Links 11/27/09

Brain scanner can tell a Dali from a Picasso New Scientist (hat tip reader John D)

Horse deaths prompt racing ban in Australian state BBC

“It’s the Cop’s….Run!” Cassandra

Yen intervention: maybe, maybe not FT Alphaville

A Good Old-Fashioned Panic Macro Man

Shoppers hit Black Friday sales with pared budgets Reuters

Antidote du jour:

We have a bonus antidote, courtesy Megan. When you get to the site, if you click on the image, you get a new one. It’s a slide show of sorts.

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  1. Kevin Smith

    You are in fine form this morning, Yves.

    Great line by Cassandra:
    “Don’t break the law when you’re breaking the law….”

    and a wonderful series of B&W wildlife photos from Africa.

    Great start to our day.


  2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    The best economic system is the one nature gives us. You don’t see unemployed animals, plants or minerals.

    100% employement or in fact, 110% employment for those people who like to brag that they always give 110% effort.

    In addition, every animal, every plant and every mineral knows exactly what its purpose is in life.

    That little pebble sitting there quietly, he knows excatly what his purpose in life is – to sit there quietly.

    The cow chowing grass quietly – he also knows his purpose in life.

    They pity us Homo Not-So-Sapiens Not-So-Sapiens with our eternal anxiety about ‘purpose in life.’

  3. jef

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  4. Dan

    Reply to MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Wow, you totally lack understanding of people and evolution. That peble is a thing, while cow is grazing on that grass because it has grass, were there too many cows. It would die. the cows purpose is survival, just like any other living creature, bacteria or microbe on this earth.

    Economy that we have right now is what nature gave us. It was developed because nothing better existed, and yes people are selfish and that’s why collapse happened, but now it will balance out again, since market is evolving as we speak.

    Every plant, every animal, every living organism know its purpose in life, and it is to survive and ensure survival of its genes. You clearly missed that part of education.

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