Your Humble Blogger is Stranded in London

As you may know, a volcanic eruption in Iceland is spewing ash into the airspace over Northern Europe, leading to flight cancellations (ash and jet engines do not get along well, with the engine coming out the loser). Cancellation of flights started in Scotland started earlier this morning, and all of the major London airports have had flights suspended from noon onward.

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  1. Kevin de Bruxelles

    What horrible luck. Any chance that you can hop on the Eurostar and catch a flight back to the States out of Paris?

    Anyway, thanks for organizing last night!

    1. Richard Smith

      It was good wasn’t it? Got engrossed in other conversations, made a bish of sayng hello to you.

  2. Skippy

    Societal systems in distress are usually diminished/tipped over by random acts of the universe.

    Skippy…we live in a man made efficient world, the Universe cares not…whom is the fool.

    PS. Yves…go have some fun till the skys clear.

  3. superduperdave

    Hi Yves,

    If you want to pop down to Paris, I’ll take you out for a glass of wine.


  4. Gary Greenberg

    Hey Yves, I am a daily reader of yours and run a small hedge fund in Soho. Also for my sins, am an American. And have some free time this afternoon for a chat if you would like. 0207 851 9352. Gary

  5. dearieme

    Get on the water, dear lady, and vist the old Naval Academy at Greenwich. It’s wonderful.

    1. Claire

      LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

      Yves, I’ve often wished to be stranded in London–it may be tame compared to NY, but it’s a hell of a lot more exciting than the praries :)

  6. ernie

    Yves, there is an excellent exhibition opening at the National Portrait Gallery on Trafalgar Square today – new exhibition titled The Indian Portrait 1560-1860, which brings together 60 works spanning three centuries from international public and private collections from India.

    really worth checking out

  7. ernie

    also, the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park often has something interesting, and the cafe by the lake there is delightful

  8. globalnomad

    Funny that Yves should be stranded in the UK when the first ever TV debate of the three main party leaders took place this evening. I welcome any comments she has on this spectacle!

  9. bob goodwin

    I once bicycled 17 miles through volcanic ash in Tillimook Oregon. At the end I had to replace the bearings in my bike, and my knee’s would not work well enough to walk for two weeks.

    Volcanic ash is microscopic shards of glass that can use the capillary effect to get deep into any organism or crevice. Bad stuff for machines and animals.

    Hope you get back soon.

  10. Hans Huett

    On the way to Soho, you might visit The Algerian Coffee Shop in Old Compton Street. I recommend Arabic with spices as a gourmet antidote.

    Cheers from Southern France, Hans Huett

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