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Dear Patient Readers,

Posting is almost certain to be light for the next two weeks. I have two conferences this week, one at Columbia sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute (Facing the Fracture: The Media and the Economic Crisis) at which I am on a panel, another in Cambridge (as in the UK one) where I am an attendee (the first conference by INET, the Institute for New Economic Thinking). I am staying in London most of the week following to do book promotion (the international launch is next week). So with travel and meetings, blogging, sadly, will probably suffer.

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  1. Brett Blake

    Almost finished Econned. Job well done there, very well done indeed, and I expect the book will be well received Maybe not so much in FT or the Economist, but if they’re screaming at you, then you must be doing something right.

    Best of luck with the launch.

    1. Yves Smith Post author


      Glad you are enjoying it. If you are feeling generous, maybe you can visit Amazon and put up a review :-)

  2. Kevin de Bruxelles

    Let us know if you are doing anything public in London. I could pop over there to get my copy signed (which should arrive later this week).

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      That would be great. I don’t think there is going to be a bookstore event, but I can ping my host, maybe there is a pub in the City or someplace logical (Mayfair? Knightsbridge?) where we can arrange a session for people who want to say hi.

      1. Hubert

        Yves Smith London Fanclub meeting with book-signing?

        Keep me posted. I might fly in to London to have some chat with you and your excellent commentariat….

      2. Kevin de Bruxelles

        Mayfair sounds good; I worked there for a couple years and there are lots of great pubs. Near Broadgate might be good as well, it is closer to the City.

        I’m sure your schedule is packed but if you do have any options Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday works best for me (we are going away at the end of next week). I’m not sure what is best for other people though.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          Specific suggestions welcome (I also have my host working on this…). I lived in London in 1984 for about four months and McKinsey was in St. James’s then, so I know Mayfair a bit.

          Both a decent venue and a location that is a reasonable compromise (given how spread out Central London is) are the key considerations.

          We are shooting for Wed. the 14th….

          1. Kevin de Bruxelles

            I just found out that two of the pubs that I know in Mayfair (Red Lion which was great and The Duke of Albermarle which was just OK) are now closed so I only have two others that I know:

            Ye Grapes (16 Sheperd Market)

            This pub is a very easy walk from Green Park. The interior space is OK and there is plenty of space outside and since it is in the secluded Sheperd Market area it is no problem to be outside if it is crowed.

            The Guinea Grill (30 Bruton Place)

            This is more of a gastro pub. It is just off of Berkeley square and has great pub food. The opening times are a bit limited 12:30 – 15:00 and then 18:00-22:30. It is a little cramped inside.

            When I worked there only the local guys ever chose the pub and I have no idea what criteria they used since we would walk past several others on our way to which ever pub they had chosen.

            Does anyone who currently lives in London have any suggestions or comments on these choices?

            I’ve also emailed a few friends who live there for suggestions.

  3. charles

    One of the best things you could do over there is try to get in touch with Adair Turner,head of the F.S.A, and also one of the heads of the Financial Stability Board, who stands on the
    same line as Paul Volcker and a few others, and get him
    going and speaking on Financial Reform-proposals were due April-both from their side and the I.M.F. The B.I.S, as usual, is at sleep at the wheel,and hearing his thoughts in the U.S.A would certainly help the cause.
    Bon voyage !

  4. dearieme

    When you stare, awe-struck, at the ceiling of King’s College Chapel, be sure to recall Keynes’ witticism that if he ever had to take delivery of his “futures” investment in grain, he’d store it in the chapel.

    P.S. I’m assuming that however often you’ve seen it, you are still capable of being awe-struck by it; I certainly am. Why Las Vegas doesn’t have a copy beats me.

    1. skippy

      Why Las Vegas doesn’t have a copy beats me.

      Argh! Your penance awaits its issue by artist!!!

  5. AK

    I like Yves as a critic of internal economic policy.

    I dislike her as a troubadour of American imperialism (similar like Rudyard Kipling was troubadour of British imperialism in a different field).

    But danger of the latter one widely overwhelms the benefits of the former one in my view.

  6. Ishmael

    Try Rules!

    Remember, Rules rules!

    Close to central London and they have Graham Greene paraphernalia all over the pub. The oldest pub in London.

  7. Wayne Martin

    There are two rather interesting web-based items that anyone interested in “the Media and the Meltdown” might want to read/watch.

    The first is from an American point-of-view:

    The second from a (mostly) British point-of-view:—media-talk-predicting-the-crash.html

    The second item is a video, about 90 minutes in length. It is a panel discussion by various media types in Britain about why they missed the lead up to the meltdown.

  8. Gerald Muller

    Reading ECONNED, I got to the point where you explain how a couple of hedge funds (John Paulson and co) bet against the subprime and made zillions.
    That on top of all the preceding topics is making me real sick as in want to throw up. How can such plain highway robbery has been and still is tolerated by the American public?
    Thirty years ago, when I lived in the US, it was an example for us Europeans. Now it is getting more and more difficult to call yourself liberal (in de Tocqueville sense) and not be confused with these banksters and looters.
    If Americans are not able to rid themselves of all this dreck, I am pessimistic for the global outcome. Revolutions? Total collapse, i.e. Iceland worlwide? With the number of guns out on your side of the pool, I am surprised there has not been more “accidents”.

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