re: Tuna Town in Japan Sees Fish Falloff

    Now they have something in common with the Somalis, over fishing by large national/international fishing fleets.

    Skippy…but will they resort to piracy/blackmail is my Questions.

  3. Don

    “There are too many entrenched interests whose objective is maximizing profit, not sustainable use,” said Masayuki Komatsu, an expert on the fishing industry at Tokyo’s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.

    That is true of many of our problems here as well. There are too many people who don’t care about the long term costs for everyone as long as they can make money for themselves now.

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