1. kevinearick

    You have time to think now. I will leave you with this:

    All improvements to Democracy come from kids, learning to organize themselves in play, which they inject into the economy upon entry.

    Provide children with their basic needs, teach them to care for themselves as early as possible, and otherwise leave them alone to play with as many new kids as possible, free of adult supervision, for as long as possible.

    The biological function of humanity is to create unique surfaces and balance the rest of biological diversity to ensure symbiotic growth.

    Humanity reached its place in the chain of command by providing its children with more opportunities to learn than any other species.

    Humanity must be effective, not efficient.

    The energy of the universe can be tapped into anywhere, but the circuit must be returned, and it requires a gravitational pole, a magnetic pole, and a capacitor in between as its basic components.

    We have already provided notice in the court of trial, the courts of appeal, including the US supreme court, and just provided notice to the ICJ, that government deficit can only be met at the discretion of individual talent surplus.

    Talent is the electrons that pass through the circuit to provide the power. It has a choice among circuits, or to build one of its own.

    Performing capital employs talent’s surplus to build up the capacitor to the end of increasing diversity. Non-performing capital is self-liquidating; the self-regulatory mechanism of evolution ensures the outcome.

    Family is the basic building block circuit; it creates the new processes. Markets distribute the new processes and recycle the old ones, to complete the circuit. Markets need to be efficient, not people.

    1. Superintendent_of_Labor

      oh yea…

      encourage them to pursue their God / universe – given talents, and they will find their own place in the economy with the least amount of friction / psychological problems.

      (absent mindedness is quite useful as a parent, which is much more important than any other job)

      1. catkiller

        time is relative; evolution is like a series of washing machines, and everything comes out in the wash. evolution outlasts irrational markets.

        we have been loading the spring for several decades now, and are about to release it. Non-performing, “counter-productive”, assets act like dead weight in a catapult, or the rubber band in the slingshot if you prefer.

        see “Human Origins” for a newer version of the basic algorithm.

        real assets are represented by the system; earnings power, is a function of inducing current, talent, to travel through the system, leaving surplus as wattage.

        we pay people to become the counter-weight, to remove their genes from the gene pool. it’s less expensive, and more stable, than war. the mistake many make is following them, largely falling in the traps of peer pressure, credit expansion, and goverment transfer payments.

        with sufficient talent, properly applied, money is never an issue. immobility, due to possession of non-performing assets, is a prison. misery loves company. get to know some of the non-performing wealthy sometime. they are not “happy” unless they are corrupting others. it’s another view of physics; ignorance is contageous.

        the universe wins; that’s the game. the planet wins; that’s the sub-system. from the perspective of the universe, all of human history is a blink of the eye, and the universe does not hesitate to recursively backtrack and start a new tap based on its distilled experience.

        another big mistake is assuming that the old, wealthy families are largely at fault. that is an error. as new families head down the pipeline, or across the fulcrum, depending how you want to look at it, their return on the economy falls and they run into older families in the nucleus. naturally, they form a nexus of agency with the less capable older families, shorting the system with replication to the end of their own growth, cancer, which overtakes the system, resulting in system discharge.

        the AMA is a typical case of nexus evolution.

        if you focus on developing your talents, in the course of adventure, time flies, and you are in a position, like evolution, to be patient.

        It’s the impatient, staring in the trap, at that pile of money, that find themselves in the trap, and the cost of the trap gets lower and lower with controlled breeding

        Bill Gates has numbers in a computer, but if he did not act as an example, bait, those numbers would disappear quite quickly. do you remember Warren Buffet making a big deal of retiring. now, he is putting all the money back on the table, because that is what is expected, increasing the bait in the trap.

        it’s not the destination; it’s the adventure along the way.
        talent transcends time; money does not.

    2. Paul H

      That’s a fascinating proposition and most eloquently articulated.

      But how do you square that perspective of what is best for mankind with our track record that has, to say the least, not treated the planet on which we abide in the most sustainable manner?

      Not taking a position here, just genuinely interested in the proposition.

      1. kevinearick

        For AC-DC, see “the electronics manual to industrial automation”.
        Pay attention to the introduction, and you will see the false assumptions that led to this condition.

  2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Kevinearick, markets need pepole, more specifically, a market is a giant experiment where people are guinea pigs used to determine ‘price,’ or the relative allocation of a particular resource.

    As scientists would tell you, the best position in such an event is to be in the observation room. Let the pigs perform their experiement.

    All of us need to be in the experiment; otherwise the scientists wont feed us. There are people outside the experiement who have food without having to participate in the experiement. That should be the position everyone wants to be in.

    Also, since ‘price’ reflects nothing but the relative allocation of a resource, your financial wealth, measured in terms of price, is your claim of your share in the available resources in the world. As such, it’s always relative. So, it’s not so much you are making $80K a year now versus $45K/yr 20 years ago. It’s the rich are making $200 million a year versus $12 million 20 years ago. Relatively speaking, your share just got a lot smaller.

  3. craazyman

    Sounds like all the New Age Loonies are out in force today. I guess the Dubai problem is a blow-over. Ha ha.

    I kind of like that. The more abstract the Philosophers are, they easier it is to relieve them of their little piggy banks. booo hahahahah.

    Looks like Santa Claus is already heading my way!

    -Mr. Jolly B. Rich, Esquireatus Supremus
    Banker to the Gods and Amateur Harmonica Player

  4. EmilianoZ

    The photograph doesn’t look real. It looks like some kind of montage. The cat might be real, the pony looks like a drawing. I wish Yves would say if the antidote is a genuine photograph or not.

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