Best Antidotes of 2009 (Part 1)

Reader Robert Oak asked for a recap of particularly good Antidotes. Since there are many good year-end retrospectives and forecasts, I figured this was one area less heavily covered that readers might enjoy.

This is a completely arbitrary, personal selection. It is deliberately skewed towards the first half of the year, and I favored oddball animals that are not normally seen as cute.

I also went by photos rather than the story. There were some wonderful animal stories where the accompanying pictures did not stand on their own merits.

This is already a lot to load for most browsers, so I figured I would stop here and give you a second post for New Year’s Day.

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  1. sherparick1

    No, I think “antidote” is right considering Yves blogging record of the foolish and malevolent of economics, finance, and politics.

  2. bfeinberg

    Every antidote is super, but I thought that the bear family whose cubs overtook the backyard playground a human family had thoughtfully created for its children…

    laughed and laughed!

  3. rob

    Your antidotes demonstrate how proud we should be that we share a genetic heredity with these creatures, and stop vociferous denial of it.

    Seeing their diversity and beauty make some marvel that there must be a god. Seeing their wanton destruction and willful annihilation, by the creature supposedly tasked with their care by said entity, strongly suggests otherwise.

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  5. Donlast

    Fun to think of captions…For the two penguins marching up the hill:

    “I’ll buy you a latte once we get to the top”

    1. ozajh

      The one of the hippo’s lining up for their toothbrushing should be in every dentist’s room with the caption “that’s what I mean when I say ‘open wide'”.

  6. Robert Oak

    Also a nice antedote to the inane number of “top 10 of 2009” posts we will see this evening!

    My favorite anthropomorphic reference is the video Fainting Goats.

    Over on EP, the video fainting goats, along with an anthropomorphic implication of the U.S. population, is embedded in this post, Happy New Year Economic Populists.

    Happy New Year to all Economic Financial Forensic Folk!

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