Links 10/13/09

The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate New York Times

New fears for species extinctions BBC

Green shoots rise from brownfields The Daily Climate

A Riddle in a Powder Keg on a Quagmire Washington Post (hat tip reader Skippy)

Wolf Klinz on EP special committee to tackle the financial crisis European Parliament (hat tip reader Swedish Lex)

Prediction Markets Again Utterly Fail To Predict Econ Nobel EconoSpeak

Department of “Huh?” (Did Barack Obama and Paul Krugman Run Over David Warsh’s Dog? Edition) Brad DeLong. I’m as skeptical of Obama’s Nobel as anyone, but DeLong does make a good point.

Venture Capital as Collateral Damage Paul Kedrosky

How Much Gold Does the US Have In Its Reserves? Jesse

BofA waives privilege on Merrill purchase Financial Times. The other shoes will start dropping soon…

A Secret Deal Between Wall Street and Washington Shines a Harsh Light on Federal Housing Agency Pam Martens, CounterPunch (hat tip reader Crocodile Chuck). Pretty amazing, and not in a good way.

Latvia – the insanity continues Marshall Auerback and Swedbank says mortgage plan threatens Latvia ops Reuters (hat tip reader John L)

AIG’s Mortgage Insurance Company Has Their Ass on the Line John Bougearel

Memo to Investigators: Dig Deep William Greider, The Nation (hat tip reader Joe C)

Zen Lessons in Market Analysis John Hussman

Sacrificing the Economy to the Volcano God Economic Populist. Today’s must read.

Antidote du jour (hat tip reader Jim D):


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  1. Keenan

    RE Times article on fate and the LHC:

    Perhaps this will bring poster Doc Holiday back on board. Doc – are you still in this corner of the multiverse ?

  2. rd

    Here is an excellent little article from today’s WSJ:

    The biggest threats to biodiversity come from things like urban sprawl and agricultural practices, including runoff. This article looks at redefining what a suburb looks like in an arid climate with a primary goal of reducing unsustainable water usage. It would likely have three major benefits:

    1. Reduced water usage, which could lead to healthier rivers, lakes, and wetlands;
    2. Decreased footprint of urban sprawl; and
    3. Inclusion of native species creating natural ecosystems instead of sterile non-native yards.

    Climate change is a miniscule part of the current extinction issue. If each one of us did our part in our own yard to encourage native ecosystems, we would see a huge benefit society-wide with little or no cost (probably even cash savings). On a personal ecosystem basis, we are at a similar point to where we were 30 years ago with energy – we didn’t have a clue how much we could save by doing good things with energy efficiency.

  3. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Since Koko the gorilla, computer dating has been pretty popular amongst ‘caged’ animals; although in this case, it would help some if he smiles a little.

    Again, we humans got nothing on them animals.

  4. fresno dan

    Antidote du jour
    “In your ad, you said you had a mane”
    “No, I said I was a Leo – my astrological sign.”

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